Saphyte: The Best Among All CRM Providers in Dubai

Published on October 17, 2020
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4 min read

Dubai is one of the best cities equipped with the most advanced technologies. In fact, Dubai is considered as the smart city of the future. It has autonomous police cars, a mega solar plant, a real-life robocop, 3D-printed buildings, and more. It also has made proper use of the technologies available to the public, to its police force, businesses, and in almost every aspect of life.

Dubai is also home to different CRM software providers dedicated to helping with the day to day processes of the big, medium, and small businesses in Dubai. These software providers offer a business solution that helps in automating marketing, sales, and other business processes.

While there are a lot of different CRM providers in the UAE, Saphyte by Loyica is the first locally made CRM software in Dubai. 

In this article, you will know some of the reasons why Saphyte is the best among all CRM providers in Dubai aside from being the first homegrown CRM software in the UAE.

But before we go to that, let us first know and understand what Saphyte is and what it can offer.

What is Saphyte

As previously mentioned, Saphyte is the first locally made Customer Relationship Management software that is registered in the United Arab Emirates. It is a cloud-based CRM that is set to be a disruptive technology that will help SMEs in Dubai, UAE, and all over the globe.

It was first brought to life in 2017 to help businesses achieve their target sales easier. It has tools designed for more efficiency in terms of sales, marketing, and team management. These tools will help you in managing contact information, conducting marketing strategies, and identifying opportunities for the long haul.

With the features that Saphyte can offer, the system is best for growing businesses that need a helpful and reliable business solution that will not be a burden on their budget. And not only is Saphyte best for growing businesses, but it is also made to be flexible so that it can be applied and integrated into almost every sector.

And if you are one of those entrepreneurs who are a bit unfamiliar with this technology, you do not need to worry because Saphyte is designed to be user-friendly so that you can realize the full potential of your own business.

Saphyte CRM Tools

Saphyte, just like any other business solution, has the appropriate tools to raise your business to a much higher level. What makes Saphyte different from the others is its unique features and functionalities that can be tailored according to your business processes. With this, you will not need to adjust to the system, but the system will adapt to you. So, without further ado, here are Saphyte’s powerful features and functionalities.

Better Contact Management

We know that managing customers’ information is an integral part of any business process. Especially nowadays that lockdowns, due to the pandemic, are being imposed anywhere in the world. This circumstance forced businesses, teams, and workers to do remote work. But with Saphyte’s contact management feature, you do not need to worry about any inconsistency in your data flow.

Saphyte turns all customer interactions across all of your platforms into important data and helps build customer profiles. This means that the system automates your process to help you manage and organize your client data. It acts as your client manager and storage to all information related to your clients. This is beneficial to your teams because it lessens their workload and makes them focus more on improving customer satisfaction.

You can also organize the gathered information by grouping your clients, potential customers, and leads into custom categories. To help you, even more, onboarding your client with complete documentation is made easier. You can easily add important documents such as proof of identity, proof of residence, and others into your CRM. And you do not need to worry about duplicates because Saphyte CRM only allows one unique data per client.

This contact management feature enables you to store and access all important data in the system in real-time. Whether you have social media, email, your own website, or even an eCommerce store as your source of data, adding them into the system will not be a burden on your shoulders.

Sales Automation

Not only is Saphyte efficient in client and contact management, but it is also the best partner software in easing your sales process. It has special tools made to help you increase sales and revenue. These tools manage your sales, deals, and even associated companies so that you will have the convenience that you need.

The system is equipped with intelligence that collates all information related to all of your clients. This feature goes side by side with the Sales forecast tool that provides you accurate and realistic forecasting. Both of these tools are beneficial as it helps you create intelligent business decisions to improve your sales and avoid any business pitfalls.

Aside from that, the system enables you to build and set-up the stages of your sales tailored to your current or existing sales process. This allows you and your sales team to track and monitor the progress of all of your deals easily. Not only that, but the system also helps you manage your deals and prioritize what needs to be prioritized.

And to top it all off, you do not need to use traditional methods and manually calculate your lead scores. The system’s Automated Lead Scoring will automatically apply score conditions to all of your leads so that you can identify which leads have the most potential to progress into a closed deal.

This way, you will have all the means to close deals easier and maximize your revenue.

Enhances Marketing Effectiveness

Upgrade your marketing strategies to the next epic level by using the powerful tools provided by Saphyte for your marketing campaigns such as email marketing, social media marketing, and many more. 

And now that most people are using social media in their daily lives, Saphyte enables you to mobilize and drive your marketing through the integration of your social media platforms in the system. This allows you to execute and track your social media campaigns using only your Saphyte CRM. Through this integration, you can also easily add your leads, sourced from social media, into the system.

Saphyte’s marketing tools also provide you strategic approaches in terms of Email Marketing through the use of email templates, bulk emails, email sender, and email tracking. The Bulk Email enables you to send a single email to thousands of recipients from your client database and sync all of your different emails to the system. By using Saphyte, you can select which of your email will be the sender to your recipients.


None of the previously stated features matter if the system is costly. But luckily for you, Saphyte’s tools and features are available at an exceptionally affordable price. The subscription starts at only $15 per month. And if that is not enough, Saphyte is generous enough that it gives a whole month of free-trial and a free product demo without any hidden charges. 

So, do not waste this opportunity and try the best CRM in Dubai and UAE. Connect with us today and our team of experts will gladly take care of your needs. With Saphyte, your business will have the best CRM among other CRM providers in Dubai.

October 17, 2020