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How To Make Your Business Succeed On Twitter

Published on March 21, 2020
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3 min read

For millions of youth around the world, Twitter is a welcome distraction. There is just a certain allure to how people manage to express themselves in less than 280 characters. It urges users to be creative, concise, and participative. There is less pressure in conversing on social media when the platform urges everyone to keep it bite-sized. 

That is why more businesses are considering taking an increased pivot towards this platform. There is so much to do and a lot of room for creativity. It is one of the most dynamic social media sites on the planet.

With that said, here are some top tips for helping you establish yourself as well as your business on Twitter.

Follow Your Competition Closely

Because Twitter thrives off of engagement, it is a great platform that you can use to search for your competitors and note the kind of marketing tactics and strategies they are using. Being able to see what rival companies are doing is going to help you build your own strategy. You could learn to assimilate certain moves they are doing that you feel may work on your side as well, or conversely, avoid making any mistakes that they may have accidentally posted on the platform. 

Whatever their customer service looks like on Twitter is also noteworthy, as people are primed to expect immediate responses and engagement on this platform. As a result, businesses need to step up their game as well. 

Overall, this is a great platform to ask questions about your competitors and follow through with answers by looking at how they present themselves. It will definitely go a long way in helping you build your strategy.

Run A Twitter Audit

You have to be organised when you’re on Twitter. Everything that you post and every interaction that you make must be in line with your identity as a brand and any guidelines that you may have for your social media. As a result, if you have already established a Twitter presence prior to this, you will need to take a look at what you have been doing with your account in the past. 

Beyond the posts and images, also look at who you have been following, the current followers you have, and the likes that you’ve given out on the platform. These factors also shape your experience of Twitter and they give valuable insights as to how you are connected to other users.

Keep Yourself Updated

Twitter is constantly changing. It is always moving from one trend to another and it may take a young and talented social media specialist to “read” the feed and identify potential posts of interests even before they blow up. But even if you aren’t “in” with the current generation or you’re not particularly savvy about the platform, you can still keep yourself updated on acts that are considered as best practices.

Beyond the way that engagement shapes what people talk about, the platform itself is constantly updating its algorithms as well as its structure. Understanding how information is propagated and disseminated across the platform will be key to keeping your account’s engagements and impressions high.

Find Your Audience

Twitter used to be a mostly homogenous mix of young people. In recent years, however, older personalities as well as businesses have taken to the platform so as to learn how to reach out between generations. 

When you start presenting your business here, think of what kind of identity you would like to show the community and how this identity will interact with the personas. You need to make important considerations regarding the people you are trying to reach, what they are interested in, and whether it will get their attention.

Rebuild Your Account

The only thing that’s as bad as the Twitter egg is a poorly constructed profile picture or banner picture. Make sure that your profile stands out in every aspect, showcasing the best of its capabilities through clear pictures, concise descriptions, and crisp layouts. The usual strategy for most businesses is to display their logo in the profile picture (as this is the first to pop up when the account interacts on the platform), followed by anything that captures their fancy on the banner picture. You can be more imaginative with the banner because it only shows up on your profile, so make the most out of the room for color and imagery.

Next, take a look at your account handle. Your account handle should ideally have your company name. However, your name might already be taken. Don’t worry, it’s happened before and lots of businesses have found a viable workaround for it. You can try turning it into “@(CompanyName)HQ”, “@Choose(CompanyName)”, or more. Have fun with the wordplay; the possibilities are endless!

After that, work on your description, location, and website link. These are just small details but they go a long way in building up your profile for visitors. Having this information freely available on your profile makes you look trustworthy and legitimate.

Make Your Content Valuable

Twitter is built on encouraging engagement. You can’t just focus on releasing just about anything because it becomes a wasted effort; as much as possible, every post should elicit some sort of positive reaction from the users around you. 

When you tweet, try and foresee whether your content presents an icebreaker idea, entertains the audience, or educates them about something important. Twitter is supposed to initiate conversation, so if you post something that does not fulfill any of these three metrics then there is a high change it will not be noticed.

However, if conversation is turning out to be a little difficult, then it isn’t the end of the road. Multimedia content can help switch things up on this platform and they are often a welcome respite from large walls of text. 

Finally, you should consider starting your own Twitter chat. This is when you establish a certain time, date, and custom hashtag for everyone to use so that your account can use the hashtag to gather questions and answer it as it is being sent. These Twitter chats are a great way of interacting with your audience. 

Final Verdict

Above all, don’t forget the power of the #hashtag on this platform. Twitter uses these words and keyphrases to sort content together and determine what’s being talked about the most. However, if you saturate your content with all sorts of hashtags, the algorithms dismiss your content for spam (and it really does look like spam too!). Your posts will do fine with just one or two hashtags per tweet. 

Your business will definitely gain a lot out of establishing a Twitter account. Chances are, you’re going to have fun with this endeavor too. This is one of the few platforms where conversation, for the most part, remains lighthearted and bite-sized. Take this opportunity to have your business join the conversation too.

March 21, 2020

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