What is an Appointment Scheduler and Why You Should Have It

Published on February 28, 2023
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What is an appointment scheduler, how can it help your business and personal life, and how can you start using one? Read on to find out.

Appointment schedulers usually refer to apps that allow you to easily conduct meetings with your clients— online or offline— with less effort. These apps let you and your existing and potential clients book, reschedule, and cancel appointments through the internet.

It’s like having a personal secretary do the booking or reminding for you— except you wont have to pay it salary, allowances, and bonuses.

How does appointment scheduling work and why should you have it? Here are a few reasons:

1. Makes scheduling appointments fast, easy, and more efficient

If you’re in the business of engaging clients and booking appointments on a day-to-day basis, an appointment scheduler is right for you. The appointment scheduler lets you know when to engage someone and what to do.

This eliminates the process of remembering when to engage someone, especially when the lead has a high likelihood of converting.

Other things can be done as well such as adding notes (that can be critical in lead conversion) or sending emails or documents which are necessary in the process of lead conversion.

2. Helps establish your online presence

Many customers nowadays use online channels to book appointments— with more than half of them done on the go.

With an automated appointment scheduling system, you can establish your online presence and get back to customers who need the critical information that would push them to make a purchase and become long-term customers.

3. Improves client attendance

Automated schedulers are also known to reduce no-shows. The automated appointment reminders help remind customers what to do next to get value from your business.

It also allows for a frictionless meeting experience where customers don’t have to do anything except click on the link sent by your email or whatever notification you’re going to send them through the appointment scheduling app.

4. Enhances brand image

With a seamless communication experience, customers are likely to have a positive brand perception which leads to an improved brand image.

Better brand images are known to induce customer trust, which is necessary to improve lead conversion rates.

5. Reduces waste of resources

Traditionally, appointments are done through pen and paper, which are waste of office resources, manpower, and time, among other things.

With a tool that lets businesses know when to engage customers through meetings and appointments, the entire process of recording meetings becomes more efficient, which reduces the use of resources to book such meetings.

6. Helps you engage customers on various platforms and channels

Online scheduling tools also help you engage customers on various platforms and channels.

Whether the meeting is done personally, through video conferencing, or even by writing emails, the online appointment scheduler lets you know what to do and which time of the day.

Source: GetApp

7. Eliminates errors

Writing or manually recording your appointments makes the company prone to errors.

With an automated online scheduling appointment system, engaging your clients become more accurate and error-free, making you rest assured that everything’s scheduled by the system for the week.

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