Improve Your Customer Experience Using CRM

Published on February 20, 2020
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“The customer is always right” is an old adage and it has stood the test of time for a reason. Customers dictate the success of a business. If customers like something from your business– your product, service, or the experience you provide– they will continue patronizing your business. Each continued patronage will help funnel in money from your customers through sales. This money will be used to pay for your expenses– operations, bills, employees, taxes– and whatever is left will be your profit.

Without a satisfied customer base, your sales may stagnate. Worse, nothing will ever come– resulting in your business’s bankruptcy. This is the reason why improving your customers’ experience should be put at the highest pedestal and should be considered from time to time when making major business decisions as they dictate the success of your business.

Getting More Sales Through The Customers’ Lens

Businesses have been asking one question throughout ages: how do we get more sales? Well, there are a lot of answers available online – articles with tons of answers listed in bullet points. But according to research, there is at least one sure way to boost your sales. And that is to improve your customer service.

The formula is simple: improved customer service = better customer experience. And better customer experience motivates customers to buy more from you, promote your business to others, and remain patronizing your business in the long run. All of these, when factored in, promote a conducive environment for your business to stimulate sales. And this is marketing done right.

Companies have to use a people-first approach to survive and marketing technologies have to serve the “human experience.” A lot of companies, especially with their branding teams, spend more than 16% of their budget to upgrade their technology. However, around half of these companies believe that they still do not have the tools they need to out-compete the others.

It was also further added that most of these technologies for upgrades purchased by these companies do not give satisfaction, they do not help companies reach their targeted outcomes. This is becoming more important as the modern-day customers are tech-savvy. But more than that, they also demand value, accountability, transparency, authenticity, and more importantly, personalization.

Technology has arguably caused disruption to millions of people’s lives, the way they interact and go about in society. But technology has to offer an experience that consumers long for, or else it will end up forgotten, as with the millions of technologies made that offer no unforgettable experience.

What’s With the Customer Experience Trend?

1. Keep customers happy

There is no doubt that new consumers are necessary for a healthy company. However, what is as important is retaining and keeping the existing consumers happy as well. Corporations are seeing their foundations as an important built-in stream of revenue and they are looking for ways to secure them and make them lifetime partners.

This perception changes how sales and marketing work within the corporation. Now, instead of just focusing on how to get as many customers as possible, sales and marketing teams need to create ways to please the existing customers as well. This creates a more solid foundation, which in turn allows the happy existing customers to bring in new customers with them as well. Understand that this is still in line with the philosophy the people-first approach espouses, and that is making your customers happy.

2. Focus on leads with the highest potential to convert

Leads are difficult to handle. They burn resources, take up the time of the marketing, and often end up annoying the individual they were trying to reach in the first place. While valuable to the sales team, it has been proven that it is not really the most effective approach. Therefore, the solution is to shift to understanding the best account opportunities.

Rather than creating leads, the effort can instead be shifted to developing more personalized ways to reach integral stakeholders within target accounts. Modern data tools can now be utilized to gauge account interest and predictive analytics can identify the best accounts. CRM systems are available to help you organize and interpret data so you can focus on the leads with the highest potential to convert.

3. Brand effort drives sales too

As the emphasis is being placed on driving growth within specific accounts and existing customers, a crucial effort should be allocated to assure key decision-makers know your brand. Demand gets much easier and more effective when prospects understand your brand. For example, take a look at your search marketing program effort and performance. Typically, branded keywords convert much higher than general keyword topics.

Your marketing strategies online have to be well thought of. The technologies that you deploy should be used for customer-centered use cases and they should address the human experience. This is because modern-day customers are different. They know more about technology and they now demand value, accountability, transparency, authenticity, and above all, personalization.

To separate yourself from the competition, your business should be able to offer an experience that consumers long for or else it will end up forgotten. It should be sensitive to trends so your strategies can drive your business growth and help it survive in a turbulent business environment.

Improving Customer Experience Using CRM

The aim of the CRM software is to speed up the process of converting sales leads to prospects to paying customers. This is the general CRM strategy. 

Prospects are leads that expressed an interest over your product or service. Once you are able to win them over, which leads to their first purchase, they become your customers. The software is not just concerned with how quickly all of these should happen– it also increases the success of your sales conversion through the data the software gathered from your interactions with the customer

But this is not just about prospects right? Here, we have focused on making sure that your established (and current) customers are happy so that they continue to do business with you.

So how can CRM help you improve the customer experience that you are offering to everyone?

1. Ticket and Request System

Your CRM system can provide a working ticket and request system where your customers can send you a ticket for problems they have encountered while being engaged with you. This system allows you to completely monitor and track the progress of each ticket, leaving no customer unresponded to.

When a customer’s problems are being addressed right away, it leaves a good impression on the company. This gives goodwill and encourages existing customers to continue doing business with you.

2. Automated E-Mail

Customers love it when businesses continue to engage with them–especially when businesses reward their purchases with discounts or freebies! CRM systems can track your customers’ behavior online and automatically send e-mails based on the set triggers. For example, if your customer made a purchase on your website, your CRM can automatically send a “thank you” email to the said customer. This enhances the interaction and improves the personalization of the interaction– boosting customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases in the future.


Make sure your CRM system is advanced enough to do these things. There are a lot of things that you can do with your CRM to improve your customers’ experience. Ask your CRM provider how.

April 22, 2020