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How to Grow with Local SEO in 2020

Published on March 20, 2020
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4 min read

Having more traffic means getting more leads, prospects, and ultimately, customers. These customers are important to your business’s survival. They help provide a steady stream of income through the purchases they make and through the word-of-mouth communication they do when they influence others’ buying habits. Organic traffic will undoubtedly be beneficial to your business and a key to its success. That is why boosting your company’s organic traffic is extremely important.

To give you context, the amount of information that is added to the internet every day is getting higher and higher. And with loads of information surrounding your target audience increasing, your challenge is to make sure that when people need something, whether it is a product or a service, they will get it from you and not your competitors.

This is why growing with local SEO is becoming more imperative especially in 2020. Let’s get to the basic concepts of SEO and break them down for you.

What is SEO?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing your website or webpage’s visibility among search engine users. It is defined by performing a series of tasks so that your web page will appear first in search engines. This is done by understanding the algorithms, qualifications, and activities involved in search engines that decide whether or not a web page should rank higher over the others.

How is this done?

SEO can start in two basic ways. First, you need to know the people that comprise your target audience. This is called the Buyer Persona. Any data and information you gather from this will be used to customize your marketing strategy. Second, you need to maintain quality blogs to ensure your target audience will stumble on your website and keep checking your site for future content. This will help increase your website’s SEO rankings which increases your website’s visibility and reach.

  • Crafting an Accurate Buyer Persona (Keyword and Market Research)

The process of SEO optimization starts by crafting an accurate buyer persona. This is done by methodically gathering data and information about your target audience and analyzing this data and information to get a picture of what your buyers look like, what their behavior is, and how much this information can bring you more sales and profit in the end. This also involves studying the keywords that your target audience often use when they look for products or services on their search engines. With this, your business information is optimized to come up at the top of the list.

  • Maintaining Quality Blogs (SEO Content Creation)

To increase your website traffic organically, your website needs to have quality content that your target audience will check regularly. You need to post blogs regularly and ensure that your content fits the preferences of your target customers. Optimize your content according to your buyers’ persona and make sure that your website will have the information that your target customers need so they will be encouraged to visit your website again.

While you are at it, always make sure that you are consistently creating quality content. The more quality content you have, the higher the possibility is for these to be spread among your visitors’ sphere of influence. This will then give you more opportunities for organic traffic to come your way.

Why is SEO important for your business?

Engaging potential and existing customers online can be an expensive task for any business. That is why it is important to make sure that you are doing it right. Businesses need to know how to target the right audience. Because for businesses to be successful in the longer run, they need to have an in-depth understanding of their target customers, their nature, and individual preferences.

Organic traffic allows a steady stream of visitors that can potentially be your long-term future customers. Making use of this can help you establish your customer base and guarantee a steady flow of income for your business. 

Tips to Get Your Business Ready for 2020

Get your business ready for 2020 and follow the following tips and trends that can get you a jumpstart:

  • Get your website optimized for Google My Business (GMB). GMB was created to connect businesses to consumers which is why you have to utilize this tool this year, if you haven’t yet. This process requires verification though to ensure your business is genuine and authentic. While you are at it, use Google Post and interact with your customers when they post and leave reviews.
  • Climb the search ranks by improving your internal links. Internal links are links within your website that connect to other websites. Make sure that the links you use are credible and from established websites. Improving your internal links is important because it supports website navigation, information architecture, and the hierarchy among websites. Internal linking also distributes ranking among websites.
  • Use high-volume keywords in the URL, title, header, meta description, and body. Optimizing these improves your chances of getting found on search engines.
  • Add a Google Map to your website. And if you have multiple store locations, create multiple location pages for each of them. This will increase your discoverability rate on Google, the most used search engine. While you are at this, display important information about each store as much as possible. Include customer reviews for each store if possible.
  • Add in Local Content. Anything that is happening around you can attract readership from locals nearby. This improves your engagement with potential and existing customers both online and offline.
  • Optimize your website for mobile phones. People are going mobile these days and this trend continues to be more relevant. Whenever people look up for something, they tend to use their phones. So any information related to your business will help promote your business to potential customers.

Boosting your online presence through tools like Google My Business and optimizing your internal links to climb the search ranks can improve your reach on the Internet. This will help build more awareness for your brand and will definitely improve your lead generation. When potential customers come to you after finding out about you on the Internet, take that opportunity to get to know them better. Use tools like CRM software that can aid you in gathering and sorting relevant data. Find out more about their needs and how your product or service can improve their lives. Know your business’s value and sell that value to the market. This is one of the most effective and organic ways of growing as a business.


Now that you know 2020 is all about online engagement, carefully craft a digital marketing plan for your business. Start with growing your local SEO by crafting your customers’ buyer persona first and maintaining quality blogs or content for your website. These two ways can surely improve your discoverability over the Internet and can get you ahead. This is especially important when there is a massive competition over consumers’ attention.

Follow the tips that can get your business ready for 2020. Utilize Google My Business, improve your internal links, use high-volume keywords for your URL, title, header, and etc., add a Google Map to your website, and optimize it for mobile phones. These are helpful tips to get your business ready for 2020.

March 20, 2020

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