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Do You Really Need To Outsource Digital Services?

Published on February 27, 2020
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3 min read

Any kind of digital work can either become too immersive or too technical. It’s inherently the nature of the industry; specialists absolutely must keep in touch with the latest tech news and trends so that they can adjust their approach accordingly.

So when you have just set up your business and are planning to charge your way through the birth phase, how will you be able to keep up with the demands of running everything vis-a-vis keeping updated with the latest tech trends? 

Here’s a thought: maybe you don’t need to.

Today’s business landscape is filled with experts who know just how to help you take your business to the next level. Given that we are constantly chasing after the latest trends or the next big thing, it’s important to have a team that is dedicated to this endeavor.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Digital Services

There are a multitude of benefits associated with outsourcing digital services. For this blog, we’ll take a look at the top four impacts that outsourcing has on your organisation. This article aims to explore each major benefit comprehensively.

Get help on a department or a niche field for your business growth

Face it; as a startup, it’s not easy to cover all your bases. Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, you will inevitably lack in some skill sets. If you insist on working on your organisational growth all by yourself, then you will not be able to make the most out of the time you have in your startup phase. 

Outsourced teams are an instant source of experience. No matter how learned your IT specialists are, sooner or later you are bound to come across an issue that will leave them dumbfounded. Power up your organisation’s capacity to work in a certain department or field with the support of a seasoned team on digital services. This way, you can sit tight and relax about having covered everything that you need to do in a comprehensive manner.

Save up on money, labor, and time

As a startup, you will often be running your business on limited resources. For quite some time, it may continue to be this way. It is hard to find affordable expertise to help with growth and if you are just starting out, it may definitely cost a little too much to hire an entire IT department on such a limited budget.

It can be all too easy to invest tons of money only to have it wasted on unforeseen problems in the back-end. Naturally, you will want to make the most out of any investment you make at any stage in your organisation. 

If you have an outsourced team working in your business, you can rest easy knowing that you will make the most out of the money you are shelling out. Depending on the payment arrangements that you have created, you will be paying for the right functionality as well as the best data security.

Improve your team’s efficiency

Did you know that it takes more than ten thousand hours to fully master a skill? It’s true that age is not usually an indicator of good work, but when you hire an IT department you will still need to work on training them and optimising them according to what your business needs.

This can be taxing on small businesses, especially if you eventually start experiencing high turnover rates. On the other hand, if you do go for just outsourcing your digital team, then you will have then you can rely on their presence and you know what to expect from them in terms of services. 

Guarantee Exceptional Quality Of Service

Even the simplest CRMs have complex back ends, and despite the most rigid preparations one is bound to run into some unexpected issue or the other. If you have this outsourced to a team of digital experts, then you no longer need to constantly hire and gauge the skill level of IT maintenance specialists. This is because it is already a given that the services you have paid for are provided by a team that knows how to provide it.

Which Digital Assets Should You Consider Outsourcing?

With all the benefits laid out above, you may want to start looking at aspects of your business that you can outsource. Here are your top options.

Graphic Design

Having someone on the team who dabbles in a bit of Canva or Photoshop is always a plus. However, sometimes your marketing efforts may take more than that—when it comes to pioneering visual content for your brand, you need to rely on a seasoned graphic designer. Consistency is just as important as quality when it comes to your company’s imagery, which makes having one point of contact for all your organisation’s needs vital to marketing and growth.  

Social Media Advertising

When it comes to all sorts of online marketing, you have to really know what you are doing. This means significant amounts of time invested into market research, analysis, monitoring, and tweaking. It can be very easy to lose money if you do not know what you are working with.

Having an outsourced team of freelancers or an agency to manage all the technical aspects of online marketing and digital advertising can really free up your core team’s time to focus on the more nitty-gritty aspects of growing your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

It’s worth taking the risk to hire someone outside your organisation for search engine optimisation efforts. This is because they know how technical the work can get and they have already proven that they can rise to the challenge of giving good SEO results.

Because of the nature of SEO, hiring an outsourced team will require a little more time and effort. This is to ensure that they are trained to understand every aspect of your organisation. Even with this caveat, you are still going to save up on resources when it comes to this decision.


The question remains: do you really need to outsource when it comes to digital work? We say that more often than not, the answer is yes—especially if you are a startup. It’s definitely worth the investment to have a team of experts working with your business to make the most out of your business growth.

Like all ventures, it is important that you do your research regarding who you should invest in and why. Once wrong information is posted on the internet, it can be hard to remove—and in some cases, the damage it causes may be irreversible. Don’t rush the search for your ideal outsourced services partner.

February 27, 2020