Maximizing Campaigns with a Drip Marketing CRM

Published on November 10, 2020
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Marketing campaigns come in many forms. But all types of campaigns have the same purpose – to promote a certain product or service to help increase sales. This business process makes your brand stronger and makes potential customers become paying customers. But doing all of this might take a lot of time and resources especially if you have multiple sales channels.

Luckily, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software automates your marketing to give you your much-needed convenience. Meaning, a CRM solution enhances the process of creating, planning, and implementing your marketing strategies and enables you to execute your campaigns to multiple sales channels using only a single system.

Aside from this, marketing automation, through the help of CRM tools, gives you the ability to do drip marketing campaigns that automatically sends out your newsletters, announcements, and other marketing materials to all of your prospects and even existing customers without the need for any human supervision.

This simply means that drip marketing campaigns, with the help of CRM, eases your workload while increasing its success in reaching your target audience. But you might ask, how can I really maximize my campaigns with a drip marketing CRM? Well, let us find that out by defining first what is drip marketing.

Drip Marketing Defined

We know that in doing business, we are trying to reach-out various types of people with different personalities – and the effectiveness of our marketing strategies varies from person to person. With drip marketing, you will have better customer interactions by automatically sending out pre-written emails (the most common form of drip marketing) depending on the timeline that you set or depending on the customer’s behavior.

Meaning, the automated sets of emails that will be sent will depend on the customer’s actions towards the campaign. For example, you sent a newsletter that will give them the option to open further content or not, if they pick yes, they will automatically receive a certain pre-written material. If they pick no, they will automatically receive a separate material – it can be a video that encourages them to open the previous newsletter or an option to end the drip.

Put simply, drip marketing is an automated and efficient way of giving your customers the right information at the right time – depending on the triggers and user actions that you define.

According to a recent study, there is about a 45% increase in lead generation ROI for businesses that nurture their leads via drip marketing. This just proves that this certain marketing strategy adds an impact on customer experiences that can potentially improve customer satisfaction.

This is highly beneficial especially for small businesses that need automation in their processes to help reduce the burden of exerting more budget from paying or hiring more employees just to do the job. Thus, drip marketing is an efficient way of helping businesses in all shapes and sizes become more effective in reaching out to their customers anytime.

CRM and Drip Marketing

Cloud-based CRM systems are great for analyzing and storing all customer interactions in any of your sales platforms. It acts as a database for all of your customer’s information and other relevant data to both your existing clients and leads.

With access to a vast amount of data and immediate updates to any customer interaction through CRM, you will have a more strategic approach to your drip marketing that will nurture your leads about your product and will potentially bring out more revenue. This is because according to a recent statistic, there is about a 20% increase in sales for businesses who use drip campaigns to nurture leads.

Aside from this, when you use a CRM system for your drip marketing campaigns, you can customize your drip email marketing specified to any of your customers. You can set their contact information, names, business, the product that they want, even scheduled phone calls, or other relevant data to even bring out more revenue. 

This is because a separate study states that drip campaigns that send relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than any generic emails. This means that not only you should do drip marketing to generate more revenue, but you should also customize it to increase its effectiveness. Remember, the progress of drip marketing depends on the customer’s behavior towards your campaign. And if it is personalized according to their desired preference, it will most likely make them loyal to your business.

Increasing Sales through Drip Marketing

As mentioned earlier, drip marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers to generate more sales. With that said, drip marketing brings a greater impact on building a systematic sales process.

The drip marketing campaigns can be added to your sales cycle to ease the workload of your sales team. How? By setting this certain strategy to send out drip emails according to the lifecycle of the customer in your business.

Say for example a potential customer has been constantly viewing your product or service for a certain period of time but has not yet pulled the trigger, the drip campaign can automatically send them a pre-written email with many reasons to purchase your product or service.

Not only that, but you can also have specific drip campaigns for rewarding your best customers, nurturing your leads, educating users, helping customers who hit a certain page on your site, and many more. This just proves that drip marketing can be used in any way to potentially increase your sales and revenue.

Saphyte CRM for Drip Marketing

Saphyte is a CRM equipped with a lot of powerful tools that allow you to run your business with greater efficiency and productivity. Its tools are designed to enhance each and every process of a business – and not only for building customer relationships.

It has a Sales Intelligence and Sales Forecasting feature that provides you accurate and non-exaggerated forecasting of your future sales to help you make intelligent and strategic business decisions. It is also equipped with marketing tools that automate all of your marketing campaigns and processes.

Most importantly, Saphyte is equipped with Workflow that allows you to automate your tasks and remove repetitive and unnecessary tasks. This tool enables you to automate, set-up, or run your business process with better efficiency. Aside from this, you will have email marketing tools that allow you to send thousands of emails, email tracking, and send emails to multiple email platforms.

With the help of Workflow and Email Tools of Saphyte, you can easily set-up your drip marketing campaigns to effectively reach your target audience. Plus, you can do all of this in a user-friendly interface. So, you can just click and connect the nodes, drag and drop, and build your process seamlessly.

With the help of Saphyte, you can maximize your drip marketing campaigns and easily achieve your desired growth. So, do not waste any moment and make Saphyte your official drip marketing CRM. Because with Saphyte, your business growth is valuable to us. Contact us now and take advantage of Saphyte’s powerful tools.

We are available anytime, 24/7, to cater to your queries and help you have a reliable CRM like Saphyte.

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