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Is there a Future for the Startup Community?

Published on September 17, 2020
2 min read
Icon Saphyte Team
2 min read

The idea of rebuilding your business after the pandemic is an uncertain one. The world, at present, is in survival mode. The COVID-19 pandemic broke the economic cycle or perhaps, disrupted for a while.

The pandemic has not only tethered our usual economy but also changed consumer behavior. It is still yet to determine whether this change is good for the community or not. Yet, despite the fact that COVID has disrupted our normal routine, the community is doing its best to stay afloat.

But the question still remains: is there a future for the startup community after the pandemic?

The answer: YES. The future is bright for the startup community. Local startups will definitely receive plenty of support from the government of UAE.

As a start-up community, gearing up to deal with the post-pandemic situation is important. With that, smarter solutions should be planned and implemented. For starters, looking into a customer relationship management (CRM) software to help you automate your business’s processes.

Why local startups need a CRM tool to deal with the post-pandemic situation?

As opposed to traditional methods, CRM’s offer a more streamlined and easy flow for your business. CRM tools like Saphyte set your flows so you are able to discover a pattern for your business process and so much more.

So, why do you, as a local startup, need a CRM? Here are 3 valid reasons why you need a CRM now more than ever.

1. Generate and manage your leads.

One of the biggest challenges’ startups will be facing post-pandemic is gathering and managing leads. Finding and managing the most suitable lead generating channel that can provide you with maximum leads can be a complicated process.

With a CRM, this can be manageable. A CRM software allows its users to track lead history through consistent and accurate data along with its lead source origin. Users can integrate their emails or other lead generation channels to the CRM software of their choice.

With that, you can easily run targeted and automated email marketing campaigns and track them within the system. This allows you to easily manage your prospects and leads in the future.

2. Make good use of the customer information

Customer information and customer data are fragile and vulnerable. Keeping vital information in Excel sheets can work for a while but this might not work in the long run. Furthermore, keeping track of changes and notes using traditional data entry methods can be cumbersome. On top of that, traditional methods can be burdensome for your sales team.

It’s already hard interacting with customers and adding more to their plate is counter-productive.

A CRM can also act as your contact management software. With your contact information intact and all in one place, your sales team can manage them in a disciplined and centralized manner. Your sales team can then also access your consumer’s journey and customer’s preferences.

3. Manage your sales team easily

Collaboration, transparency, and mobility are among the ingredients to better communication. When your business is effectively communicating, you are also effectively carrying out your business.

CRM not only centralizes your data but also your communication channels. Making sure that your sales team are all on the same page. CRM also encourages transparency and equal distribution of tasks. With these features, you can increase your team’s productivity and make your workflow more efficient and effective.


A good future for the startup community in UAE is something that local startups should look forward to. However, before this pandemic ends, it is also best to have the right tool to help you rebuild your business.

With that in mind, it is best to invest in a CRM like Saphyte.

Saphyte is a locally-developed CRM software that caters to all types of business sectors in the UAE. Saphyte is built with tools that will revolutionize your sales and marketing campaigns, and so much more.

On top of that, Saphyte monthly subscription fees will fit right into your budget. No set-up fees, no hidden or extra charges, inclusive of a free demo and product training, and a 24/7 customer service availability.

For a startup rebuilding their business, choose a CRM software that grows with you. Contact us to book a free product demo. Or start your free trial today.

September 17, 2020