How CRM Systems Can Help an Organization

Published on December 21, 2020
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Every company relies on an agile team for growth. All efforts relating to sales and marketing need to be efficient and effective for the company to reap the rewards. But sometimes this takes time and experience. Most teams are comfortable doing tasks inefficiently, like how 57% of sales teams spend up to one hour a day on data entry, according to HubSpot.

This can actually be resolved through the use of technology that is built and designed to address these inefficiencies. CRM software, for example, is made to fast-track data entry tasks through automation and well-designed UI and UX.

CRM and its background

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to managing potential and existing customer relationships with the goal of improving customer retention and boosting sales.

CRM technologies have existed for years now and most large, powerful companies use CRM to cement their dominance in the playing field. Oftentimes, these powerful companies develop their own CRM systems.

They hire IT professionals, developers, and other experts involved in programming to understand their business requirements, draft a system to address business challenges, and automate processes to improve work efficiency. These can be very expensive and most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford to have this technology.

As the years go by, many companies have developed CRM technologies and made them affordable. They usually market them to SMEs which are interested in driving sales and increasing the size of their customer base. For a fair tradeoff, this almost always works.

Examples of well-known CRM software these days are Salesforce, HubSpot, Saphyte, and Zoho.

Mobilizing teams for growth

CRM systems help augment tasks related to sales, marketing, and administration. To mobilize teams for business growth, CRM systems offer a cloud-based, centralized platform with built-in tools and features that enhances coordination among teams. This allows teams to seamlessly collaborate and perform tasks with enhanced synergy.

CRM systems are also designed to upgrade the capacities of the sales and marketing teams.

Products like Saphyte and Salesforce, for example, have tools that allow you to visualize the sales pipeline, systematically manage deals you have with clients, and capture relevant information related to your client. This allows you to personalize your services and effectively trigger a purchase behavior from your client.

There are CRM systems that enable you to track your emails. Some are designed to alert you whenever your client opens your email, clicks on a link, or downloads an attachment you have sent.

Some also have tools that allow users to forecast sales so they can stay ahead of the competition and mitigate the impact of losses. Some systems are also open to social media integration which improves companies’ marketing campaigns.

Overall, CRM systems simplify the processes involved in getting more leads, prospects, and customers. They reduce time, energy, and other resources needed to be used to get more sales. This, in the end, increases a business’s efficiency and therefore, profits.

What to look for in a CRM

Not all CRMs are made the same. That is why you have to consider the following criteria: ease of use, scalability, affordability, functions, and features.

Ease of use is perhaps one of the most important factors you have to consider. CRMs must be easy to use, understand, and navigate around so your team will consider them necessary and indispensable.

It must be scalable, which means that it must able to integrate other apps and accommodate the growth of your business and its changing needs. It should also be affordable, so it can really boost your profit and help your business grow.

Most importantly, it should have the functions and features that can really fast-track your sales and marketing tasks. The CRM of your choice should increase your team synergy and cut down inefficiency, so your business is guaranteed to be optimized 24/7.

Future-proofing your business

Make sure your business is prepared for the future with the following:

Keep your tech in check. Perhaps the most fundamental thing to do when you are in a competitive business environment is to keep doing a SWOT analysis and compare your tech to that of your competitors.

Are your competitors using technology to gain an advantage in terms of production, sales, and profit? Do you have that technology? Can you do better?

Most big businesses nowadays have business software like CRM systems that use automation and cloud computing to gain better team synergy and get better sales conversion than others. So better invest in technology that can keep your team agile and prepared for the business challenges that may come your way.

Listen to the youth. The youth will be part of your future competitors, employees, and customers so listening to the youth is extremely important to get yourself updated with the changes in trends, needs, and preferences.

The youth can be part of your target market too. So being able to adapt to these changes is crucial for your business survival. It is also what sets a successful business apart.

Reinvest for growth. The future will bring unprecedented changes to people’s lives. These changes may be treated as a threat or an opportunity for your business.

If you have achieved more sales and profit as a result of investing in tech, then reinvest in other things such as research, innovation, education, and skills training to keep your team prepared and ready for these changes and turn them into a goldmine.

Empower your employees and customers. As a business leader, you will not be able to prepare your business for everything. Empowering your employees and customers to contribute to the improvement of your business processes will not only help your business achieve efficiency but relevance as well.

Inputs from several sources can help your business become more dynamic and valuable to many.

Use Saphyte to upgrade your business

Saphyte is a CRM platform that uses customer information to create personalized customer service to improve the overall customer experience. It helps you identify sales opportunities, allowing your sales reps to conduct cross-selling and improves other tasks related to your sales process.

For more information about Saphyte and on implementing CRM strategies, contact our support team now.

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