Published on May 26, 2021
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Marketing professionals are quickly adopting business automation to assist them with their email marketing campaigns and nurture new subscribers and potential leads. One of the top tools in the market for such an objective is that of Drip Marketing.

Drip email marketing, or commonly known as drip campaigns, can do the trick of automating for you based on your customers purchase journey. Drip emails are a set of marketing emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule. For example, one email will go out when a user signs up on your website; then, you can schedule the next one to be sent out after three days and more on the following weekend.

Or you can send your emails based on triggers or actions that a recipient has performed, like signing up for your service or making a purchase. These are often called behavioral emails because these types of emails often rely on the actions of their recipients.

What is a Drip Campaign?

Knowing what drip email marketing is, is one thing; learning how to compile a drip campaign is another. So what are drip email campaigns?

A drip email campaign is an automated set of emails based on specific timelines or user actions. These campaigns enable you and your team to stay in touch with groups of people based on particular events, like when a user signs up for an account or how often that user visits your site.

Each time you deploy a drip-email campaign, it comes from a line of already-written emails, thus eliminating the need to write and send each one manually. You can even personalize your emails with your contacts’ names, company info, and more.

Simply put, drip emails are all about giving your customers the correct information at the right time. The great advantage of a drip email is that it happens automatically based on the triggers and user segments you define.

Are Drip Campaigns Effective?

Yes. This marketing strategy works like a charm – every time. Here are some numbers to prove the effectiveness of drip email marketing.

Open rates for drip campaigns are about 80% higher than single send emails, and average click-through rates are three times higher.

Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rates compared to mass email blasts.

Companies have seen a 20% increase in sales after using drip campaigns to nurture leads.

Relevant emails sent through drip campaigns drive 18 times more revenue than generic emails.

Businesses that nurture their leads experience a 45% increase in lead generation ROI when compared to companies that don’t.

With these numbers, it’s clear that drip emails can greatly enhance your business’s email campaign.

When to Use Drip Email Campaigns?

There are plenty of ways you can use your drip email campaigns to your advantage. Here are some of the most practical and effective applications of a drip email marketing campaign for your business.

Nurturing Leads

Leads, as you know, they’re your prospective customers – people who might buy your product or subscribe to your service in the future. To reach that goal, you need to nurture them and build a customer relationship – until they’re ready to buy from you.

This type of campaign can take many forms. You can start by educating or creating brand awareness, helping them to learn the use of certain features, or offering free trials. Doing these without automation on a manual basis can take a definite toll on you and cost you valuable hours you don’t have to spare.

You can’t hand-hold every lead to discovering and purchasing your product. That is why it is most advantageous for you to use drip campaigns as the emails are automated and pre-set, saving you time with more successful results.


Welcome emails add a human touch to your business. Yes, you may have hooked your leads to buying a product or subscribing to your business – but how can your new customers learn more about your product and its unique features?

Welcome emails can be the best solution to ease your customers into your business. Welcome emails can act as messages around the company’s top content and introduce your product.


Pageviews and trial users might be nice, but you do want and need your users to sign up or purchase something from your business eventually too. An onboarding drip strategy can come in handy during these situations.

In connection with welcome scenarios or scheduled newsletters, onboarding drip emails introduce the customer to your business, and ultimately to your brand and your values. Onboarding emails offer targeted “sells”—or minor goals in getting them using and paying for your product—to your customers.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

For those in the ecommerce sector you’d be surprised to know that 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned on most e-commerce sites. That’s quite a significant number, and with that your bottom line will undoubtedly be affected.

You can begin to remedy this using an automated drip campaign. This campaign allows you to re-engage those customers who are still unsure of your product and lead them back to that precious “buy” button.

Whenever users leave unpurchased merchandise in their cart, you can use a drip email to follow up and verify that the product is still available and encourage them to act on their original interest.

How to Implement an Effective Drip Campaign

Drip marketing emails can be daunting at first sight, but they’re not that hard to do. Here are some of the basic things you need to implement for effective drip email marketing.

Figure out the end goal of your campaign.

Plan and create your content – conscientiously.

Deliver the information that your leads need to make a decision or action.

Set the timing and frequency – deliberately.

Segment your campaigns according to your campaign goals.

Monitor and measure results.

Find the Right Digital Ecosystem Partner

No matter how great and meticulous your whole campaign plan is, it’ll all crumble down if you don’t partner up with a reliable drip email solutions partner. Looking for one? You’ve got Saphyte in your hands.

Here are some of the reasons why Saphyte can make a great partner for implementing your drip email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Templates

Setting up your whole digital marketing team is a challenge. You need an entire army to set up and get your whole campaign started. With Saphyte, you can remove one less problem from the list, with its edit-as-you-go templates at your disposal.

Drip Email Marketing

Engage your prospects and customers more efficiently than before. Create emails triggered based on a particular action to give you a better chance of getting an interactive and genuine response from your prospects. Easy to set up and easy to implement. Watch how this feature can turn your leads into paying customers. 

Centralized Storage for Data

You don’t have to send your drip campaigns manually and switch from one platform to the other. With Saphyte, you can have a more centralized and more streamlined platform to execute all your marketing plans. No more manual efforts, and goodbye to switching platforms daily.

Additional Features

Whilst Drip campaigns are a brilliant marketing form for any business, Saphyte offers more than just this one feature. As a marketing professional you undoubtedly focus on more than just email as your channel for lead nurturing, so why not make use of the full suit of smart tools and features available within the ecosystem.


Drip marketing might be challenging in hindsight, but all you really need is an excellent tool to partner with. With Saphyte, your basic drip campaigns will become effective, streamlined, and help you deliver outstanding results.

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