How to Conduct Customer Surveys Effortlessly

Published on March 2, 2023
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Conducting customer surveys are important in determining customer sentiments, but they can be a hassle to perform. Find out how you can do them effortlessly.

Companies often use customer surveys to understand their audience’s needs and preferences and to gain a better understanding of their customers’ experiences interacting with the brand and by using their products or services.

But conducting customer surveys can be painstaking and time-consuming. What are the ways for you to conduct customer surveys effortlessly? Check out our tips below:

1. Use tools that let your collect and organize customer data

Using digital ecosystems that let you collect and organize data is one of the easiest ways for you to conduct customer surveys.

It’s important to note, however, that these digital ecosystems must have all the tools and features you need to gain insight from the data you’ve collected.

Some tools automatically display data through visual representations such charts and graphs. These can help you make meaningful and strategic business decisions to help your brand grow.

2. Automate your tasks

Digital ecosystems can also automate your tasks for you. For example, when a customer visits a sales and marketing channel (like your website or a landing page), the tool can automatically prompt them to answer a survey.

This reduces the need for you to call them to answer a survey or to wait for them to answer a survey you’ve sent through mail or email.

Some digital ecosystems also allow you to automate the creation of reports, which eliminates the need to manually write one, based on the answers you’ve received from your customers.

3. Keep the surveys short

To make it easy for you and your customers, surveys must be short and simple. They should be aligned with the business goals and objectives— what do you want to know from them and why? 

This is important because, according to research, only 7% of customers actually respond to surveys they receive. And that means that long surveys are highly likely to be ignored or rejected.

4. Think about the timing

When it comes to conducting surveys, timing is key.

Surveys must be given at a time when customer availability is high to get a higher sample size— so you won’t have to do it again and again just to make the survey statistically significant (which takes a lot of time and effort). 

Timing is also necessary if you want to gain a sincere and genuine response. For example, if you send a survey to determine customer satisfaction while the customer has not yet made a purchase, then the survey becomes meaningless. 

Try to identify at which stage of the customer journey the survey is best conducted.

5. Offer incentives

Speaking of genuine responses, offering incentives encourages customers to participate and give honest feedback. Integrate narratives that let customers know how participating in the survey is going to help them in the process.

Words like “help us help you” or “let us know how we can do better” send a message that their inputs are going to affect them along the way— and will eventually redound to their benefit. 

Conduct surveys effortlessly

Want to know how you can effortlessly conduct customer surveys or gain their honest feedback? 

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