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Saphyte: Employee CRM for Remote Working Teams

Published on October 24, 2020
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4 min read

This year, a lot of unforeseen devastating situations came to pass. These situations affected a lot of lives including both employees and employers all over the world. Many thought that this year would be a year of great prosperity in business. But in reality, these events caused a global recession and forced some businesses to close shops.

Luckily, businesses nowadays, have the means to thrive with the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. This modern technology has the capability to connect remote working employees to their teams – businesses to their customers.

CRM solutions are now of great importance as it enables teams to function in spite of being scattered across the world. And if you are confused about what is the best CRM for your employees, that is where Saphyte comes in. So, to cut the long story short, here are the reasons why Saphyte is the best employee CRM for remote working teams.

Introducing Saphyte Customer Relationship Management Software

To get a better understanding of how Saphyte works for your teams, let us first know who and what Saphyte is.

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM that is best in helping businesses achieve growth and success in the most convenient way. It offers a lot of great and important tools that are helpful in terms of the sales process, automating marketing campaigns, contact management, customer support, and especially team management.

It is greatly beneficial in taking your marketing strategies and sales to the next level. It can strategically boost your marketing campaigns such as email marketing, social media marketing, and many more. It can also help in building a standard sales cycle which will result in a more effective sales process. Thus, Saphyte has a lot of powerful tools built to boost your marketing, sales, and more.

The system was brought to life in 2017 to help established and growing businesses streamline all of their corporate activities and integrate them into its own centralized and powerful platform. It is strategically designed to help teams and businesses ease their workload while increasing productivity and efficiency.

And the very reason why Saphyte is the best CRM is because of its high-level customization. In other words, the system can be customized according to your own existing processes. And you cannot find that feature from the other established CRMs, only with Saphyte.

According to Ravikant M., Business Planner for a Commercial Real Estate Company, “It was such a difficult decision to choose the CRM for our property business. After trying a few other CRMs, we decided to try Saphyte. The best part about the Saphyte team was their flexibility to customize the CRM for our requirements without costing us a lot. We liked the interface & many marketing functionalities which come default with the CRM.”.

He also said that “Whatever complaints I made, the team took notice of it and helped us get those functions.”.

His and many other testimonials just prove that Saphyte adapts to your entire business processes and addresses all of your needs.

We are done discussing what Saphyte is. Now, it is time for us to know the benefits of Saphyte for your teams whether they are working in a single office or in a remote environment.

Team Collaboration

Remote teams have a lot of struggles in doing their job, one of which is the collaboration with other team members due to geographical barriers and inconsistency in data because of the use of traditional methods. Do not get me wrong, methods like Spreadsheets and Excel are still useful in terms of data storage. But inputting and accessing your entire database using these methods might take a lot of time and might cause inconsistent data.

With that said, Saphyte CRM collects all customer interactions in all of your platforms then automatically turns them into important data. The collected data will then be stored in your CRM software and can be accessed by your teams anytime and anywhere. This means that your team will not need to manually input customer information such as Name, basic contact information, queries, phone calls, direct messages, and more. The CRM data will then be uniform, rich, and consistent every time your employee access them.

With a uniform and consistent data flow because of the help of CRM tools, the collaboration between team members is easier than ever.

Role Activator

The system enables your employees and teams to work no matter where they are. They can just open Saphyte CRM software on their working laptop, desktop, or even on mobile, then they are good to go. With this, your team and employees can effectively function even if they are not in your office.

The system also does an amazing job of automating team tasks and workflows. It removes repetitive tasks and makes sure that everything is easier and more convenient for you, your employees, and your teams.

With that said, your team, especially customer reps, can focus more on improving customer satisfaction while letting the system take care of all the other tasks. And because they have a lighter workload because of the help of the system, they now have the opportunity to turn potential customers into paying clients. 

Thus, Saphyte activates the roles of your team and help increase sales at the same time. This will not only connect your business to your clients, it also helps in building long-lasting client and business relationships.

Teams and Departments

Building your team in the system is easy even if they are across the other side of the globe. You can simply manage their information and other related data then assign them to their designated roles. Then, you can organize the roles of your team in the CRM by selecting from the predefined roles in the system. This allows you to implement authorization and restriction for each role and apply it to each and every user. 

This feature gives better security for your business as the system will only allow certain individuals you set that are able to access important and confidential information.

And when you are done creating roles for your teams, you can create different Departments and group your employees according to their own designated departments.

Thus, Saphyte helps in creating more organized teams and departments in the system and will result in a standard chain of command. This will remove confusion among your remote working employees and will let them know what to do and who to report to.

Reports and Logs

Saphyte knows and understands the importance of studying the progress of each and every business activity with the help of reports. With that said, the system, through its Report Wizard, will guide you in creating your own customized report tailored to your existing business process. You also have the option to use the predefined report templates in the system.

Aside from this, you can track everything that is happening in the system through the Logs tab.  This feature is categorized into System Logs, Workflow Logs, Email Logs, and many more. So, you can check fully detailed information about a certain activity that was performed in the system in the log.


Saphyte Customer Relationship Management system is effective in managing your teams and your entire business process. It is an affordable business solution that comes with great and powerful tools. Tools that activate remote working teams and employees. Tools that automate processes and make everything convenient for your business.

Partner with Saphyte today and start activating your remote working employees.

October 24, 2020