Business and Beyond: Worldwide Connection Through CRM

Published on August 19, 2020
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4 min read

Pandemic, forest fires, conflicts between nations, and the recent explosion in Lebanon. These are some of the most dreadful events in 2020 – and we are still halfway until the end of this year. 

These incidents forced small businesses and startups to convert their services and business processes online. It gives hope in boosting customer interaction and having a wider range of potential customers in spite of the circumstances.

According to Bill Gates, a technopreneur and founder of Microsoft, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”. 

This remains true especially nowadays that we are experiencing a lot of unfortunate and unforeseen events.

In spite of these recent events, businesses are still thriving in their own ways. By using modern strategies and systems, you can have the power to take your business on a global scale.

May it be online marketing campaigns, sales process, increase in social media presence, and acquire real-time customer service tools.

What you need is a customer relationship management or CRM tool. CRM features a lot of functionality that can bring your business beyond the boundaries of national territories. 

The CRM Magic

Your business may be one of those businesses that still manages customer data on a traditional method like spreadsheets. While spreadsheets are a great tool for startups, we now have better and modern ways in handling businesses.

Some business has employees who work overseas or employees who work remotely. Thus, storing and handling customers’ data using spreadsheets may become harder to update.

Likewise, spreadsheets’ data may be inconsistent in terms of customer interaction. This may result in losing the opportunity to close sales due to unsynchronized data inputs and outputs between employees.

You can consolidate all your customer’s contact information, inquiries, and even interaction history into a centralized location. This way, you can efficiently interact more with your customers like it was magic with a CRM software.

Sales Automation

With the unified access of both your customer and employee’s data, CRM helps you standardized your sales process. It increases your sales productivity by constantly improving your sales methods.

Whether or not you have sales managers or sales teams, you can easily check your sales progress with CRM software. You then may focus more on customer satisfaction and let the CRM system handle your sales.

This way, you will become more efficient in handling your business’ sales and customer interaction at the same time.

Real-time Analytics

CRM is an intelligent tool that constantly provides highly important data that is relevant to your business. May it be sales, finance, marketing, and workflow, you will have access to these data right away.

It analyzes all of your data and helps you in building a sales pipeline and automate tasks. These analytics are only achievable with a customer relationship manager (CRM) system.

You can also customize all of its functions. Have all the metrics and data flow in your dashboard according to your business needs.

Secret Marketing Recipe

By integrating CRM into different platforms, it can intelligently track your potential customers through marketing campaigns and online searches. It also increases your customer retention rate with its email marketing and user-friendly contact management feature.

CRM analyzes your customer information and looks for similar profiles that might become your potential customer. It maximizes your entire data collection to efficiently do marketing campaigns.

Better Teamwork

With CRM solutions, you can foster better teamwork among your employees. No matter where they are, the collaborative tools of CRM help your team in creating established workflows. With this, your team can avoid doing redundant tasks and maximize work hours without having to constantly supervise them.

CRM also helps in creating a better communication line between employees. This way, your business will have smooth communication between teams.

We now know that CRM is a revolutionary system that can easily bring your business to greater heights. And all of the previously mentioned functionalities are just basic features of the system. With this, a smoother flow of data entry in your business is achievable only by using a CRM software.

Saphyte’s Role as Your CRM partner

Saphyte is the perfect CRM partner for your business because it is budget-friendly. Saphyte offers greater functions compared to the basic CRM and will significantly bring your business up a notch.

It has customizable CRM dashboards that let you take full control of your business without compromise. 

What are the advantages of using Saphyte as your CRM partner?

Top of the Line Sales CRM Dashboard

The system has a sales pipeline feature that allows you to set-up the stages of your sales according to your own business processes. Changing your business model is unnecessary. Rather, Saphyte’s adaptive ability will be the perfect tool for you.

The sales dashboard is designed to monitor the progress of your deals in a simplified sales pipeline. It also analyzes all the data to create your next big action in improving your sales. Aside from that, you can also add custom fields to capture relevant and highly important client information.

In line with this, Saphyte has accurate and realistic sales forecasting that helps you in making pivotal business decisions. It estimates future sales to avoid any unnecessary business pitfalls.

Marketing Automation

Saphyte is your perfect partner in creating seamless marketing campaigns. Our system has sufficient tools that will undoubtedly accelerate your marketing strategy to the next level. All of these are essentials tools for your campaign management, social media marketing, email marketing, and form building.

You can integrate all your social media platforms through Saphyte’s system. This way, you can easily track your social media campaigns and add your leads to the system. This will give you the ability to save a significant amount of time in inputting data from all your social media platforms if you use Saphyte CRM. 

While Excel and spreadsheets are great tools for sorting and inputting data, Saphyte does everything with more efficiency and powerfully.

Saphyte also does wonders when it comes to email marketing. It provides you different strategic approaches through the use of email design templates, bulk emails, email tracking, and workflows.

There is no need for you to manually send an email one by one to your clients. Instead, Saphyte allows you to send a single email to all of your clients. You can also do this by setting a specified time to send the email to your clients.

Product Catalogue

Saphyte does not only gather and manage all your data into one location, but it also allows you to consolidate all your products in one catalog. With this feature, you will have the ability to standardized all your product information across all sales platforms.

With this, you can make sure that your customers will always receive more consistent and more organized information about your products.

Powerful Team Management

Not only does Saphyte helps you in managing all your client’s data, Saphyte also has a feature to easily manage your team. You can create different users and assign them to your company’s different departments. 

With the predefined roles in the system, you can assign roles to your team which authorizes them to permit or restrict anything in the system. With this, you can seamlessly manage a team composed of different experts from all over the world.

By managing your team through Saphyte CRM, you can avoid repetitive tasks and maximizes your teams’ potential.


If you haven’t tried to use customer relationship management (CRM) software before, Saphyte CRM will evidently do wonders for you and your business. It has the ability to grow your business to a global scale while having the easiest features in managing your team and clients.

While a typical customer relationship management (CRM) system is a helpful tool, Saphyte enhances all your business processes and workflows. All of CRM’s amazing features are achievable with Saphyte CRM.

The software is built for flexibility and scalability. Thus, Saphyte grows with your business. As your business grows, Saphyte grows with you. You can never go wrong with Saphyte.

Make Saphyte your customer relationship management software today. You can call our experts for a free product demo or sign-up for a free trial.

August 19, 2020