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Saphyte, The Affordable CRM for Small Business

Published on June 21, 2020
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3 min read

Small business owners are always caught in between saving money and time. Despite the limits in staffing, small businesses are great contributors for the economy. Another problem that small businesses face is the absence of specialized services to do the functions that are essential to run the company.

Specialized services or staff are not cheap. This is why most small businesses turn to affordable services as a way to cope up and grow.

Finding the best CRM software can be considered an investment for small business owners. With the right software, you can do so much more than improving customer relationships. If you’re looking for a great CRM solutions partner, choose Saphyte.

What is Saphyte?

Saphyte is a CRM system that helps small businesses streamline all corporate activities and integrate them into one powerful platform. Saphyte is built with sales and marketing tools designed to improve business efficiency and productivity. All that and so much more. Here are the reasons why Saphyte is a great choice for small businesses.

Affordability and Flexibility

Other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offer free trials and ease you in with their price range beyond your budget. Saphyte, on the other hand, offers you a month’s worth of free trial and eases you in with an affordable pricing range. With Saphyte, we offer you a month’s free trial, and ease you in with an affordable pricing range that suits the budget of your business.

 Saphyte is also built to suit your needs and adapt to its users. You can tailor the software to your needs without the extra cost.  

Marketing and Sales Features

Marketing automation shouldn’t be hard. Saphyte has a list of features to help you gain more ease in doing business. Saphyte’s features include Client Management, Contact Management, Sales Pipelines, Lead Scoring, Campaign Management, and to name a few. With these tools, you are equipping your sales and marketing team to become successful in implementing your sales process.

These features give cohesion and centralization of customer information and data. Which is helpful in future customer interaction, whether they are existing customers or potential customers. The more contact information, the more effective sales and marketing teams are. 

Metrics and Reporting

Saphyte is built with a wide range and amazing Sales Intelligence and Sales Forecasting feature. Time isn’t exactly a friend for These functions allow you to generate the numbers you need to refine your marketing strategy.

You can also customize your reports within the system. You no longer have to switch from one software to another to generate your reports.

Campaign Capabilities

Saphyte also has the capability to make your campaigns easier and more focused. Equip your marketing team with Saphyte’s Email Marketing, Campaign Management, Social Media Integration, Form Builders, Product Catalogue Builders, and Email Tracking tools. These tools will make your marketing campaign smoother for your business.  

Mobile access

Having easy access to information, anytime and anywhere, is a trend these days. Saphyte has a mobile CRM version at your fingertips. This CRM mobile app is also easy to use and has the features similar to the PC version. Both are available on iOS and Android.

Task Management

Saphyte is built to make your administration work easier. With tools such as meeting, call, and reminder scheduler, ticket and request system, workflow automation, task management and more.

Now, you won’t have to miss out on all the tasks or meetings circulating around your business because Saphyte has you covered.

Customer Support Availability

Your business is always a priority. As Saphyte’s client, we make our customer support team available 24/7 for your concerns and queries. Whether it is via email or live chat, the Saphyte customer service team is at your disposal.  

How will your Small Business Benefit from Saphyte?

Other than saving more time, Saphyte can do so much more for the growth of your business. Here are the other benefits when small businesses use Saphyte.

Get to Know your Customers Better

Since the software enables you to have access to your customer’s sales history, you will gain an insight on consumer buying trends. Added with the right timing and with the right message, it’ll be easier to win clients.

Add Value on Your Customers and Your Brand

With better information and data, you can analyze the buying patterns of your customers. Thus, information allows you to identify your most profitable customers and other important sale segments. Hence, you can personalize customer experience and add more value to your business.

All your Information and Data in One Place

Saphyte allows you to collate your sales and marketing data with other data, such as customer accounts, stock-keeping and delivery details. These tools are helpful because it encourages accountability. Plus, an easy tracking method of your inventory and delivery.

Test and Refine your Marketing Strategies

Saphyte’s metrics and reporting will supply you with all the information needed to analyze the success of marketing strategies of your company and refine them, if needed.

Boost customer retention

With the notes and customer details you have in your hand, you can now offer a more personal and targeted service towards your customers. Thus, improving customer satisfaction levels. Hence, retain good customers for a longer time.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling is Easy

With the data on your customers buying patterns, you can identify opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. Thus, increasing the value of every customer on your database.

Increase your Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Efficiency and effectivity, are the primary functions of Saphyte. With the tools built into this CRM software, you can reduce sales and marketing expenses, and improve your audience targeting and reduce waste of opportunities.

Easy way to Promote Business

Eliminate the hassle of switching from one application to the other. You can integrate your email address used for email marketing, and your social media accounts into the CRM system. You don’t have to miss every opportunity to promote and create a good customer experience for your clients. 

Spot Trends and Monitor Changes

You no longer have to be in the back-foot position and only react to changes in the market after an event has already happened. With Saphyte, you will have the tools to spot changing customer needs, behavior, and trends in real time. Hence, you can respond quickly and spot the changes you need to implement in your sales processes.  

Build your Own Strategy

As you go through easing in with your sales processes, you are also building your own strategy. As you go along building your sales teams, marketing teams, and administrative teams, Saphyte is there to be your tool for support.

So, if you are looking for the best and affordable CRM for small business, try Saphyte. For more information, you can visit our website and start using the free version or you can book a demo with us.

June 21, 2020