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Published on January 11, 2021
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4 min read

Ever heard of a landing page before? Afraid to tinker with your website without any IT experience?

Well, what was once difficult to design and configure can now be finalized in just a few minutes using Saphyte’s Landing Page Builder.

Imagine being able to customize your own website, without any help from your IT department or contacts – That’s what this feature is all about.

What you need to know:

When done correctly, your website’s landing pages can help you generate more leads so you can increase your sales opportunities

Saphyte’s Landing Page Builder does not require any IT experience for you to use it — any regular business owner can start pulling in leads using their landing pages without the help or cost of website developers

Saphyte’s workflow automation and other features can be combined with this feature so you can just sit back and wait for leads to come rolling in

Marketing teams are starting to understand and realize that most web pages have a major fault: They are not designed to win customers over. While websites can be a tad overwhelming, they’re also not the best at guiding prospects through your marketing funnel.

That’s why most marketers rely on landing pages, to generate leads and make sales.

Now, don’t get us wrong, creating a website is a critical component in establishing your online presence and your overall marketing campaigns. However, it’s not an ideal platform for capturing your leads. Their purpose is served more around providing a source of information about your business.

In most cases, due to the complexity in website navigation and the amount of information displayed, websites can be ineffective at capturing visitors’ data and including them in your marketing campaigns.

However, the use of landing pages can increase the efficiency of a company’s online marketing strategy. And it’s all about creating a landing page that works according to your end objective.

A Landing Page Can Help You Solve Your Lead Generation Woes

Have you noticed how many hours you spend, looking for customers all over the internet? Are your leads noticeably too few to let you reach your target sales?

This challenge and concern is becoming a standard among companies worldwide, and everyone is turning their efforts to finding efficient and smart solutions to save on costs, time and resources without compromising the desired end result.

So what do we as professionals do to keep the business wheel turning without breaking a sweat?

Turn your website’s landing pages into an automatic lead generation tool using Saphyte’s Landing Page Builder.

Landing pages are where your website visitors “land on” upon typing in or clicking on a link.

They may be a single-page website, or a series of webpages that can be navigated by your website visitors when exploring your website.

Landing pages can include content dedicated to inform customers more about your business.

Types of landing page you can have:

Educational Landing Page – a standalone web page designed to inform visitors of relevant content tailored to their needs, preferences, or interests. For example, an article about the benefits of a certain product of a business.

Transactional Landing Page – a standalone web page designed to interact with visitors and gather their data for future transactions. For example, a lead magnet (a free PDF) in exchange for customer’s name, email address, mobile number, and company information.

Essentially, designing landing pages is a crucial step in converting visitors into paying customers.

Your landing page allows you to make a trade, provide information on special offers or deals, or offer free stuff in exchange of contact information.

Landing pages are meant to simplify a specific action you want the user to take in relation to your marketing objectives.

These pages can help you improve relationships with your customers by effectively communicating with them, which eventually contributes to the success of your marketing campaigns.

How Visitors Convert Into Customers Through Landing Pages:

Visitors check the website by clicking on a link, typing it, or by discovery in search engines

Visitors navigate the webpage for relevant content

Visitors provide information about themselves by filling out forms and send them

The CRM then collects the data sent and integrate them into its database where it organizes them into meaningful order

The user of the CRM is then notified of the visitor data collected. Depending on the user’s preference and settings, the CRM may categorize the visitor as a “lead.”

The CRM can be set to send meaningful content to the Lead from time to time, encouraging purchase behavior

The Lead then makes a purchase, finally becoming a Customer. The CRM may then categorize the Lead as a Customer and include him or her in future marketing campaigns

How Saphyte CRM Landing Page Builder helps your end goal

Saphyte’s CRM ecosystem is dedicated to simplifying the entire process for both your business and your customers, by simplifying the journey from within your organization.

That is why Saphyte is dedicated to creating features, tools, and modules to make your marketing and sales campaigns easier, streamlined, and more effective.

One of Saphyte’s newest modules – Landing Page Builder – is a great addition to that.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Lead Generation Machine

Generate leads without having to exert manual effort — FOR REAL

In a world where bots, robots and technology work for us, why can’t technologies like Saphyte too? With Saphyte, you can turn landing pages into your very own lead generation machines.

Saphyte automatically stores information to the CRM system the moment it detects an entry from the forms in your landing pages.

The system will automatically organize the information and put them under Leads.

NO MANUAL ENTRY NEEDED. Hello extra coffee break!

Save on Development Costs

No IT or website designer help required

Think of it as a DIY builder that works for you. With Saphyte’s drag-and-drop feature, all you need to do is pick a template that works for you, edit and tailor elements that fit your brand, and publish it live.

If you’re good at the technical side, you can also edit the codes of the page. Furthermore, domains are readily available at your disposal and you can use them for free.

Overall, the system allows you to save more on development costs. You no longer have to hire developers just to get a single webpage done.

Workflow Automation and Advanced Lead Generation

Sometimes all you gotta do is WORK SMART — not hard

Take your lead generation efforts one step further. Saphyte has Form Builders and Workflow tools that can help you take your lead generation forward.

You can build forms that work for you, set how the form will work through Workflows, and embed them into the Landing Page.

This is a perfect tool for you to have in order to customize your touchpoints with your leads without having to send emails manually. 

You can also create a workflow that notifies your sales team whenever a visitor has filled out a form on your website. So they can follow-up on leads and lead them through the sales funnel effectively.

In short:

Generate leads without having to exert manual effort

No IT or website designer help required

Automate processes and go from working hard to working smart


Creating and building landing pages for your business shouldn’t be complicated. With Saphyte CRM you can enhance your digital marketing experience and generate more leads with its landing page builder module.

Start your lead generation campaigns right with the tool that turns ideas into results. Start with Saphyte now and begin pooling in leads that you can grow into paying customers.

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