6 Ways Business Automation Helps Admin Teams

Published on May 24, 2021
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Business automation may sound new to you, but it has been there for a long time. What used to be impossible before is now, well, possible and the technology is only getting better. But what is automation really and how does it impact business productivity and workflows?

Read on to find out more about business automation and how it can help admin teams specifically.

What you should know:

When business automation was invented: The Ford Motor Company first coined the term in the 1940s. It referred to the automatic handling of parts in the assembly line.

Popular companies that use business automation: Popular companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon use business automation to help them achieve their business goals faster and get an edge over their competitors.

Stats on how business automation benefit companies: Automation helps increase sales productivity by 14.5% and reduce overhead costs in marketing by 12.2%. About 49% of companies now report that they are using marketing automation.

What employees say about business automation: Employees also report an improvement in productivity and wellness when using automation. They also claim that with automation, they are able to focus more on important tasks and collaborate better with their teammates.

What is business automation?

Business automation is the use of technology to fast-track workflows needed for the company to continue running. It is commonly used for sales and marketing tasks. It also helps in reducing manual effort and in eliminating the need to hire more employees to implement tasks.

Example of what business automation can do are:

Generating leads automatically – With business automation, you no longer have to manually collect data from leads. With this technology, it’s like getting a personal assistant that would automatically gather information from leads for you—any lead that visits your website, landing pages, mobile apps, social media, or your other online marketing channels.

Onboarding clients and gathering necessary documents from them – No more manually contacting clients to ask them to submit the required documentation. The software can do that for you, prompting the client to upload the information, photo, video, or files you may need from them.

Promoting products and services to increase your sales – With automation, you can promote content designed to trigger purchase behavior and run campaigns in just one click. More than that, the software is also designed to allow you to generate data and analyze insights in real-time so you could make quick strategic decisions along the way.

What Industries and companies use business automation

Industries that use business automation include automotive, manufacturing, software, consultancy, education and training, insurance, and real estate, among others.

It is mostly used to generate leads and guide the leads—without manual human intervention– to take actions on their own that are aligned to the goals of the business such as making a purchase, providing necessary information for company use, or making referrals about the business to the leads’ family and friends.

Example of companies that use business automation:

Johnson & Johnson








Alphabet (Google)

How business automation affect the workplace

From the gathering of customer data using forms to the authentication of clients, business automation can cut down the duration of the onboarding process by 75 to 85%. Based on studies, onboarding processes that usually take an hour can be reduced to less than 15 minutes using automation.

This significantly improves sales operations and make them more efficient. The simplification of processes— with teams being able to do and focus on tasks that cannot be automated for the meantime— also helps cut down costs. Your salespersons do not have to repeat actions and interactions which are a waste of time and money.

Other tasks that can be automated include lead scoring, digital marketing, email marketing, customer relationship management, management of email campaigns, among others.

Watch how a consultancy company benefitted from business automation:

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