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Published on September 27, 2021
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“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.” — Bill Clinton

There are so many things that companies do nowadays that we can view as inefficient. Take collecting customer data, for example. Many companies interview customers, type in data on their spreadsheets, and just press “Control+F (or Command+F on Mac)” whenever they’re looking for a specific information.

But this can get tiring at some point. 

Say, for example, the company needs to email customers that are located in a specific city, or customers that are in a managerial position, or customers that work for a specific company. 

Pressing “Control+F” to find each qualified customer to email can be a huge inconvenience for sales teams, especially if they’re dealing with thousands of customers. And companies that seek to grow are bound to face this challenge.

How can CRM address this problem? Why do businesses need a CRM these days? And how has the pandemic highlighted this necessity? 

Let’s take a look at our clients’ feedback.

Our clients’ take:

1. It’s needed to not lose track of leads and prospects

It’s easy to lose track of your leads and prospects, especially when you have thousands of data to deal with. This lost sales opportunity can be a huge cost to your business.

What the CRM does it that it registers an entry of customer-related data to its database. It can describes the interaction between the customer (or lead) and the business,  which helps keep everyone on the same page when it comes to the said customer (or lead).

This helps inform sales team of the status of the customer (or lead) and proactively engage them so they can quickly move to the next stage of the pipeline.

Before Saphyte CRM, we were using multiple tools for the management of our leads, prospects and customers. 

This was too difficult to manage and, as a result,
 we were losing leads and prospects.

Saphyte allows us to manage everything in one central place.

-Amit Nayyar, Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder at Nautilus Solutions

2. It’s needed to help you visualize data

Data can be overwhelming, but having a software that visually translates data can make things easy. That’s the function of the CRM.

It helps you create, update, and export reports. It can display graphs, charts, or tables on a dashboard to give you insights and help you make data-driven decisions. 

These visualizations can also be adjusted, exported, digitally saved or printed so that you can send them to team members, managers, potential investors, or partners.

Prior to Saphyte, we were logging and tracking all of our sales opportunities in spreadsheets. However, due to manual error and poor data input, it was difficult to have accurate visibility on our sales performance. 

Now, we’re able to easily capture and manage all of our sales activities in one place..

-Tariq Abudayeh, Area Manager at Stalwart Mechanical and Engineering Equipment Trading

3. It helps centralize operations

CRMs are built and designed to let you perform important workflows in once centralized database. This means, you can do everything in one software, without the need to switch to other software for other tasks.

In one CRM, you can have a complete set of tools that let you perform email marketing, sales forecasting, lead and client management, team workspace management, and product catalogue management, among others. 

Because you get all the tools you need in one digital ecosystem, you won’t have to integrate third-party tools or even switch platforms just to perform tasks— which helps you save time and effort migrating data in between.

We were using another platform but it wasn’t easy to use and with Saphyte being so user-friendly it was a no brainer for us. 

I now have a complete overview of our operations at the click of a button, which I can access anywhere on the road.

-Stefan Biswick, Co-Founder at 33 Voices IQ


4. It helps maintain a high level of customer experience

Customers are all about experiences these days. This, in fact, has been highlighted the most during the pandemic.

If a business is unable to meet customer expectations, especially during an online interaction, then the business risks losing that customer for good.

Businesses can use CRMs to automatically capture and analyze leads. They can also gain real-time feedback from customers which can be used to improve the way the business deals with them at every touch point.

Saphyte has been the perfect tool for us to easily digitize the way we manage our customer relationships, moving away from manual processes as the business grows. 

We can now automatically capture and analyse our leads from a variety of different channels, giving us real-time feedback on where our customers are coming from and how they track along the sales process. 

Each person is now completely aligned during each project. Meaning, we’re able to effectively maintain a high level of customer experience when delivering our services.

-Abdullah Gadit, Managing Director at Mystic Advertising


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