Why Connecting the Sales and Marketing Process Matters

Published on November 9, 2021
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Over the years, business owners thought that the marketing and sales departments were better off coexisting. However, these two departments are the most unlikely duo that is meant to be together. Believe it or not, sales and marketing work a lot better when they work closely instead of separately. Your business will greatly benefit when both departments are aligned and working on the same page. 

As a rule, the sales and marketing departments have separate functions within a business, and when they work together, they don’t always get along. More often than not, each department often underestimates the contributions of the other. Thus, ending up hurting corporate performance. 

There are two sources of friction between your sales and marketing departments. One is economical, and the other is cultural.

The economic friction is caused by the need to distribute the total budget given by senior management to support their sales and marketing teams. Promotion costs are also sources of conflict, and the sales teams often view the enormous sums spent on promotion as a waste of money. More often than not, sales teams think that the money spent on marketing be spent on increasing the quantity and quality of the sales force.

The cultural conflict between sales and marketing teams is even more rooted than the economic conflict. This is because the two departments’ functions bring different people who spend their time in very different ways. Marketing people are highly analytical, data-oriented, and project focused while salespeople are skilled relationship builders who spend most of their time talking to existing and potential customers.

The Benefits of Both Teams Working Together

The processes of both teams should not only coexist, but they need to work as if they’re one. That is why it is imperative to connect the sales and marketing processes of your company. Not only will your business greatly benefit when both teams are aligned and working on the same page, but you can also avoid more significant conflict inside your business. Here are more of those benefits.

Better Qualified Leads

Your marketing and sales teams can stop wasting their time and energy arguing about unqualified leads and blaming each other. When both teams are aligned, are in regular communication, and have a proper lead scoring in place, information can freely flow from department to department. Your teams can now determine what is and isn’t working to adjust strategies based on what has been observed based on data. 

Better Engagement and Stronger Relationships

The more both teams communicate clearly, the stronger their work and personal relationships will become. Hence, they’ll eventually learn to trust each other. This will make campaigns more impactful, your leads can be handled better, and potential buyers are more impressed. This shows that marketing and sales work better together rather than individually.

Accurate Buyer Personas

Both teams are responsible for attracting, nurturing, delighting, and closing deals; thus, both teams need to be on the same page for added success. Doing otherwise, both teams can find that the buyer personas don’t match up to the audience they’re targeting. By understanding your customers better and having accurate data on buyer personas, both teams can share ownership and help deliver a better and smoother buying experience.

Better and Clearer Feedback

Unifying your sales and marketing team means establishing a solid relationship, which eventually leads to open communication lines, creating a better opportunity to refine strategies down the line effectively. It’ll be easier to make adjustments, give and receive feedback, and they’ll focus on their shared goals. So things around the office won’t be too awkward anymore. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Your marketing team can keep your sales team informed of their tactics and the competition’s positioning by working together. In return, when your salespeople are speaking with prospects, your sales team will adequately address why your products or services are far superior to the competition.

Better Marketing Materials

Your sales team will be bombarded with the same questions from prospects through to customers. When your sales team communicates this to your marketing team, it creates valuable content to educate the target audience. When salespeople have better marketing materials, it’ll be easier for them to create more traction 

The Tool to Get Things Done

You have a long journey ahead of you when you decide to align your sales and marketing teams’ processes. Aligning your sales and marketing is the first step toward implementing sales enablement. So, what are the tools to get things done around your business? Here are some of them. 

Get sales involved in campaign planning.

Establish a straightforward lead scoring.

Set mutually agreed goals. 

Build a sense of connection between both teams.

Saphyte CRM Systems.

Implementing clear and straightforward tactics, tools, and processes can enable your marketing and sales teams to succeed. In return, your business will grow quicker, and your sales team will be more efficient at closing deals and enjoy a 36 percent increase in higher customer retention rates.

Saphyte: The Perfect Partner that Connects your Teams

Saphyte is a UAE homegrown business operating out of Dubai. Saphyte is a digital ecosystem designed for businesses of all sizes, helping them acquire, convert, and retain more customers at the end of the day. 

Users can experience increased visibility amongst their teams and better down tasks with their Team and Workspace tools. With Saphyte, businesses can promote team building while ensuring that team tasks are done and projects move forward.

Users can onboard, engage, and manage their leads on their journey to becoming customers. Saphyte’s Sales Management tools are built and designed to make sales processes faster, easier, and more convenient.

Users can redefine and create a personalized customer experience and gain a better understanding of their marketing campaigns. Saphyte’s Marketing tools allow you to have more straightforward and more engaging conversations with your leads and clients— all in just a few clicks.

Users can also build a strong customer feedback loop with Saphyte’s Support tools and keep themselves updated with the rapidly changing trends that may affect their customers’ purchasing decisions. With Saphyte, rest assured that your customers are constantly engaged.

Currently, Saphyte is helping hundreds of local companies in and out of Dubai to drive digital transformation through local support, zero implementation fees, competitive subscription models, and an advanced SaaS CRM ecosystem technology. 

Be a part of the main evolution and connect your sales and marketing processes with Saphyte today. How to make it work? Contact us, and we’ll show you how to turn things around.

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