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Published on September 8, 2020
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As regulations and guidelines by the Insurance Authority were implemented, insurance agencies and brokers still made sure that they’ll work to cooperate with the government. UAE’s Insurance Authority Circular provided precautionary and preventive measures to maintain public health and safety.

The aim of the Circular set by the Insurance Authority is to ensure that insurance companies take necessary precautions and remain operational despite the pandemic. The government of the UAE foresees that as the pandemic looms, insurance claims are likely to increase during this time.

Of course, as an insurance company, your goal is to serve your customers with the best service. In order to cope with the possible demand and increase of insurance claims during the pandemic, you need a proper tool to help you manage customer information. That is why you need a proper CRM platform for your insurance agents.

There are plenty of CRM tools in the market and each has its own distinct features. In choosing the best customer relationship management (CRM) that fits right into your business, look for features that address your business needs. Consider the following key features of Saphyte for your sales team.

Contact and Lead Management

The daily life of an insurance broker includes dealing with customer data and contact information. In order to lessen the load and free up some space on your agent’s plate, they need a reliable CRM.

Saphyte CRM tools include a contact management feature. The Client Management feature of Saphyte allows you and your team to conveniently manage your contacts database.

Saphyte is also built with lead management tools. The system allows you to choose your own lead management channels and integrate them into the system. By doing so, you are minimizing manual data entry activities and allocating more time for something more productive.

Saphyte also allows you to automate your sales processes, organize and segment your data, manage your tasks, and generate your reports, among others.

Do you have any concern for duplicate entries? Saphyte is built with a duplicate-sensitive system and is designed to only accept one unique data per client. The moment the system detects a duplicate, it’ll prompt you to either merge or replace client information.

Sales Management

Saphyte is built with the tools you need to manage your sales. The system has tools like pipeline management, managing your associated companies, deals management, and forecasting your sales to mitigate any potential losses.

Furthermore, Saphyte is also built with a Sales Intelligence algorithm. This function collates all your information related to your clients or potential customers and creates real-time insights. Your agents can use this information to come up with the best possible strategies to enhance customer interactions with your client.

The more your agents are equipped with the necessary management tools that they need, the more they cultivate customer satisfaction and better customer experiences. The more satisfied your customers are, the more value it adds to your business.


Being in the insurance sector, you need to market your product aggressively for your potential customers to notice you. With Saphyte, you can now accelerate your marketing campaigns and turn them into business opportunities. Saphyte provides you with all the necessary tools you need for your marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media marketing, form builders, and more.

Saphyte’s Campaign Management module is built with real time statistics for your ongoing marketing campaigns like the number of clicks, emails, opened emails, leads, deals, and more.

This will be beneficial for your agents, as the more accurate and concise information they hold, the more they’ll understand your client. The more information they have on their sleeves, the better they can close future deals.

Social Media and Marketing Automation

With Saphyte’s Email Marketing tool, you can increase your lead conversion rate fast. The system comes with email design templates, workflows, bulk emails, and an email scheduler. All you need to do is organize your contacts into segments and schedule the emails, the CRM will do the rest.

When most of your manual tasks are automated, your business can effectively increase your lead conversion rate fast and close your deals faster.

Saphyte is built with a Product Catalog Management feature that allows you to consolidate all your insurance policy offerings in one catalog. You can also create process workflow guides and policy references in one place and put them in a single catalog.

With this function, you can easily categorize, organize, and standardize all your product information across all your sales channels. Not only that you are preparing and equipping your insurance agents but you are also giving out enough information to your customer.
Remember, a well-informed customer is a satisfied customer.

Email tracking

Timing is an essential key to closing sales and deals. You might not want to look like being too pushy or being too lenient. Saphyte understands this concept very well. Saphyte is built with email tracking features that notifies its users whenever a client opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment you have sent.

Thus, creating an opportunity for your insurance brokers or agents to follow-up on their prospects without being too invasive or too pushy of your prospect’s time.

Hence, this feature can further enhance and cultivate a better customer experience for your clients or prospects.

Conclusive Thoughts

Investing in a CRM is a strategic decision for small businesses, most especially for new insurance agencies. However, if you want to make a mark in the insurance sector, you need to streamline most of your corporate activities. Having a CRM to help you with this is noteworthy.

As mentioned, there are plenty of CRMs out in the market. Choose a CRM that grows with you. Choose Saphyte, your reliable CRM for insurance brokers.

Aside from the initial features mentioned above, Saphyte has a budget-friendly monthly subscription plan. Saphyte believes that a CRM doesn’t have to be too expensive to be flexible and effective.

It is also inclusive of a free demo, set-up, and product training. No set-up fees, no hidden fees, no extra charges, and 24/7 customer support.

Bouncing back after the pandemic can pose plenty of challenges, but having a CRM like Saphyte can make it better. Bounce back with Saphyte. Call us now to book a free demo. Start your free trial today.

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