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Published on June 30, 2020
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Businesses rely on sales and marketing to stay afloat. When it comes to marketing strategies, email marketing is perhaps one of the most popular. Yes, above phone calls and other sales process strategies, email campaigns still stood out above the rest. 

However, companies who send emails with the use of email suites might be common nowadays, it is proven to be counter-productive. Why so?

One of the reasons why email suites just simply won’t work is because of the amount of time it takes to create a great looking email from scratch. Remember, if you can’t send off a good-looking email, then you’re already setting yourself up to fail your campaign. 

That is why, apart from reliable customer information and customer interaction, it is important to have great email marketing tools and email templates. How? By seeking help with a CRM tool. 

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution software can ease in your sales and marketing automation. Not only do you have a centralized location for contact information and lead scoring tools, you’ll also have access to plenty of email marketing tools.

What is a CRM email integration? 

Businesses and organizations rely heavily on email clients or suites for communication internally and externally. 

What’s an email client? An email client is a type of software which enables a user to send, receive and organize email correspondence on their desktop or mobile device. One of the famous examples are Outlook, Gmail, and Thunderbird. 

So how does it come in connection with CRM systems? Most CRM systems, like Saphyte, Hubspot, and Sales Force Automation, allow email client integration. This integration in return allows users to use their email clients inside CRM.

Hence, all incoming emails and about your current and potential customers information are automatically registered and are kept in one place. Some other CRM solutions allow you to modify CRM records without leaving your inbox.

What are the benefits of integrating your email campaigns to a CRM solution tool?

1. All in one view. Instead of having to switch windows between your CRM solution and your email client, email-integrated CRM systems can have all your relevant information onto one screen. 

Hence, causing no confusion between your leads because the CRM itself provides the relevant customer data you need to effectively nurture your lead or close a sale. Many CRM solutions with email integration also provide visual reports for email threads. They are usually contained within the sales pipeline, so you can easily see the stages of each lead.

2. Increases responsiveness. Email integration also helps reduce your response time. This is due to customer’s contact information, your touch-point history, and other relevant information is displayed alongside the email. 

Instead of having to go to another application to seek information and switch back to your email, you can quickly respond to inquiries and offer great customer satisfaction. When it comes to converting a lead into a won account, you must have the ability to respond fast or else competition will take place.

3. Integration with other apps. Email CRM integrations often support integration of other forms of third-party apps. Integrating a CRM into other marketing automation tools can help you streamline your sales workflow. You can pair up plenty of things on a CRM tool, this will solely depend on the CRM software of your choosing. 

4. Swift installation and deployment. CRM email often uses email solutions as the base of the installation. Instead of deploying a complete CRM app, you only have to download an add-on or plugin for your email solution. 

In addition, you no longer have to worry about additional hardware or software installation, you can go ahead and train on the new CRM system. Another additional benefit for a CRM email integration is the familiar user interface (UI). Most CRM’s email integration feature primarily uses the same UI you’re already accustomed to. Hence, you no longer have to relearn other functions and navigation from scratch.

5. Unified contact list. If you have a database of extensive contact list in your sales email, you can consolidate them to your CRM and email-based contact lists. By doing so, you have cut down data redundancy, gained better visibility into your customers’ service, and have a more convenient way of quickly looking up to your lead’s email addresses.

Why Choose Saphyte to be your partner in CRM Email Marketing Automation? 

Saphyte built its CRM system with all the marketing tools small businesses and enterprises need. We understand that marketing plays a big part in every business cycle. With that, we have email integrations, email marketing, form builders, email templates and more. Here are some other things your business can benefit from Saphyte’s CRM platform. 

Email Templates

Sending emails that have no style to it can be a bit boring for your customers. Hence, wasting an opportunity for your sales team to nurture your lead. With Saphyte, there are plenty of email templates for you to work on. You can even customize your own within the CRM system. 

Bulk Email

Increase your efficiency by sending emails to your clients with Bulk Emails. You no longer need to send emails individually to your clients because Saphyte allows you to send a single email to thousands of recipients from your client database all at once at a specified time.

Email Senders

Email Sender is a tool where you can sync other different emails to the CRM and select which email address will be the sender to your recipients. Saves you time, allows you to send your materials quickly, and makes more room for other tasks. 

Email Tracking

Do you ever want to know how your leads are responding to your emails? With Saphyte, you’ll receive notifications the moment your client opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment you have sent. With this information, you can provide your staff with the ability and the opportunity to follow up with your leads, prospects, and customers in a timely manner.


To conclude this article, Saphyte has budget-friendly monthly fees that won’t cost you an arm and leg. We offer pay-as-you-go monthly rates, with no set-up fees, a free demo, and a 24/7 customer support readily available in every subscription plan. 

Try Saphyte now for your CRM email needs. Not only that you can have better contact management and real time information, you can also expound your marketing.  Contact us for a free demo or start your free trial now.

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