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Saphyte: The Ideal B2C CRM Software for Small Businesses

Published on September 17, 2020
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4 min read

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Having to win your customer’s loyalty is one of the most important things when you’re running a B2C business.

Your day will most likely consist of enticing your customers to purchase from your business, and eventually maintaining your relationship with them. In order to have better customer retention rates, you need reliable customer data to start with.

That is why, no matter how small or large a B2C business is, they need a reliable CRM software for their sales and marketing teams.  Specifically, a B2C CRM software that adapts to your business.

What is a B2C CRM software?

A B2C customer relationship management (CRM) is a platform that gathers and stores important customer information. In return, the platform enables your sales and marketing team to gain better insights about your customers.

A B2C CRM helps you lighten some of your business processes and minimizing manual data entry activities. Hence, the system allows you to make things seamless by bringing data together into one centralized location without the need of IT personnel.

The system also unifies and analyzes every interaction you’ve had with your customer. Hence, building up a better and data-driven marketing campaign that will consistently close more deals and retain more customers for your business.

Why B2C companies need a CRM?

Proving your sale products worth whilst increasing your revenue are one of the primary concerns of your sales and marketing team. However, from the ground, they also need to focus on allocating more of your business’s time, budget, and resources in the right and productive channels.

Now, having the understanding on what a B2C CRM does, you also have to take a look at its impact on your business. Your business might get by without a B2C CRM, for now, you’re still leaving a huge amount of opportunity on the table.

A B2C CRM combines all your important contact information about your potential customer. This allows you to have a better understanding of your customers, at the same time effectively track important real-time metrics, and directly adjust your marketing efforts. It allows marketers to create a single source of truth, so they can close the gap between data and marketing execution.

Here are three ways that a CRM for B2C companies can enable you to do all of this:

  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Optimization


Engaging with your customers at the right time and with the content that appeals to them, can increase the potential of your potential customers to buy from your business. With a CRM, you can be able to build up customer profiles, as well as information such as:

  • Previous purchases
  • Average order value
  • Customer’s demographic details
  • Contact information and preferred channels

With this data combined, you can use your CRM to understand each individual customer has bought historically, and what they may be looking for. You can further use this data to not only make product commendations, but to also cross-sell and upsell your products and drive up average order value.

You can also use the system to automatically send out scheduled emails for follow-up and new product announcements.


Segmenting (categorizing) your customers are more than just creating a list of email addresses based on gathered data. A CRM allows you to have access to a single source of truth, which, in turn enables your team to create detailed and dynamic segments to gain better ROI on your marketing campaigns.

With a dynamic segmentation, you can categorize your customers in real-time, instead of relying on previous data. A CRM enables you to add or remove buyers from a segment through lead scoring and add them to a single pipeline to further streamline your sales process.

When you segment your customers by stages, you know exactly when to intervene. With that, you can come up with the best course of action before losing them entirely.

Segmenting your customers also isn’t limited to emails only. You can use your CRM to retarget ads or push notifications and make it as a part of your omnichannel business strategy for specific dynamic segments.

Having a single source of truth for your customers, you’ll know which of your buyers are most likely to use to engage with your brand. You can then use any type of interesting ads and coupons content and encourage your customers to complete a purchase. Hence, enabling you to serve your customer with the right content, in the right channel, at the right time.


Once you’ve combined your data, your sales reps can now use the system to run all kinds of different analyses into your most effective marketing campaigns, as well as assist you in making perceptive decisions through data-enriched insights.

The first step to optimizing your business is by getting the right data. After gathering the data you need, you also need to figure out how you can use this data to optimize your marketing efforts.

You can also measure how your KPIs change over time. Remember, your metrics are not static. The strategies that worked for your last month might not work in your favor after three months’ time. You need to be flexible and scalable enough to switch marketing techniques on the fly.

With CRM solutions, you can combine a forward-looking approach and your ability to analyze your previous data. This will allow you to understand where your most loyal customers have been, and identify which of your campaigns were most successful.

Together, these insights will allow you to have a clearer picture of what works, how you can make it work, and eventually optimizing your future campaigns and improving customer experiences.

Why Saphyte is the Ideal B2C CRM software for your Business?

Saphyte is a CRM system that helps you streamline all of your corporate activities and integrate them into one powerful platform. Saphyte has sales and marketing tools designed to improve business efficiency and productivity. Here are some features of Saphyte.

Saphyte can help you close more deals

With the help of Client Management and Sales Management modules, Saphyte can help you build a strong and reliable data information. You can organize your data, manage your tasks, build a sales pipeline that suits your process, and manage your deals within the system.

Saphyte CRM features lead management tools that allows you to organize, categorize, and update your data without breaking a sweat. When you have organized data with complete documentation and with no other duplicates, you can perform convincing phone calls or email interactions with your potential customer.

Having your data on a sales pipeline also allows you to have an effective email marketing and sales campaign. Since, most of your process and data are in a visual map (pipeline), your sales team can easily navigate through, manage marketing strategies, and eventually close more deals for you.

Saphyte can help you accelerate your productivity

Automation is a big thing nowadays. With Saphyte, you can automate most of your manual processes. You can now start ditching your manual processes like individually calculating your lead scores, sending emails, making email templates from scratch, and so on.

With Saphyte, you can be able to send scheduled emails, make personalized email templates, score your leads, create workflows that works around your system, and track your emails. You don’t even have to exit the system because you can find these functions within Saphyte.

Saphyte can help you generate more leads

More than being a contact management tool, Saphyte can also help you generate more leads. You can do this by integrating your social media platforms into the system. Any inquiries made through your social media platforms, will be added automatically to the system.

Another way to do this is through Form Builders. Form builders is a feature where you can create lead capturing forms that can help you capture any type of data you need. You can then incorporate these forms into your website or landing pages. The moment your form detects an entry, it’ll automatically save into the system.

Saphyte can assist you in making insightful decisions

Data-driven decisions are hard to come by, most especially, if you have unreliable source of data. With Saphyte’s Sales Forecasting and Sales Intelligence features, you can be able to make a data-driven and insightful decision for you and your company.

Sales Intelligence gathers and collates all information in regard to your client. With this data, you can then use it to come up with the best possible action to improve your sales. Sales forecasting, on the other hand, estimates your future sales and creates realistic forecasting insights that can help you create intelligent business decisions.

With all of these features and more, Saphyte CRM solutions can help you build your business into a strong empire. With a scalable and flexible system that won’t break your wallet, you can have a partner that grows with your business.

Invest in a B2C CRM software for your business today. Call our customer service hotlines today and book a free demo. Or you can start your free trial now.

September 17, 2020