What is a “Thank-You” Email and How Can You Make One?

Published on July 14, 2022
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Thank you emails not only affirm a customer’s positive behavior but also provide businesses opportunities to offer more value and gain higher sales. Learn more about this type of email and how you can make one.

Thank-you emails are often automated messages triggered when leads make a purchase on business channels— landing pages, apps, or even social media platforms. These emails typically confirm that a purchase has been made and some offer more ways for customers to engage with the business like recommended products or services, or vouchers for future purchases.

Benefits of Thank-You Emails

Thank-you emails have several benefits:

Encourages customer behavior

It affirms a customer’s behavior encouraging them to purchase in the future

Gateway to more business opportunities

It provides a link to other channels like landing pages for more business opportunities in the recipient’s email inbox

Higher open and click-through rates

They are likelier to be opened by target customers and for specific links provided to be clicked on

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Things to Consider When Making a Thank-You Email

There are several ways to create a thank-you email. But we suggest doing the following:

Choose a format that works for you

The first thing to keep in mind when making thank-you emails is that the format of the entire email depends on what works for your business. The overall style and tone must fit not only your brand’s image and voice but also your target customers’ needs and preferences.

Make it formal especially when you’re dealing with professionals. Make it light and fun when you’re dealing with younger audiences. Make it artistic when you’re dealing with creative audiences.

Make it simple, relevant, and valuable

Thank-you emails need not be complicated and sophisticated. They can be simple, straightforward, but relevant to your target audience. 

It’s also important to make it valuable. What’s in it for the customer to open your email? Personalized offerings? More discounts for future purchases? Only provide links in your email that would lead customers to relevant targeted offerings.

Be authentic

Another important thing to consider when making emails is for you to stay authentic. Make the email sound heartfelt. If possible, don’t just copy other brands’ work. Include experiences that you and your customers felt throughout your interactions. If possible, send handwritten thank-you cards to customers.

Promote your brand

Emails are a way to communicate with your existing customers and target customers. This is why you should take this opportunity to promote your brand. Use your logo. Include your tagline. Use a voice that syncs with your brand.

Let your customers respond

Include options for customers to respond to you like feedback, ratings, or surveys. When using a marketing software, check if customers can directly respond to the email.

Use an email marketing software

To make your job easier for you, it’s highly suggested that you use an email marketing software that allows you to send emails in bulk, by schedule, and track your emails’ performance.

How to Make a Thank-You Email

There are several ways to make your thank-you email. The easiest way is to use thank-you letter templates provided by email marketing software. But if you want to start from scratch, take note of the following:

Personalize your greeting

Your level of familiarity with the recipient is a huge factor in how you can start your email. But it’s important to personalize it nonetheless. Use a first-name basis if you deem it appropriate. Use greetings like “Hi” or “Hello” when the business context is less formal.

Express your gratitude

After greeting your recipient, include a written statement thanking your customers for something they’ve done like making a purchase or subscribing to the newsletter. Make the message customer-centric as much as possible. This includes using a lot of “you”.

Tell them how impactful their action is to you

Explain how important your recipient’s action is in more detail and how they’ve made a positive impact on your business. Include details on how the act (like making a purchase) will even help the recipient more in the future.

Paint a picture of what your future transactions will look like

After your thank-you message, include details about how you would like to continue working with your customer in the long run. Provide ways for customers to interact with you more, like recommended products, ratings, or a feedback box.

Use an appropriate closing

Just like with greetings, use a closing appropriate to your familiarity with the customer. Thank the recipient again and conclude the message with a sign-off that’s in line with your branding. Make the letter more authentic by closing using a brand representative’s name followed by their signature.

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