Why Landing Pages are the New Automated Lead Generation Machines

Published on January 11, 2021
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3 min read

Imagine your lead numbers at this current moment. Now, imagine this number doubles without having to manually approach them one by one.

With Saphyte’s newest Landing Page feature, you can now experience automated lead generation without breaking a sweat.

Landing pages are where your website visitors “land” when checking out your business website. The overall “feels” of your website— its content, design, and website navigation experience may determine future purchasing decisions of the website visitor.

Your website’s landing pages can be your goldmine. So start designing your website now with Saphyte and pull leads automatically into the software’s ecosystem of sales, marketing, support, and team workspace features.

What you need to know:

Landing pages, the pages on your website where visitors “land” can convert visitors into future customers

Saphyte’s Landing Page feature allows you to automatically pull leads from your website’s landing pages so all you’ll have to do is wait for the system to collect potential customers

Landing Pages encourage customers to provide information about themselves that you can use to craft a more specific, more personalized approach to win them over in a way that they will respond positively to

To utilize this feature, all you’ll need is: a Saphyte Enterprise account, a reliable PC, and an internet connection

Generating leads is one of the biggest challenges for marketing professionals. Not only that, they’re becoming harder and harder to find, but also expensive to obtain. That is why marketers go for landing pages, to help them obtain new leads without spending too much.

Landing pages are tools that marketing and sales professionals use in order to pull in new leads for your business. With Saphyte’s newest feature Landing Page Builder you can now turn your landing pages into automated lead generation machines.

Over the last few months, despite the pandemic, Saphyte has relentlessly and tirelessly worked on better ways to make a change for businesses and its clientele. Saphyte believes that this new feature of the ecosystem can help businesses enjoy your experience with the CRM system more.

Why Landing Pages are crucial for your business

Landing pages are where your website visitors “land” when navigating your website. With proper design and the right functions, your website can nudge visitors to provide their information for Saphyte to collect and integrate into its database.

With the right data now, you’re no longer guessing what your customer likes, wants, or needs, but rather you’re able to deliver a personalized service based on their own criteria.

We all know that lead generation is part science and part art. It is also a critical ingredient in helping you gather leads and turn them into prospects, then eventually customers. This is where a landing page is most useful.

A landing page is a crucial part of your whole marketing and lead generation process. You can never get away with not using them. Here’s how a landing page can benefit your business.

Landing pages collect specific information about your prospective customers. Beyond the marketing appeal that a dedicated landing page can give you, lead generation landing pages can help you capture customer information without being invasive, and track your prospect’s data for future sales skirmishes.

Landing pages zero-in on the offer, and not the company. Thus, shortening the whole customer journey for your visitors.

Landing pages speak to a specific audience. Hence, making it easier for you to segment your leads. This allows you to further nurture your leads in the most effective manner.

With Saphyte’s Landing Page module, you can build your own dedicated landing page for your business, save on development, marketing and lead generation costs, automate your workflow, and make web forms work for your business.

How to Use the Landing Page feature

Using the Landing Page Module is easy and straightforward. The features and tools of this module are like any other landing page builder out there.

So what’s the one thing that sets it apart from its competitive counterparts? The Saphyte module allows you to become your own automated lead generation machine without any of the integration hassles.

What you need:

All you need to use this feature are:

a Saphyte Enterprise account

a reliable PC or MAC

an Internet connection

What to do:

To use the Landing Page feature, here are the steps you need to follow:

Head on to Landing Page Builder.

Choose a template that fits your business.

Upload your graphics by dragging and dropping them into the module.

Edit the elements according to your branding.

When you’re satisfied with the results, simply publish the page live.

For those with slightly more advanced technical knowledge, you can edit the codes or upload the codes into the builder to further personalize your landing page.

What sets Saphyte Landing Page Builder apart

Ever feel like you’re stuck with one method of getting sales?

With Saphyte, you can combine its other features along with the Landing Page feature to automate and boost your customer engagement, lead generation, and sales conversion tasks.

You can start your lead generation automation here. The forms that are built within your landing pages, can act as a lead gathering tool for your business. The moment the form detects an entry, it’ll store the information directly to your Saphyte CRM account.

If you’re feeling fancy, you can also take it a step forward with Saphyte Workflow. You can set the form to make initial contact with your lead. Not only that, but you can set the conditions for the system to send automated email replies the moment a lead has entered their information.

With these features, you’re saving more time and your sales team can focus more on winning leads and closing more deals in the future.

Is Saphyte’s CRM ecosystem worth investing in? Yes, and this new feature with Saphyte is just the icing on the cake. Start investing your money the right way.

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