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Published on November 24, 2021
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We are now at the last leg of 2021, and what a year it has been. The aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic have waned, and people are now moving forward to better solutions to suit their needs after the pandemic better. Not only are consumers shifting to a new perspective, but businesses have made massive changes for 2021 too. 

Tech trends change from time to time. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened expectations for digital experiences, made human-centered tech transformation, and caused many companies to reactively switch their tech focus and gear towards enabling and supporting remote work.

2021 was a year of transformation, and 2022 will be its second leg. Missing the first train of changes for this year is not the end. Your business might as well prepare for 2022’s changes. So what are the top business trends predicted for 2022?

Saphyte has gathered some of the most exciting predictions from tech and business experts. Here’s what’s been interesting so far.


2022 will focus more on automation. Experts believe there will be a shift from labor arbitrage to effective production using automation in the industrial space. They predicted that technologies such as robotic process automation, natural language processing, and intelligent document processing would continue to reduce dependence on human labor for subjective tasks. 

Predictive Analysis

According to Nilesh Jain of Trend Micro, data analytics, data lake consolidation, and predictive analysis will be significant trends in the entire IT industry. Advanced predictive analytics techniques heavily drive even the IoT and cybersecurity. Predictive analytics tools will be big game-changers in almost every sector and every domain of business.

Low-Code or No-Code Solutions Made Easy

2022 will continue to see growth in low-code or no-code solutions and the rise of the citizen developer movement, according to Shaheen Yazdani from Intercept. Access to enterprise-grade technology will be readily accessible to everyone, allowing companies of all sizes to modernize their business and customize for a fraction of the price. Purpose-built solutions designed for the unique use cases will also make waves for companies who wish to empower employees to identify issues and implement and iterate ways to solve data and process challenges.

Cloud Technology Adoption

The adoption of cloud technology will continue to grow in 2022, says Manish Mittal of OpenSource Technologies Inc. As Covid-19 lags, companies will continually adapt to cloud infrastructures and technologies. This trend will be advantageous for businesses or companies with employees located around the globe. Cloud technology and applications are available to employees, which empowers collaboration and productivity. With the help of open-source technology, adoption will be a breeze. 

Voice Search Technology

Most commonly known as “voicegeddon.” More businesses will make use of voice search technology in 2022. Voice-search-specific keywords and optimization will rule in the SEO arena and make waves in making tremendous strides in reaching customers. 

Replacement Of Legacy Systems

Most tech experts will agree that legacy systems will only increase a business’s or company’s risk of an attack or data breach. Security vulnerabilities are a careless and natural outcome when businesses implement a patchwork of outmoded and inefficient solutions. Businesses should deliberately and periodically evaluate and modernize their technology stack and systems to stay competitive and safe. To do so, they must throw away or modify any existing legacy systems in their business. 

Business Intelligence for Sales and Marketing

The need to quickly access customer information by sales and marketing departments will be selling like hotcakes in 2022. Sales and marketing teams can easily access the most recent deals and purchase patterns among their customers without relying on technical IT specialists or business analysts, thanks to technologies like Saphyte CRM. Gaining access to data and customer information improves the accuracy of sales objectives and projections, making it easier to evaluate the market impact on recent marketing campaigns or promotions and create client acquisition and retention strategies. Businesses can also benefit from increased revenues (from product cross-selling and up-selling) and improved customer satisfaction.


2020 was a crazy year, and 2021 is the start of the shift to more innovative technologies for better productivity for less – 2022 will be a better and wiser year for business owners only if they keep up with the trends and make way for innovation. So, is your business ready for what’s ahead? 

Keep up and don’t lag – Saphyte can help you with that. Curious as to how? Book a call with us, and we’ll introduce to you the best ecosystem for your business. 

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