How to Write a Good Email Campaign that Converts

Published on February 23, 2021
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Getting to know your audience is perhaps the most important step when you’re trying to sell your products or services. The perfect strategy to do this is by implementing an email marketing strategy for your business.

But the question and dilemma businesses face nowadays: how to write a good email campaign that converts. Email marketing campaigns may look like they’re a walk in the park, but, if you want to increase your open rates, you also have to know how to write one.

In this blog post, you will learn how to write an effective email campaign and increase your click-through rates.

Why you need to write a good email copy

There are 3.9 billion email users on a daily basis and is a chosen medium for 73% of millennials. However, 20 percent of all commercial emails wind up as spam. This number might be a small probability, but if you add more spam incidents, it can greatly affect your business.

Writing a good email copy can help you mitigate future losses. Also, 59% say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. That is why it is important to write a great email newsletter that works not just for you but also for your business.

How to write an email copy that converts

Writing an email copy that reaches your prospect’s inbox is a breeze if you know where and how to start. Here are some starter tips on how you can structure your email marketing copies and avoid winding up in your prospect’s spam folder.

Use actionable language

When it comes to your email subject line, using actionable language doesn’t mean that you have to use verbs, although it certainly helps. You can incorporate verbs like “take,” “download,” “reserve,” “ask,” “buy,” etc. The moment your prospect has read the email you sent; they’ll know exactly what they can do in the email.

But there are other ways to use actionable language without depending on verbs. This gives you more room to play around with your wording. All you have to do is to make sure that the language is clear to the recipient on what they can do with the email, should they choose to open it. In other words, keep the value for the user at the top of your mind.

Personalize as much as possible

Emails that are highly segmented tend to result in higher performance levels — such as open rate and click-through rate — than emails that aren’t personalized. According to a study by Direct Marketing Association, segmented and targeted emails has the ability to generate 58% revenue for the marketers surveyed, and 36% of revenues were generated by emails sent to specific target selections.

This isn’t surprising. After all, the more segmented your email list is, the more able you are to personalize the subject line and deliver relevant content marketing to that email recipient.

Prioritize clarity, and put “catchiness” last

Your subject line must have a clear message first, and be catchy second. While writing a content marketing copy, clarity should always be your first and utmost priority. Only after you’ve drafted a clear subject line, only then you can also make it catchy, or whatever. Always remember to never sacrifice clarity for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Align your subject line copy and email copy. Always.

Consistency is always key. You might already know how crucial it is for your calls to action copy and your landing page offer to align. Well, it’s no different when you’re crafting your email subject line and email message.

Remember this cardinal rule: what the email subject line promises, the email message should deliver. It does not only ensure that you’re responsible but it also allows your readers to get what you’re actually promising in the subject line. By not doing so, your click-through rates will eventually plummet, and in the long term, so will your email open rates.

Establish relevancy

Just like the email subject line, you should strive to establish relevancy on the copy in the message of the email through personalization. It takes more than just a dynamic name tag for your email copy to persuade and influence your readers that your email is relevant to them.

Write in the second person

When you send emails to clients remember to write in the second person means you have to use the pronouns “you,” “your,” and “yours.” For example, “Before you leave your house, remember to bring your umbrella.” It means you position the copy of your email towards the reader, not yourself.

Talk about benefits, not features.

You know the value of your email holds, but does your recipient feel the same? No, not yet, and it’s your responsibility to explain it. This is a recurrent problem with most marketing emails: they only explain the feature they are offering, not the benefit.

So, explain why the product, feature, or service benefits the client more than its features and functions. Your prospects will be more thankful.

Be brief and sweet

One of the mistakes email copywriters make is trying to push an entire story into an email newsletter. Just think about when you open a marketing email in your inbox, do you even read every single word in there? Probably not.

It’s more likely to happen for readers to go through the important points so they can gather the overall message, and decide whether they want to take any action. Instead of writing a whole novel, find a way to summarize what the reader will get. But more in a compelling way, and let them click through to a page on your website for more information about your offerings.

Be lovable

Just because emails are meant to inform your customers, doesn’t mean they can’t also be delightful. In some cases, email can be a great way to let your brand’s personality shine and helping you build meaningful relationships with the people on your email lists. After all, giving an attractive experience for people start and ends with how you communicate with them.

Use actionable language in your call-to-action buttons

Never forget that emails must have calls-to-action, too. Well, the good ones do.

First and foremost, your email call-to-action should be very easy to identify. Remember: People scan through their emails. Your call-to-action buttons or links are one thing you want your recipient to pick up on.

Avoid these words when structuring your own email subject line and email body

Just like any other campaign, there are certain words you mustn’t, can’t, and shouldn’t use within your email subject line if you want to gain people’s interest while avoiding ESP spam blockers.

Anything to do with money

Almost everything that’s associated with a money sign. Associating your emails with the dollar sign will not only make you look sleazy in your email marketing, but spam filters are sure to pick them up and they’ll never reach your desired destination. Here are some words you can avoid:

Money back

Get paid




Big bucks

Credit or Debit




Email marketing might be one of the most successful marketing strategies out there, but that doesn’t mean email service providers (ESP’s) want you jamming up their servers with it. No one wants that.

Here are some marketing words you can avoid. 

Email marketing

Content marketing

Digital marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM)

Direct marketing


If you have a ‘special offer’ only for a select group of people, use other words to tell people about it, but not these ones.

Limited time

Get it now

Once in a lifetime

For new customers only

Offer expires

Deal ending soon


Leave the hard-sell advertising copy to Madison Avenue. Let your product do the talking. Your prospects will figure out if you’re fantastic and incredible without having to brag about it. Avoid these words as much as possible.


The best





Again, anything that has to do with money, like extra income or earning cash, is a big no. This will not only drop the spam gavel, but this will also affect the way people view your promises. Not only that you’ll look sleazy, but you’ll also look greedy. Nobody wants that.

Double your income

Be your own boss

Increase revenue

Gain financial independence

Eliminate debt

Potential earnings

Free and “bonus”

Opening your email and seeing these words on your inbox can be a bit frustrating. People may take notice, but many more see it as click-bait. So, avoid these words as much as possible.

100% off


Gift included


0 down


Following these tips and tricks allows you to spend time solely on what’s important and be productive at the same time. Be more productive by partnering with a good ecosystem for your email marketing campaigns.

With Saphyte, you can do just that. We have email marketing and client segmentation tools that allow you to go more and beyond your marketing efforts. Curious as to how we can help you? Reach out to us here or book a free demo with us today.

Together, let us create endless possibilities.

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