How an Email Marketing Software in Dubai Can Help You

Published on December 29, 2020
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Imagine being able to communicate with your potential customers or even the existing ones in just a few clicks. With an email marketing software, there’s no need for you to manually draft a letter, send them to each lead or customer, and send them on scheduled days.

All you need to do is set up the CRM to send an email based on trigger conditions and the CRM will do the emailing for you. Easy as pie. And no need to panic. With Saphyte, your sales and marketing team can focus on more important tasks and eliminate the manual, boring ones.

Why Email Marketing Software is Good For You

Around 91% of those who use email marketing software claim that marketing automation is crucial in the success of their online marketing campaigns

About 58% of marketers use automation software to gain more sales such as by upselling products

Marketing automation could lead to an average 451% increase in qualified leads

Intelligent Workflow Technology

Saphyte uses Intelligent Workflow Technology to automate business processes. The software has enhanced the operations of companies in retail, financial, real estate, banking, and insurance industries.

The goal of Saphyte is to make sure that the technology will really transform the businesses of its users for the better. We study the architecture of our clients’ operations and find a way for our software to automate several processes. This lessens the need to hire more for each business when the CRM can just perform sales and marketing tasks in just a few clicks

Automation of processes using Saphyte’s Intelligent Workflow Technology allows users to build selected processes that will automatically run and be completed when conditions are triggered. Such processes include the gathering of customer data and continuously engaging leads and customers through email marketing, among others.

When your sales and marketing teams have to manually perform everything, it makes it harder for them to focus on the more important parts of the sales process. In fact, repetitive tasks can be mentally exhausting and counterproductive. We built Saphyte exactly to directly address that.

This is especially important in the UAE where our clients demand optimal results and by using any technological innovation available.

Example of Email Automation using Saphyte

Partnerships with local SMEs

Since Saphyte’s launch, several local businesses have approached the company to undergo digital transformation. The company has cited lead generation, a clean and efficient organization of customer data for continuous customer engagement, and encouragement of repeat purchases as the primary reasons why their clients contact them.

What we want in Saphyte is to go beyond claiming that we can help businesses. We want to see results and that is why we sometimes do one-to-one sessions with our partners to teach them how they can leverage using our technology.

Boring Marketing Out, Digital Marketing In

Your marketing strategy should now be using technology to make your processes fast and easy to do.

For your email marketing service needs, html emails, or marketing services in general, contact Saphyte’s support team for more information.

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