How a Digital Ecosystem Helps with Agile Workflows

Published on March 16, 2023
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What are agile workflows and how do digital ecosystems help with them? Why are all these necessary for businesses post-pandemic? Read on to find out.

What are digital ecosystems and what are agile workflows? If these words are unfamiliar to you, allow us to define them for you.

Digital ecosystems are a group of interconnected resources, often related to data and information, that functions as a single unit. 

These ecosystems are made up of technologies designed to perform a function(s), often with the end goal of improving the business performance of their users. 

Agile workflows, on the other hand, are a series of work processes that are broken down into smaller cycles to simplify the project and make its completion faster and more efficient.

Now that you’re familiar with these key terms, let’s discuss how digital ecosystems help with agile workflows, and why they’re important post-pandemic.

How digital ecosystems help with workflows

Below, we’ll explain how digital ecosystems can help improve your agile workflows:

Makes agile workflows more efficient

With digital ecosystems, agile workflows can be implemented with the aid of automation and other tools that help cut delivery time. Workflows that can be automated may be reduced from hours to mere minutes. 

Digital ecosystems can also “digitalize” the performance of these workflows, meaning that they can be done anytime, anywhere as long as the employee is connected to the internet.

Reduces costs 

Companies incur charges when running workflows. These are necessary expenses to make sure the business performs well. These include sales and marketing workflows, production workflows, and even employee onboarding.

With digital ecosystems, not only are the running of these workflows more efficient, but they’re also cheaper to run. Automated workflows can help cut down the manpower needed to run manual, repetitive tasks which often pervade the modern business environment.

Eliminates errors

When employees run workflows, it’s inevitable that errors will be committed every now and then. This is highly likely especially if the task involved is manually and repetitively done.

A light error may make the company incur actual and opportunity costs. For example, if the company sent the wrong product to a customer because of an input error, the company has to incur charges for sending another product. 

Moreover, this bad experience may discourage the customer from buying again, a future opportunity cost charged to the business.

Improves customer experience

A fast and efficient service delivery helps improve the customer experience. The customer experience can even be further enhanced with the use of digital ecosystems to provide a personalized service

Better customer experience has been observed to contribute to higher customer loyalty, more repeat purchases, and reduced customer churn.

Enhances productivity

With a digital ecosystem, your agile workflows can focus on more important tasks and leave the repetitive tasks to the system. This enhances employee productivity and even improves their experience, leading to reduced employee turnover.

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