Sales Quotes Made Easy with Saphyte

Published on February 25, 2021
2 min read
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2 min read

The world’s population was put on pause due to the pandemic. However, businesses and sales leaders are still hard at work to meet every consumer’s needs. The same goes with Saphyte.

Over the past few months, Saphyte has been working hard to help businesses keep up with the demands of their respective clients. With that, Saphyte is excited to announce its newest addition to its list of features. 

Saphyte introduces you to Quotes.

What is this new feature about? 

Price is an important aspect for every customer. Your potential customers need to see what they can get after they pay for your product or service.

For businesses, time is an integral matter that shouldn’t be wasted. Hence, the need for more streamlined and straightforward solutions, rises. 

Saphyte acknowledges both needs. Henceforth, creating the Quotes modules for businesses.

How the Quotes Module is Useful for your Business?

You can now put an end to manually creating quotes, switching from one platform to another, and sending them to clients. With Saphyte’s newest addition, you can effectively remove more of those steps and be more effective at the same time.

Here are some of the benefits of the Quotes Module for your business.

Create Quotes Swiftly

You no longer have to switch from one platform to another, or spend extra data entry steps just to create and send out your quote. With Saphyte, you can lessen data entry errors and store important product information, discounts, and tax information in one place.

Store and Reuse Product Codes

You can now get rid of the painstaking process that requires you to memorize product codes, calculate discounts and taxes, and product descriptions. With so much to focus on these days, Saphyte allows you to better utilize your time by removing memorizing product codes, discounts and tax information.

Through this module, you can store all your product codes, product descriptions, discount codes, and tax information in one place. No more having to refer to papers or scrounging through your files.

Sending with Confidence

Most emails that have invoices or quotes don’t reach your inbox. Instead, they are locked up in spam folders – and no one ever dares go there.

With Saphyte’s Invoice and Quotes feature, you can now streamline your documentation and be assured that your emails reach your client’s inbox and not to their spam or promotional tabs.

How to Use the Quotes Module?

Everything is made simple with Saphyte. All you have to do is take these short steps.

Log in to your Saphyte Enterprise account.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign-up for our Enterprise account today.

Do you just want to take a look around? Saphyte is more than willing to take you around our system. Book a free demo with us. 

Click the Admin panel.

Under the Marketing and Sales Menu, click Quotes.

Begin editing or making quotes according to your own requirements.

Once you’re done, save the document, and send said document to your client. 


Doing business shouldn’t be complicated. With Saphyte, you can respond and close more sales by being on-the-pulse and being dynamic with your customers. Bid goodbye to manually creating quotes. Take the shift with Saphyte now.

May 17, 2022