Using CRM to Improve Customer Service in Business

Published on November 11, 2020
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4 min read

Your customer service will have two effects – it will either make or break your business. This is because customer service is one of the most important aspects of businesses of any kind. All businesses aim to leave a good impression on their customers and in turn, all customers expect to be treated with value and respect. 

When going for the extra mile for your customers, it may take a toll on your business’s time, money, and resources. But when all things align, customers will be satisfied and your business will stand out among the pool of competitors. This will also motivate your current customers to keep choosing your products or services. 

The best type of customer service will not only maintain and increase customer loyalty to keep on choosing your product – instead — it goes way beyond. Why? It is simply because of these following reasons:

One, encourage them to spend more — since the business and customer relationship is based on trust.

Two, the frequency of having your customers choose your product or service will increase. 

Three, it will help create a positive reputation for your business.

With all those things being said, customer service is basically built based on day to day customer interactions and trust between clients and business owners. But with this year’s new normal brought about by the pandemic, it is now forcing us to have limited physical contact with others — making quality customer service difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way, using CRM to improve customer service in your business is the key solution to such concern. 

CRM Defined

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides tools that are necessary for you to connect and take care of your customers. This technology gives you accurate data on how your customers react in all of your sales channels. It does that by collecting all customers contact information and store it in its own CRM software

This technology is also a great way to enhance your contact management. It enables you to effectively manage all of your contacts to implement a better customer experience. Thus, a cloud-based CRM enables you to make both your potential and existing customers happy and have them become loyal customers.

Effective Brand Imaging for your Company

Providing great customer service allows customers to be open and give honest reviews to the company be it good or bad. But what’s important is with the help of CRM, you will have the ability to understand their needs and address each appropriately. This will allow you to immediately resolve any concerns from your customers and maintain a good image of your company. 

Whatever feedback a customer gives your company will ultimately have an impact on how other customers view your product or service. That is why be it unsatisfied or happy customers, they represent the brand of your company. In simpler terms, a great customer experience establishes the mood or character of your brand. The execution of your customer service will help put a positive first impression that leads to higher customer retention. 

In creating a brand for your company, you need an effective campaign management tool that brings out the best image of your company. With the use of CRM systems like Saphyte, you can accurately measure your marketing efforts directed to a specific target audience with its marketing automation tool. This tool can provide you real-time statistics of the parameters you set for your ongoing campaigns like the number of clicks, emails, opened emails, leads, deals, and more. Allowing you to come up with better brand imaging interventions or initiatives for your company. 

Furthermore, as part of brand imaging, it is important to look professional, even with the use of email. With Saphyte’s professionally designed email templates, your emails will have a professional and pleasing look. All of these will allow you to build a better image for your company – one that is founded on having proper customer service, better campaign management, and better reach to customers.

Avenue for Other Marketing Opportunities 

In Customer Service Statistics, 70% of customers prefer proactive customer service. It means that they prefer those businesses who take the initiative to contact the customers first. It makes the customers feel that your customer reps are genuine in doing their service. By doing this, you will have a free and more effective marketing opportunity – word of mouth. Meaning, a lot of potential customers will be reached and highly become paying customers too.

Aside from this, CRMs like Saphyte allow you to have a strategic approach in your campaigns – opening more opportunities to market your products in every sales channel that you have. This paves way to more effective marketing campaigns and strategies to promote your products or services.

Greater Revenue

It is found in a study that 52% of customers make repeat or extra purchases to companies after having a great customer experience. In addition, clients are convinced to buy a product by 90% — all because of positive reviews. This simply means that the implementation of services that provide a better customer experience affects the outcome of your sales cycle.

It is one of the determining factors of the customer’s life cycle in your company. Whether that customer will just do a single purchase in your business or have multiple purchases, the way you treat your customers will affect your sales and revenue. But it all boils down to how well you built your sales process.

With a CRM like Saphyte, you can build and establish your sales pipeline that determines the stages of your sales process. This will enable you to have a more organized way of converting your prospects to become paying customers. And systems like these give a lot of benefits to growing and small businesses alike.

Why? Because this CRM feature enables them to have a more effective sales process without spending more on hiring additional employees. They will have greater and automated help in terms of establishing their sales with the help of CRM.

By having this and having the liberty of spending less, you will have a higher chance of increasing your sales and revenue. Not only because of the previously mentioned reasons, but CRM also allows a more effective sales process without necessarily having the need for human supervision. This is because the system will automatically take care of your process. Your sales team just needs to set it up and let your CRM do the rest of the work.

Promote Customer Lifetime Value 

Globally speaking, 96% of customers have said that customer service has played a vital role in their choice of being loyal to certain brands. In making sure customers still choose your company in the long run or in a lifetime, it is important to provide customer service that will also leave a lasting impression on customers. 

You can achieve great customer service – or better yet improve your customer experience – by choosing a CRM system that values customer relationships like Saphyte. You can now connect and become more able in addressing all of your customer’s needs. 

And while almost every customer is into social media nowadays, you can also easily reach them by integrating all of your social media platforms into the system. So, whether you are trying to reach your customers via social media, emails, your own website, or other channels, reaching them will be easier than ever.

Throughout this lifetime where most people are using the internet in their daily lives, it is important for a company to also be accessible to its customers. By integrating your different platforms in the CRM, you will have the means to go beyond customer expectations and will make them feel that they are valued in your company.


With the influx of customers available in the vast world of the internet, it is important to keep up in meeting their expectations with the help of a reliable CRM system like Saphyte. Saphyte will definitely bring you closer to your customers even if they are miles or continents away.

With Saphyte, you will have a customer service tool, along with its powerful tools for sales and marketing, that will bring the best out of your company. It is the most affordable CRM solution yet equipped with capabilities that are beyond your expectations.

Allow yourself to climb to the top by using the right CRM solution like Saphyte. For more information about the Saphyte CRM solution, our website is available 24/7 to assist you. 

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