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Priming Your Business On Instagram

Published on February 25, 2020
3 min read
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3 min read

Nowadays, consumers are more interested in visual content than anything else. It has become a priority to present your business in videos and pictures, because these kinds of content are much easier on the eyes. This preference for visual content has also contributed to the rise of social media sites like Instagram.

With its simple design and user interface, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for individuals and businesses alike. It’s the first port of call for many businesses once they decide to go online; and now that you are on this article, chances are you’re looking for a way to make the best impression at first sight.

This article will have all the advice you need to lay down the foundations of your account. Once you get these tips down, you are bound to already have a good following and a strong presence on the ‘gram. 

Setting up your Account

As a business, you can’t just set up a normal account. Make sure that the one you sign up for is labeled as a business account because it has access to important metrics and features that you can use for your strategies.

However, if you are not the type of person who uses Instagram a lot, take some time to use it by yourself before you begin investing in it for your business.

Once you have set up a business account, you will need to think about optimising your business profile. The three most important elements of any business that is on Instagram include the following:

First, a 150-character biography that summarizes what your organisation is all about. It has to be clever, concise, and compelling.

Next, a profile image of your brand or logo. Make sure that it is in high definition so that users aren’t put off by pixelated material.

Last, you need a good profile link. One important feature that you need to note on this platform is that links are only allows on Instagram profiles and not on the posts. If you do not have a new page or new content to promote, linking back to your website will do the trick.

Defining Your Social Circle

As a new account, you will need to find people to follow. Don’t miss out on this step—it will shape the way you use the platform, so you need to find the right influencers to follow as well as other accounts that you would like to ally yourself with. 

Our suggestion is to first look for partner brands in the local sphere. As you are already familiar with them, they will surely be easy to locate. From there, you can begin looking for influencers that operate within your niche, because these are the accounts that your audience are flocking to. You can continue on to looking at brands you are inspired by, which will help you build your content for this website. 

And finally, as in any social platform, you can take a peek at what your competitors are up to. There is always something to learn from their strategy and the approach that they have taken, regardless of what social media site they are on.

Understand what you want from Instagram

Now you’ve got your account, a little research, and some inspiration to help you get started on the right foot. Your next step, then, will be to think of what your business needs from this platform; what you plan to achieve by being on Instagram. 

Think of increasing brand awareness, getting more followers, or engaging more with the community you have built. Regardless of what your goal is, make sure that you translate it into reasonable and measurable actions. It is easy to get lost in the fun of posting, leaving hearts, and commenting on other people’s accounts, but remember that each interaction changes how your business is perceived on social media. As a result, every action should be a small step towards achieving these goals.

This may take some time to fully work out for yourself, so before anything else, try using the platform as a casual viewer. Take a few test pictures and upload them on a personal profile to see how your social circle interacts with it. 

Measure Your Efforts

Do not skip out on this step; it’s important for you to know how far you have gone ever since you set up an account on Instagram! Once you begin posting, prepare an Excel sheet of analytics that record these five main parts of each post: the date you posted, the total followers you had on that day, what kind of post it was (whether it was for a product, inspirational, or educational, etc.), what time it was posted, and the amount of engagement you had over time.

This helps you see what post works on measurable metrics and allows you to adjust accordingly. Once you get the hang of tracking and analysing these things, you have a growing amount of data on which to base your future strategies on.

Work on your Strategy

Since it’s a mostly visual platform, your priority is to create and connect the story of your product to your audience. Think of core ideas, the aspects of your product that people love, and that one unique aspect of your business that customers would miss if you suddenly stopped providing products and/or services. Weave all these answers into a narrative and see how it can work with your goal.

Part of your strategy is understanding which type of post works best with your organisation. Depending on the target audience that you have defined for yourself, they will be looking for different kinds of content. 

Try using a variety of posts at the start of your platform to see what will work when it comes to building rapport with your audience. There are so many kinds of content you can try; look into posting inspirational material, insights into what your company culture is like, expositions of your products or service, photos of you and the team at an event, statistics that are relevant to your organisation, and other designed images. 


Instagram is a great place to build your brand style as well as your aesthetic. It is a very visual platform, and figure out what your organisation’s identity is as well as weaving its narrative into each post is going to be a lot of fun. 

Remember to be flexible with your approach and take some time to understand how the platform works. It is never too late to try something new or to start work on a new platform. As one of the best social media sites for engagement, Instagram is definitely going to be worth your extra investment.

February 25, 2020