What is Email Marketing and How Can You Grow With It?

Published on January 25, 2021
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Email marketing is one of the most employed tactics of successful companies. With email marketing solutions, keeping your leads and clients engaged has never been easier.

What is email marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing is all about keeping your leads engaged through email until they become customers. With email marketing solutions, you won’t have to do this manually.

You won’t have to craft an email every time a new customer gets onboard, or whenever a prospective buyer asks for more information about your products. With an email marketing solution, you can just let the software do the “emailing” for you.

Imagine having a personal assistant that will email your clients automatically upon onboarding. Or that says “Hello! Want to find out more about us?” to visitors of your website. Or someone that says “Check this product out!” to prospective buyers.

Now imagine not having to pay that assistant its monthly salary, HMO, and other expenses you incur when hiring an employee. That’s the benefit of having an email marketing solution.

Why an Email Marketing Software is Good For You:

Around 91% of email marketing software users report that marketing automation is an important ingredient in their online marketing campaigns’ success

About 58% of marketers use email marketing software to enhance their sales process and boost their sales

A 451% increase in qualified leads on average is also observed when marketing automation is used by a business

How to Grow With Email Marketing

Using a drip email marketing strategy, businesses can see an improvement in conversion rate as well as customer retention.

How does drip email marketing work?

Firstly, drip email works as a series of emails that you send to a customer during his buyer’s journey. It works to encourage him to keep going until he becomes a customer.

When he finally becomes a customer, the drip email marketing works to nudge him to buy from you again, not from your competitors, making him a loyal customer (thus improving customer loyalty).

You can send out forms for leads to fill out so you can get more information about them

For example, assuming you get a thousand visitors a month on your website and you get one percent (1%) of them to fill out the form you left on the webpage— now you have 10 leads to engage.

This is the start of the drip marketing strategy. Using an email marketing solution, the software will automatically send an email to these leads saying “Welcome!” or “Want to check out our products and services?” or “Make a purchase today and get $50 off!”

The email could also look like this: “Hey! Thank you so much for signing up! Welcome to our family!” or “Here’s a free eBook on ‘How to grow your business with Email Marketing.’”

Now the lead could do either of these things: completely ignore your email, click on your email and ignore it, or click on your email and press the call-to-action (CTA) button in your email. (So here, you have to make sure that the reader is enticed to click on your CTA buttons, so they become actual customers.)

The next thing to do is send follow-up emails. For example, maybe a week later, you send another email “Get a 50% discount on this product if you buy it within the next three (3) hours.”

So you continue the “drip” or the email campaign so that next time they’re thinking about needing something, you’ll be on top of their minds (brand recall).

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Does this really, actually work?

According to statistics, it does!

A dollar of investment in email marketing can give you an average return of $42. (That’s up to 42x ROI!)

About 87% of marketers have used drip email strategy to engage customers with planned content, according to Content Marketing Institute.

Around 80% of marketers believe that drip emails can significantly increase your customer acquisition and customer retention rates.

If we look at reports, email automation has been observed to receive 50% more conversions compared to the traditional, old ways of sending out emails.

Open rates (where the email recipient actually opens the email you sent) are also 70% higher when they are in email automation. The same case goes for click-through rates, where recipients open the email and clicks on the link provided.

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With Saphyte, you can use system-prepared templates or you can customize your very own
So how can I start using this strategy?

First, you’ll need a software (such as an email marketing solution) that you’re comfortable using. Then you’ll need to check if they have these features:

Workflow Automation – is a feature that allows users to automate their workflows. This eliminates or reduces the need to hire more so the boring, manual tasks get done. Workflow automation is a unique function since not all software have this feature.

So, for example, instead of manually sending an email, the software can send it for you. You have to configure it first, of course, what kind of email it should send and under what conditions.

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You can automate boring manual tasks using the Saphyte ecosystem

Scheduled Email Sender – the software must allow you to schedule your emails so your leads and clients are constantly reminded of your business and the ways it can serve them.

Custom Email Templates – your email marketing software should allow you to prepare emails for specific occasions such as welcoming a new customer on board, thanking a customer for making a purchase and sending him or her a receipt, or sending a customer a product or service catalog.

This makes the process a lot faster, easier, and hassle-free. You can also edit these templates so they can appear more responsive and customize them by including the recipient’s name and other important details to personalize the email.

Make it work!

The greatest challenge to those behind the launch of an e-mail marketing campaign is standing out from potentially hundreds of e-mails that a target reader is getting every day.

How do you craft an enticing subject line?

How do you design the e-mail that makes the reader read more?

What should be your Call to Action (CTA) so that the reader will do what you want them to do?

These are only a few of the hundreds of really important questions and challenges that e-mail marketers have to answer and address. So how should you launch your e-mail marketing campaign?

Craft a subject line and preview text that your target readers won’t be able to resist

Ever read a subject line so punchy you just had to click on it and see what the email is about? The art of creating irresistible subject lines and preview texts requires a lot of creativity – and careful assessment to check whether something is working or not.

Companies like BuzzFeed, for example, take this to heart. By writing excellent subject lines, your target readers have a higher chance of opening your email and actually reading it. This leads to higher chances of sales conversion happening, thus growing your business.

Examples of good subject lines:

Free *insert item* Alert!

*Don’t Open This E-mail!*

Hot Freebie Alert! Giveaways You Can Get This Week!

This is the Best *Insert Subject* You’ll Ever See

Know what to do with the right person (Email Segmenting)

Not all customers are made the same. Your target customers have varying degrees of interaction with you and they have varied preferences as well.

Some customers would love to open an email of yours if it’s about discounts. Others may not fall for the same trap but would love to check new items that they might need.

These differences are difficult to identify and monitor. And often you will need a tool for this.

Include interactive content in your e-mail

Capturing the attention of your recipient within the first eight seconds is crucial. With the exposure to millions of information every day, it comes as no surprise that the average customer attention span only lasts until 8 seconds.

To get your recipients’ attention and ensure it will last, make your content interactive. Include Infographics, videos, surveys, polls, quizzes, calculators, and images so you can sustain your readers’ attention until they reach your CTA button.

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