Amazon and Email Marketing: Tips to Get You Started for 2023

Published on February 21, 2023
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As Amazon now allows businesses on the platform to send free emails to shoppers, how can you maximize this feature for the holidays? Learn how to get started.

Amazon recently announced that it will let brands and merchants send marketing emails to shoppers for free, a feature that may help boost sales for brands on the platform amidst slowing sales.

The “Tailored Audiences” tool allows sellers to send emails to shoppers who purchased recently, those who made repeated purchases, and those who spent the most. The sellers may also reportedly monitor their results using the platform.

With this new feature, what are the things to keep in mind to help you get started? Check out our tips for Amazon email marketing for 2023.

1. Avoid spamming your customers with non-personalized, zero-value emails

After the announcement of the feature’s release (which will be early next year), many of the concerns revolved around how it could spam the inbox of Amazon users with useless emails.

Although customers can opt-out of marketing emails anytime, it’s still important to consider the power of email marketing and the importance of keeping your target customers connected. 

You can prevent customers from unsubscribing by providing emails with value— those that are not only responsive to their needs and preferences but also those that educate customers and allow them to participate in.

2. Gather data and experiment with results for each category

Data is extremely important when it comes to email marketing. The data and information that you’ve gathered from your target market help you decide what content to send and to whom.

But gathering data isn’t enough. You also have to determine whether your email marketing strategy is working for each customer.

For example, some repeat customers may want variety, while others may prefer information related to their past purchases. Or discounts may work for some high-value customers (those who made above-average purchases), but they may not work for some.

That’s why experimenting with results is important. It helps you understand your customers better as one trick may not work for all. 

3. Reward those who stay

With customers able to opt out of your email list, it’s important to remind them that it’s good to stay connected as they will be rewarded for it.

Email marketing has been proven to help increase brand loyalty and drive sales. But it will only work if your customers are convinced that it’s beneficial for them. 

Make your emails catchy. Reward them for opening them. Offer email-exclusive promos or discounts. Determine the most effective ways to get them to stay.

4. Take advantage of events and seasons

Emails should not just be responsive to needs and preferences, they should also be timely. 

Seasonal email campaigns help you take advantage of seasons and calendar events and offer time-limited promos. These emails also help you provide a sense of urgency to customers to take an action within the specified time.

5. Promote your business values

One thing to help you set yourself apart from the competition, especially when you’re competing for attention in your target customer’s inbox, is by promoting your business values. 

Values like transparency, integrity, and social responsibility help you stand out and be remembered by your audience. You can demonstrate these values through your content like blogs, videos, and newsletters.

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April 21, 2023