CRM Streamlining Transactions in the Real Estate Sector

Published on February 1, 2022
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Real estate companies or any other business are always looking for suitable solutions to streamline their business process. Modern businesses acknowledge that streamlining their business processes is an integral component of success. 

However, streamlining your business process is not easy as it sounds, especially for real estate agents. In a general sense, real estate agents spend a significant amount of time doing admin work – scheduling meetings, setting up reminders, sending emails, leads follow-up, and other menial tasks that can take out precious time out of their day. Instead of closing deals and growing your real estate business’s bottom line, they’re still typing the day away. 

Finding the balance between a good amount of admin work without sacrificing sales performance is like walking on a tight rope untrained. But is a CRM essential for your business? Yes and yes. Here are why adding a CRM is best for your real estate brokerage. 

The Numbers Don’t Lie

A study by Boston Logic and Hubspot states a high correlation between CRM usage and agent productivity, and there is data to prove the degree of impact a CRM software can make. The results of this study are astounding, and here are some of them. 

At 72.5 percent, nearly 3 out of every four agents polled in the survey already have a CRM system in place. 

At an equivalent rate, 69.4 percent of brokerages surveyed currently supply CRM software for their agents’ disposal.

Nearly 1 in 3 brokerages are uncertain which CRM system is suitable for them, and another 13 percent didn’t know where to start.

Overall, 96.2 percent of brokerages and 94.6 percent of agents surveyed said that a CRM system helped them increase their productivity to some degree.

Surprisingly, 21 percent of real estate brokerages said they did not need a CRM system due to costs, implementation, and difficulty adapting to the CRM. 

Why Real Estate Businesses should be Paying Attention to CRM Now

The success of real estate businesses hinges on relationships, and with the competition getting tighter in the real estate sector, brokerages need to adapt to advance business tools like CRM systems. More than productivity and efficiency reasons, CRMs also streamline transactions in the real estate sector. Here are some of the transactions a CRM like Saphyte can streamline for your real estate business.

Visibility of Prospects in the Sales Funnel

Your sales team is packed with tasks all day long, and reality dictates that there’s no other way around it. As long as the marketing department delivers leads, your sales team will contact them to establish products or services that fit your customers before getting through the actual nurturing and closing process. 

With a CRM, you can help your sales team streamline their process by giving them visibility on your prospects through your sales funnel. Thus, making it easier for your sales representative to see where your prospect is in the sales process. Furthermore, a CRM sales funnel makes it easier for your team to spot the warmest leads or those who need more nurturing. 

CRM Streamlines Email, Invoicing, and Quotes

Most CRM software comes with an email, invoicing, and quotes, which can be advantageous for your sales department. These features allow your real estate sales representatives to send and respond to emails and quote queries without switching software from time to time. 

Also, having your email client and quoting and invoicing in one place minimizes the risk of errors caused by manual data entry. Having all your data needs in a single repository creates a more dynamic, responsive, and responsible team, adding more value to your brand. 

Marketing-to-Sales Handoff Process

The handoff process from marketing to sales is tricky and fragile. During this process, most leads fall through the cracks for several reasons like miscommunication, being too busy to do a follow-up call, or your sales team being too swamped with too many leads. Leads falling out of the sales funnel during the handoff process is an ordinary circumstance but can be avoided with the help of a CRM. 

A CRM can fix this problem by addressing the underlying issues such as missed notifications, and no sales funnel visibility, and lead tracking. A CRM can automatically alert your sales team if new leads are on the sales funnel and your sales team. In return, your sales team can see where the leads are through the funnel. When your team has early notifications and access to a visible sales funnel, no leads will fall out of the cracks, and your sales team can work on more opportunities to close a sale. 

CRM Automates Admin Tasks on your Sales Processes

Your sales and marketing team has too much on their plate. Besides making calls, they also spend their entire shift sending out product catalogs, brochures, and real estate pricing guides which is repetitive and time-consuming. The emails your sales team may look like the same, but they still take time from copy-pasting the text, changing names, attaching documents, and finally sending it to the client. 

With a CRM like Saphyte, some tools automate your workflows, send follow-up emails, chatbots, and more. Your team can go to other prospects or tend to more critical tasks while maintaining the experience quality service to nurture and support the customer’s experience throughout the sales process.

Sales and Productivity Reports

Creating sales reports is not an easy task, but with quality CRMs, you can quickly generate reports with a few clicks and sets. Since the nature of a CRM is to collect data constantly, it’ll be easier for the whole team to gather and combine data on your clients. 

Quick Recap

A CRM’s design is to organize and store all of your sales team’s customer information and data in one easy-to-access location. Adding to providing exceptional visibility, CRMs help simplify your sales process by automating repetitive admin tasks that take time out of your sales team’s day of selling. 

The goal of a CRM is to enable your sales team with all the tools they need to close sales better and efficiently. Streamlining your day-to-day transactions with a CRM is easy; finding the one that works with you can be daunting. With your real estate CRM needs, you have Saphyte as your partner. 

Saphyte is a cutting-edge, cloud-based, centralized CRM platform that is not only scalable and flexible but can also adapt to the unique needs of its users as they grow. Built with features and tools that mitigate business risks and errors, lower costs, support sales and marketing operations through automation and innovative tools, and boost employee productivity. 

With Saphyte, you can take a holistic approach to your real estate business without the hassle and possible future-proof your business. Ready to talk about endless possibilities? Book a call with us and our real estate CRM experts will be right on with you. 

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