How to Generate Qualified Leads with Content Marketing in 5 Steps

Published on September 14, 2022
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Generating qualified leads can be difficult. But with the right content and techniques, it can be made easier. Find out how to get them in 5 simple steps.

Qualified leads are those evaluated by the sales team as ideal customers with a high likelihood of making a purchase. Unlike unqualified leads, they educate themselves and are a step closer to making a final purchasing decision, know their needs and a list of solutions, and have a clearly defined budget to work with.

But generating qualified leads can be a challenge for many sales and marketing teams. However, with relevant content, they can be won over. Below, we list the steps in generating qualified leads with content marketing.

How to Generate Qualified Leads with Content Marketing

Consider these steps when using content to generate qualified leads:

1.   Create content that responds to your target audience’s needs, preferences, or interests

The most important step in content marketing is to ensure that your content responds to your target audience’s needs, preferences, or interests. It is suggested that you must conduct research about your target audience first before moving into this plan.

Know what they need or want, know their available solutions, and know how your product or service can work as a solution to their problems.

Relevant and responsive content makes content marketing easier, including generating qualified leads.

2.   Offer them as lead magnets on your preferred channels

Your content can work as lead magnets which you may post on your preferred channels. Below we list down examples of lead magnets:

3.   Add content upgrades

Content upgrades are like lead magnets, but they only appear as “follow-ups” whenever a potential customer clicks on a lead magnet. They also offer more specific, intensive, and valuable information compared to lead magnets.

Below are examples of content upgrades:

4.   Manage leads using software

Using software to track and monitor qualified leads makes the job of sales and marketing teams easier. The software may be configured to score leads automatically based on the information gathered and the criteria set by the company.

5.   Track leads and implement conversion strategy

Using the software, you may start tracking the generated qualified leads and implement your conversion strategy. You may send them personalized content using drip marketing or implement any other conversion strategy that you have in mind. 

Generate Qualified Leads Using Technology

Although it’s generally hard to generate leads and qualify them, this task can be made easier with the right tools and technology.

But first, you must know what your target customers need and want and what type of content they’d respond to best. Then offer your content as lead magnets to attract potential customers.

Add content upgrades to further qualify them. And finally, use a software to manage these qualified leads and implement your conversion strategy.

All of these tasks can be automated by Saphyte, so your sales and marketing team can focus on tasks that matter. If you want to learn more, talk to our experts at Saphyte. Book a free demo here.

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