Five Ways CRM Benefit Your Business

Published on November 19, 2020
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4 min read

The CRM market has been growing stronger and bigger in recent years. Looking back at the research done by Software Advice, only 12% of businesses used cloud-based CRM in 2008. In comparison to their data in 2014, CRM usage has increased to 87%.

And even until now, this increase is steadily growing. More and more businesses still continue to discover and appreciate their need for CRM since this system can touch almost all kinds of businesses worldwide — small, medium, or large scale among different industries. Thus, it is expected that the market will continue to grow in the coming years. 

Despite this, statistics from CSO Insights still shows that up to 43% of CRM users only use less than 50% of their CRM system’s features. Furthermore, another study found that there are still 22% of sales professionals who are unsure about what CRM is. This goes to show that, even though the CRM market is growing, many users have not been able to fully maximize their CRM software use and their CRM satisfaction. 

Therefore, there is still a constant need for sharing and imparting information about CRM solutions, so that large and small businesses can find the CRM benefit that they have been looking for. 

1. Reliable Data Storage and Integration

Most if not all businesses take in large amounts of information every day. Such as customer data, email marketing records, phone calls, sales lead, and many more. If this data is not segregated and organized to be easily accessed, your different business processes would be slowed down. Especially if things are done manually, it would become even worse.

Thus, the need for data and storage management is a priority — having a place to store information and retrieve them easily when necessary is a must. 

With a CRM solution, you can achieve this because the system is equipped with tools that can organize different information by grouping them into categories. Although it is still possible, this is something difficult to do using conventional methods, like spreadsheets. Imagine inputting all the customer information but with just a single formula error, your output is ruined.

CRM solutions, on the other hand, have pre-built system structures. In this system, you can upload data, categorize them, post status, and add updates. 

The amazing thing about this system is that it is readily available for your team anywhere in real-time. So, if you would like to access your sales team’s data, you can easily open your computer or mobile phone to check.

The system can integrate all of your different departments’ work data and logs, which allows you to have full monitoring over your business’ day to day progress. On the other side, your employees can have access to product or service data needed to accommodate your customer needs. 

2. Repetitive Tasks Automation 

One of the benefits that significantly ease your employees’ manual workload is Automation. If you are still running your business in the traditional way without the help of a CRM, your employees will be bombarded with repetitive tasks that require a lot of time and effort. they are too busy with menial jobs instead of finding creative and effective ways to increase sales, which is something far more important. 

Fortunately, with CRM tools, these tasks can now be easily automated. Although automation sounds like something complicated to do, it is actually the other way around. Good CRM systems have a user-friendly interface which would allow you to set up a workflow easily.

For example, in Saphyte CRM, you can easily drag and drop, click and connect the nodes in your workflow page. And, as easy as that, you have already set up a chain of command which will flow automatically not requiring further supervision.

Having your workflow set-up and automated will not only allow you and your employees to do more meaningful work, but it will also ensure that all data processed will have accurate output. The output has little to no errors because it is processed by a computer. On the other hand, your employees will be able to focus on tasks that require creativity, analysis, and human touch. 

3. Sales Management

One of the most important factors for business success is an increase in sales. That is why one of the benefits that you should be looking for in a CRM is sales management. A business without sales management would probably struggle in tracking their sales cycles, processes, and deals. Thus, having a CRM is a necessity one should not ignore. 

CRM sales management tools allow you to collect data about potential customers and deal prospects and monitor them via features such as sales dashboards and reports. Through this feature, you will gain an instant overview of how your business is doing. It will answer questions like, “are we reaching potential customers more?”, “is our marketing strategy effective?”, and so on.

These features will allow you and your sales reps to evaluate your personal performance and keep track of where you are standing now in terms of your goals. Having a visual reminder of your sales targets will allow you to strive more and perform better to achieve each target.

4. Sales Forecasting

The importance of forecasting should not be ignored in the business world. Knowing trends and tendencies based on your current data and analysis will allow companies to make sound decisions for the company. It will allow them to avoid probable business failures and mistakes. And on the brighter side, will help them determine potential leads that will help achieve bigger sales and revenue.

CRM systems, like Saphyte, are equipped with a sales intelligence feature. This feature will collate customer data, contact information, monthly recurring revenue, and more to come up with an analysis. This analysis will help you identify trends so that you will come up with your next best action.

The system also has an automated lead scoring tool. This rids you of the burden of manually figuring out which lead is better. CRM lead scoring helps you prioritize leads by applying score conditions to identify which lead has the most potential to progress into a closed sale or deal with lesser time and effort.

5. Customer Relationship

Improving customer relationships is something that made the CRM market popular. Basically, because your business would instantly be over if you do not have customers. And, the process of gaining one is an arduous task which is why taking care of these customers is a must. It is impractical to spend so much time gaining them and then losing them right away just because you do not have sufficient customer interaction.

This is where Customer Relations Management (CRM) solutions come in. The CRM system, as previously discussed, can store all of your customer information and customer feedback in one place. It can then sort this information allowing you to have a breakdown of data. Having these data organized helps you have better knowledge about your customers.

Not only that, CRM helps in increasing customer satisfaction by improving customer service. Customer service is important to the point that even if you have a good product or service, but if they do not feel taken care of after purchase, they will stop subscribing.

So, what CRM does is that it helps you have speedier and better communication. This is done by providing you with templates that you can customize depending on which category your customer is in. In that way, you can personalize your approach to provide a better customer experience.

The Bottom Line

CRM systems have a lot to offer in the business world. Thus, when you are looking for a CRM benefit that would fit your business needs and goals, remember that you should have all of the benefits shared above. Settling for less than all will not allow you to experience the benefit that you are looking for.

Fortunately, all of these can be found in Saphyte CRM. Saphyte’s goal is to make things more fitting for you and your business. It has a user-friendly system so that entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with technology can transition from traditional to digital a lot easier.

The system has undergone testing and fine-tuning before it was deemed ready for deployment all over the world. Thus, you can be sure of a reliable and efficient service. Furthermore, Saphyte has the flexibility that you need.

No matter if you are a business start-up, small scale, or large scale business, Saphyte can cater to all of your needs. And since it is a scalable CRM, Saphyte can grow with you and accommodate your growing database and processes.

So if you are planning something bigger for your business, it is about time to step up your game through CRM. Our customer reps are ready for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Give us a call now and take advantage of all the benefits Saphyte CRM can offer.

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