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Published on December 26, 2020
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Did you know that you can automate sales and marketing tasks such as onboarding of new clients and sending them emails in just a few seconds with just a few clicks? A lot of things that have been developed recently, such as CRM technology, are making the lives of sales and marketing teams all over the world easier.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, robotics, the internet of things (IoT), and marketing automation solution, among others, let teams perform sales and marketing tasks in just a few minutes (which may take days when done manually).

The integration and growing utilization of these advanced technologies drastically transformed the landscape for businesses, as well as the way businesses and consumers interact with each other. They make things faster and more efficient for customers, improving the overall customer service experience.

Various studies point to the growing importance of customer experience in a 21st-century business setting. Customers don’t want to wait around. They want quick service and they will always prefer businesses that can give that to them.

According to a report by McKinsey, a new operating model that significantly improves the digital customer experience is necessary to capture new opportunities in the market. The same report also touts customer experience as a growth engine for any other customer-facing business and helps them set themselves apart from the competition.

Marketing Automation Makes Tasks Easier

The use of marketing automation has fast-tracked business processes, reducing manual effort, and eliminating the need to hire more to implement tasks related to acquiring potential customers. Because of all of these, doing business today is way different than how it was done before.

Technology brought people closer than ever and has made the exchange of money as well as commodities fast, safe, and efficient. Small businesses can now reach customers thousands of miles away by setting up an optimized eCommerce store, running marketing operations through automation, and allow themselves to be discovered in the online world through SEO optimization.

Online Onboarding: The Process

With Saphyte’s online client onboarding, customers can fill in the necessary details on the form provided by the CRM. These details will go into Saphyte’s centralized database which users can pull up anytime.

This sales and marketing management CRM can also be configured to automate workflows like scheduling the sending of emails (which is called automated emails), authenticating customers’ identities, and categorizing clients into Leads, Prospects, and Customers, among others.

A PDF file can also be automatically generated and sent as an email attachment using the CRM.

Customizing Forms Using the CRM

Tasks Made Easier Using Automation

UAE-based Saphyte is a CRM system with an online client onboarding feature.

Saphyte by Loyica, the UAE’s first homegrown CRM solution provider and marketing automation software, has designed its cloud-based software to fast-track client onboarding processes using automated features. The feature reduces client onboarding times by more than 75%.

Lead generation – collecting data from leads that filled out forms on your channels including your website, landing pages, mobile apps, social media, or other marketing channels

Client onboarding – registering leads who have finally made a purchase

Marketing campaigns – promoting contents designed to trigger purchase behavior

From the gathering of customer data using our forms to the authentication of clients using our identity verification tools, our users can cut down the duration of the onboarding process by 75 to 85% with the power of automation. Based on our study, onboarding processes that usually take an hour can now be achieved in less than 15 minutes using our software.

This makes sales operations more efficient. With Saphyte, sales teams can now use the time they have saved from onboarding clients into doing tasks that make the company much more productive.

The simplification of processes also cuts down costs. You avoid repeat interactions which are a waste of time and money. Plus with the tools and features provided, you will be able to empower your team to do more with less. The quick onboarding process enhances the customer experience, a crucial element in today’s business environment.

Saphyte can also automate tasks such as lead scoring, digital marketing, email marketing, customer relationship management, management of email campaigns, among others.

Try this leading marketing automation platform now and call our support team for more information.

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