5 Best Practices for Drip Email Marketing

Published on August 11, 2022
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Drip email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing campaigns for businesses. Find out the best practices when running a drip marketing strategy.

A highly effective drip email marketing campaign comes down to two essential aspects: research and timing.

Drip nurturing campaigns allow marketing teams to “sink the hook and reel in buyers” with minimal effort. While the concept may seem straightforward, these marketing campaigns require time, concept, dedication, and expertise. So, to stop wasting time, here are five best practices for drip email marketing.

Drip Email Campaign Best Practices

Below, we list down the best practices you should follow when running a drip email campaign:

1.   Diversify the Content of your Emails

Creating content that keeps subscribers interested in your emails is essential regardless of your brand’s or business’s industry. You must produce entertaining, intriguing, and unique content to engage your audience.

Always remember that you’re relaying some of these messages to your consumers. Here are some topics to keep your email content fresh and diverse during your campaigns.

How-tos and tips

News stories about your business

Product or service-related messages

Promotions with special offers and savings

Your customers are not mere spectators. They live and breathe; therefore, they engage and interact with conversations that relate to them. By diversifying your content, you can help find new leads and open new markets while optimizing your marketing message.

2.   Segment your Email List – Always

Statistics show segmented email campaigns can yield a 90.7% higher click-through rate than non-segmented campaigns. Here are some of the reasons why you should start segmenting your drip marketing list:

Send more relevant material

Capitalize sales funnel and journey that buyers are taking

Enhance ROI

Walk the fine line between emailing too much and too little

By segmenting your emails to best suit your company’s email marketing strategy, you can evaluate your audience types and use the data to decide your messages and audience segments.

3.   Create Options for your Audience

Not creating enough options for your audience can make a monotonous impression about your business and potentially harm your bottom line. If you’re looking to build your list of subscribers and keep your drip nurturing campaigns, you can give them options of the following content:

How frequently do they want to receive emails from you

Customize subscriptions by giving them options on what they want to read

By creating options for your audience, you also minimize unsubscribe rates. At the same time, keep subscribers engaged in maintaining their relationship with your business.

4.   Test your Emails before Sending

Marketers who implement email drip marketing focus on putting their ideas into action and seeing what works best. Hence, implementing A/B testing on their email campaigns.

They use different email templates, send times, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to see what their audience likes and engages their readers the most.

5.   Implement Email Drip Marketing Automation

Sending emails at specific intervals is labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially if you do it manually. But, with more innovative technology comes the benefit of reducing costs and effort and boosting overall results through automation.

Automating your drip campaigns makes connecting with the right person at the right moment easy—without doing the work every time.

Automate Your Drip Email Marketing Campaign Now

Drip marketing requires plenty of preparation and work. A tool like Saphyte can give you the leverage your business and team need.

With Saphyte’s drip email marketing and email marketing features, you can build your email segments, create your email content, send out marketing emails based on varied trigger events, and schedule your marketing email campaign flow – all without switching software.

Invest in your marketing by automating your drip email campaigns with Saphyte today! Book a free consultation today!

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