Exposing the Advantages of Mobile CRM

Published on October 5, 2020
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3 min read

Traditionally, a CRM software is used to track relationships, set follow-up reminders, and map the sales pipeline, and can be accessed from a desktop computer. As computing power increases, so do the CRMs. CRM has grown into a powerful system filled with features capable of optimizing your sales process and giving management accurate analytical data of what’s happening in the field.

However, despite the advantages a traditional desktop CRM has, it still has one major flaw – you can’t carry it outside the office.

Remember that your sales rep is disconnected from any means of customer information stored inside the desktop CRM when they’re in the field. As sales reps need to be in the field in front of their clients and potential customers, they need immediate access to your customer database from a CRM in order to maximize their efficiency. 

Fortunately, the CRM industry has taken notice and a mobile CRM system, such as Saphyte, is available to take full advantage of your sales team’s production.

A sales team with a mobile and cloud-based CRM not only provides your business flexibility and independence, but it can also help you increase sales, boost productivity, and generate more revenue from existing clients.

More than the easy access to information with the use of mobile devices, here are some of the best advantages of mobile CRM for your sales team.

Saphyte helps you attain better knowledge of your customers

Having all your contact information stored in one platform makes future customer interaction easy. With easy access to vital information, a contact management tool like Saphyte can give your sales team the competitive advantage and the boost that they need.

Not only will they have access to your potential customer’s contact information like their full name, email address, telephone number, and other essential information but also other critical business information such as their position in the company, relations to other contacts in your database, the language they speak, and even their birthdays.

With mobile access to this information, you can personalize your dealings and communicate with a contact (a target lead) and make customer experiences outstanding.

Saphyte enhances your customer generation and retention rates

Saphyte features tools to help you find and nurture your leads and prospects. The platform is also a great tool for building customer loyalty.

Saphyte’s system has plenty of customer generation and retention advantages. There are live chat and social media integrations, email tracking, and calendar and email synchronization. This will help your sales and marketing teams keep your customers on the loop by reminding your team about future appointments or when to send follow-up emails.

But what makes the real trick about the system is that Saphyte is built with lead generation tools that you can use for your campaign’s advantages. 

From building intelligent forms that you can integrate into your landing pages and capture customer data. To integrating your social media accounts into the system and automatically saving any entry made through social media platforms. Hence, making your data gathering seamless and effective.

Saphyte helps you stay productive

Productivity is always an attainable dream. May seem impossible, but through productivity tools can be made easier. Hence, the need for task automation comes out to play. 

By automating your repetitive and manual tasks, you can change the pace of your business and improve your business process for the better.

Saphyte allows you to automate most of your manual processes. From manual data entry tasks, workflow processes, other lead generation activities, or automated email replies. 

You can start ditching your old-fashioned manual processes like manual and painful lead scoring, replying to emails individually, individually sending email marketing materials, and so on. You can make personalized emails for your existing customers, send out scheduled emails, create workflows that work around your business process, and track emails you’ve sent to your clients. 

You can also set your schedule and meetings, and manage individual tasks within the platform. You can effectively delegate tasks, monitor KPI’s, and process reports. All without having to leave the platform.

Saphyte decreases the pain of shifting from one software window to another because all the productivity tools you need for your team are within Saphyte’s system. Now, you can spend time doing more of your sales-driven activities, create better customer service, and cultivate customer satisfaction culture. 

By having a semi-automated process, you can now spend more time in creating better customer interactions and customer experience, and focus more on your customers. 

Saphyte helps you make intellectual and data-driven decisions

Intellectual and data-driven business decisions are necessary and essential in establishing your business. However, coming up with these decisions can be tough if you have a second-rate and unorganized source of data. 

Sure, separate Excel or Google sheets can work for a while, and having multiple mobile devices might be a good option, for now, you still have to consider that your business is going to grow. 

The more you grow, the bigger the demand for organized and streamlined data and a scattered database just won’t do. 

Saphyte transforms and prepares your business better for the future. The system is built with Sales Forecasting and Sales Intelligence functions to help you make data-driven and intellectual decisions for your business.

The Sales Intelligence feature gathers, segments, and organizes all information in regard to a client. The tool in return processes the information, inspects the data, and creates easy-to-understand visuals for your reference. 

The Sales Forecasting feature creates an almost accurate calculation on your future sales. The Forecasting feature may take more time because you have to build your database first. Hence, all the more reason why you should invest in a CRM at the earliest convenience. 

Because as you head onwards, the CRM will create realistic and real time insights, and help you create business decisions and mitigate any future losses. The better equipped you are, the more proactive your business is. 


Lastly, Saphyte CRM is an inexpensive and non-complicated option for a mobile CRM

The CRM has pay-as-you-go subscription plans with no lock-in period. Each subscription plan has a free demo and product training. No installation fees, no extra or hidden charges, and a 24/7 customer support availability.

With Saphyte you can now strengthen your business process, improve your sales performance, and make sales work more seamless, effective, and efficient. Contact us now for a free demo. Or start your free trial period starting today.

October 5, 2020