The Benefits of a CRM Client Management Software

Published on August 16, 2020
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5 min read

With the current pandemic that has caused the world to a pause, should companies pause building client rapport, or should they continue building? The answer is obvious. That is why despite the pandemic, businesses should always find ways to maintain their relationship with their clients with the use of tools.

One of these tools is called CRM Client Management Software.

Customer relationship management (CRM) client management software is perhaps one of the most underrated tools for a small business. Most, small businesses have not adopted a system or perhaps never even heard of the system before.  

What is Client Management software?

Client management software goes by many names. They are known as Contact Database, Contact Management Systems, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), online database, and more.   

Regardless of what you call it, it’s a system to help you manage and keep track of your customers. Plus, other helpful tools to reach out to your customers, manage your deals, and even grow your business.

Whilst, there are some questions that needed some answers. This article will focus mainly on what a client management software is and how it can greatly benefit your business as a whole.

How do you use a Client Management Software?

The primary function of a client management software is to get your business and its processes organized.

Putting every all of your contact information in one place is a “must have” for those who are serious about their business. Surprisingly, most business owners don’t even realize the power of putting their data in one place. However, it’s quite understandable that cloud-based CRM tool or any CRM software from their standpoint can be quite intimidating. 

Too often small business owners are hesitant on the idea of having to put all their contacts in a single place. Most likely or not, these business owners have a hand of a bad experience with a previous client-based management or CRM platform and is afraid to jump into another one.

However, when you have your clients organized in your client management tool, with the help of CRM applications, the next step is to use the system for contact management. The CRM system can help you find new leads, remind you about important client appointments, remind your sales team, and follow up with your past customers.

There are some CRM solution systems that can take you a step further through marketing automation features built into the CRM. These functions allow users and businesses to build workflows and sales and marketing campaigns.

Some other CRM applications, allows you to integrate your social media accounts, emails, and even payment processes through the system. Thus, allowing you more time for meaningful work and less time for repetitive admin tasks.

How to Choose a Customer Relationship Management System

There are plenty of CRM software out in the market. Whilst some are good, some not so good, some may not fit your work process, and some are just a complete waste of time. Here’s a better tip when you choose a CRM platform. Never focus on the number of features a platform has.

Having more is not necessarily good. A typical CRM will try to cram as many software features as possible into their product. Hence, making the system look good.

However, the true measure of an effective CRM system should be about scalability and flexibility. And how actual business owners can benefit who whilst using a CRM.

In choosing the best client management software for your business, this article would like to introduce Saphyte.

What is Saphyte?

Saphyte is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform built and registered in the United Arab Emirates. This CRM software aims to help SME’s and enterprises alike to streamline their corporate activities (from admin, to sales, and even to marketing) and integrate them into a single powerful system.

This platform is built with sales and marketing tools designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business and sales process. With plenty of room to customize your processes for scalability and flexibility.

The platform may look like an ordinary CRM tool at a hindsight, but Saphyte has so much more to offer.

As this article continues, there is a list of CRM features to help you and your sales and marketing teams succeed in your sales products campaign.

Scalable and Flexible to your Needs

Growth is an inevitable circumstance for every business entity. As you grow, you need a proper software solution with the right tools to help you. Saphyte is designed and built to grow with your business.

You can customize Saphyte’s modules, tools, and most of your business processes according to your sales and marketing team’s needs. The system is built to address your needs of the present and the future.

Customizable multiple dashboards 

In order for businesses to create practical and proactive business decisions they must have access to accurate and immediate information. 

Saphyte already had this in mind when they created the platform. This feature allows you to create and customize multiple dashboards to have real time information on your sales and marketing campaigns.

The system gives you an accurate overview of the information you want with regards to your client, sales, marketing, and support management based on the numbers you’ve had on your data.

You don’t need to worry about finding widgets and functionalities, as the system will give it to you. All need to do is drag-and-drop functionalities to move different widgets and name them according to your preferences.

Client Management Modules

Manage your customer database effectively and efficiently through Saphyte’s system’s Client Management tab. We all know that doing manual data entry is a complete waste of time. Within this module or feature, you can import/export information of your existing customers, leads and clients from your previous sheets, and integrate your social media accounts or landing pages to capture new leads.

The client management module also allows users to automate their processes, organize their data and notes, manage their tasks, generate their reports, and more valuable features for them to enjoy.

The system can make your contact management a notch higher. Saphyte is built and designed to be sensitive to duplicate entries. Hence, helping you save time in building quality lead data and better customer interaction in the future.

The platform itself allows only one unique data per client. The moment the system recognizes a duplicate, it’ll prompt an action to either merge or replace customer information. Having a good client management module like Saphyte, your sales team will surely appreciate the extra time to serve actual customers and also the nudge to the right direction.

Sales Management Module

Daily phone calls and individual customer interaction are already difficult enough for your sales team. That is why you need to equip your sales team with the right sales management module and tools and lessen their admin tasks for them to become more efficient.

This is how Saphyte’s sales management module is built. Within this module, you can have all the tools your sales team need to manage the sales of your company.

Your sales team will always be on the loop in the business process using the Sales Pipeline. Your sales team can close deals faster with the use of Deals Management and manage associated companies within your business.

To add further, the platform has a built-in Automated Lead Scoring. This functionality helps your team to prioritize important leads through applying a score condition. The score condition in return can help them identify which leads have the most potential to progress into a closed sale.

Business owners also need to have access to immediate and accurate information and insights to avoid business pitfalls. This is where the Sales Intelligence and Sales Forecasting features can be of benefit. Saphyte’s system is built with accurate and realistic forecasting algorithms to help you in your business decisions and collate information to refine your sales strategy.

When both you and your sales team have the access to the right tools that produces accurate information, you can clearly define and redefine your sales journey along the way.

Marketing Modules

Marketing plays a major role when it comes to business growth. You can put your marketing strategy up a notch with Saphyte’s marketing tools. You can enjoy plenty of features and use them for your campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing. There are also form builders, email templates, and more that you can use to make your marketing visuals easier and capture leads without the hassle.

Saphyte is built with an amazing email tracking tool. You and your marketing team will receive notifications every time your prospect or client opens an email, clicks a link, or download an attachment you have sent. When you have access to this kind of information, your sales and marketing teams can have the opportunity to follow up with your leads, prospects, and customers in a timely manner.

Saphyte has a Product Catalog Management tool to help consolidate all your products in one catalog. You can organize, categorize, and standardize all your product information across all sales channels through this feature. With this feature you can help your customers receive rich and consistent information about your products.


On top of that, Saphyte’s CRM software won’t cost you a lot. You can enjoy a month of the free trial before diving right into the paid services. Pay-as-you-go payment scheme, no-setup fees, no extra charges or hidden fees, free demo, and implementation training.

Saphyte’s customer service is also one of the best in the business. Our customer service representatives available anytime you have questions and are willing to walk you through technical troubleshooting and other concerns.

Bring more efficiency to your business and let Saphyte boost your sales and help you close your deals faster and better, get the free trial, and try the best CRM software in Dubai now.

August 16, 2020