Saphyte CRM for Drip Marketing: Is it Worth Having?

Published on November 19, 2020
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4 min read

Drip marketing, as a marketing strategy, has been useful in delivering proper and timely marketing campaigns to customers. It is one of the most efficient ways to inform clients and consumers that your business is still there and is ready to provide high-quality products and services.

In fact, companies that use drip campaigns successfully have been able to generate 80% more sales — and here’s the thing: at 33% lower costs. Moreover, according to research, companies have also been observed to experience a 451% percent increase in qualified leads.

This is not made possible without the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Using the technology to implement the strategy, big companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, have been able to maintain relationships and contact with their current and potential customers successfully. 

Drip marketing has also improved customer experiences that eventually lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

In doing drip marketing campaigns, CRM solutions can definitely bring significant improvements to your day to day operations. Yes, there are lots of other Customer Relationship Managements providers that can help you run your business. But when it comes to drip marketing, is Saphyte CRM worth having?

Here are some important reasons why Saphyte is perfect for your drip marketing strategy.

Introducing Saphyte Customer Relationship Management

To fully understand why Saphyte is the best when it comes to drip marketing, let us first understand how Saphyte works.

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM packed with tools that allow you to run your business with convenience,  greater efficiency, and productivity. Its tools are designed to enhance all of your different business processes such as your sales process, managing marketing campaigns, customer service, team management, and more.

With Saphyte, you are not limited only to handling data and building customer relationships, but you will be capable of so much more. This means that you can use the system for each and every process that you have – where you will be able to achieve your target increased sales.

With the help of the system and its tools, teams will have a lighter workload, different businesses will realize their full potential, and customer interactions will be maximized. And when you make Saphyte your official CRM partner, you will not only have powerful and reliable software, you will also have an expert-level support team that will support you all the way.

“One of the benefits of Saphyte is the fact that the support is local. The team has been great in suggesting ideas and ensuring that the system fits directly in line with my processes as a business. We were using another CRM platform but it was not that easy to use but with Saphyte being so user-friendly it was a no-brainer for us. I now have a complete overview of our operations at the click of a button, which I can access anywhere on the road”. Stefan Beswick – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer.

Furthermore, Saphyte’s ultimate goal is to provide convenience to businesses of all shapes and sizes without breaking their budget. Its CRM tools are designed to help you manage your campaigns and your entire business processes.  So, no matter what the status of your business is, Saphyte can easily enhance your business and make it competitive in the market. It is made to be the best and most affordable business solution in the market.

Saphyte for Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is one of the best marketing strategies in nurturing your leads and in completing customer experiences. This specific type of marketing strategy is being used by a lot of different marketing individuals and teams to maintain their product or service in their prospect’s thoughts while saving a lot of time and resources.

Drip marketing automatically sends marketing materials to both customers and leads over a period of time. Meaning, it provides a consistent flow of information about your services, products, or business to all of your customers within a certain period of time. To explain further, drip marketing is one of the most efficient ways of automatically giving your customers the right information about your business at the right time.

But this kind of automatic operation requires a reliable system that can run the drip marketing campaigns without needing much human intervention and supervision. And that is where Saphyte Customer Relationship Management comes in.

With drip marketing, you need a CRM system like Saphyte that is capable of storing huge amounts of data that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The system has the ability to store all customer information such as Name, Address, Queries, Phone calls, and other basic contact information. This data storing feature will make your drip marketing more personalized and more appealing to your customers.

Now, you might ask, why do we need to be personalized according to the customer’s preferences and our drip marketing materials? Well, personalized drip marketing significantly increases your email open rate. A recent study states that personalized emails generate an average of 50% higher open rates compared to generic emails. This simply means that when you personalize your drip email marketing according to your target audience, the success of your marketing material will significantly increase.

Saphyte’s Workflow Tool

As mentioned earlier, Saphyte is packed with different tools that enable you to run your business seamlessly. With that, the system has Workflow that automates your tasks and allows a more seamless task operation. This tool helps you set-up, build, automate, and run all of your processes with better efficiency – that includes setting up your drip marketing flow.

With this tool, you can set conditions that will trigger your different drip marketing materials depending on the customer’s actions. Say for example the customer needs to choose between a “yes” or a “no” in your email campaign, you can set-up a certain condition that if they click “yes”, the system will automatically send them further drip campaigns. And if they choose “no”, you can also set-up certain responses that the system will automatically deliver.

This may sound hard to do but mind you, you can do all of this using a drag and drop functionality. Meaning, building and setting-up the triggers of your marketing materials in your Workflow will only require you to drag and drop what you want to happen. This is because Saphytes ensures that all of its partners will not have a hard time navigating and running their business using the system.

Email Marketing Tools

Not only will Saphyte allow you to set-up your drip marketing using the workflows, but it also allows you to increase your lead conversion rate with the use of email marketing tools. These tools allow you to sync different email accounts to your CRM system and select which email account will be the sender to your recipients.

Saphyte also allows you to track your campaigns. This feature will give your marketing and sales teams the opportunity to follow up with your leads, prospects, and customers in a timely manner.

Integration Capabilities

The most common form of drip marketing is sending it via email. With Saphyte, you can fully take advantage of our email marketing tools to level up your drip email marketing. But the thing is, with the system’s awesome integration capabilities, you can do so much more.

Saphyte allows you to integrate all of your different platforms to even increase the effectiveness of your drip marketing. You can integrate your own website, social media channels, and other sales channels within the system. With this, you can implement drip marketing campaigns for all of your customers coming from your different sales channels.

The Bottom Line

With the mentioned features and functionalities of Saphyte, it is definitely worth having if you want to take your drip marketing to the next level. It maximizes the different approaches of drip marketing and allows you to establish your sales cycle. These are made to help your business achieve growth and success without breaking your budget.

So, take this opportunity today and have Saphyte as your drip marketing partner. Contact us and start your journey with Saphyte CRM today.

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