Why Saphyte is the Best CRM for Drip Marketing

Published on November 22, 2020
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4 min read

Drip marketing is one of the newer marketing strategies that marketers employ nowadays. It is based on an agricultural practice known as drip irrigation wherein crops are nurtured and grown using a perfectly measured amount of water delivered in “drips” over time. Similarly, drip marketing campaigns are pre-written marketing materials sent out to customers over a period of time.

This allows big and small businesses to have steady communication with their customers. In fact, businesses that use drip marketing generate 50% more sales-ready leads. Aside from this, studies show that using drip campaigns to nurture leads has allowed businesses to have a 20% increase in sales.

In line with this, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution like Saphyte can help you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns at a lower cost. Its CRM tools allow you to manage your marketing campaigns and execute them with the highest efficacy to increase your sales and complete your customer’s experience at the same time.

Yes, there are other CRM providers that can somehow do these things. But compared to them, Saphyte is equipped with powerful tools that are perfect for your marketing needs – as well as your entire business’ needs.

So, without further ado, here are the reasons why Saphyte is the best CRM for drip marketing.

Saphyte Customer Relationship Management

Saphyte is a cloud-based CRM software that enables you to increase your customer satisfaction rate by improving customer interactions. It allows you to have faster and better interactions with your customers no matter where they are in the world. That is because Saphyte is made to help your business become accessible and closer to your customers.

Aside from this, the system has a lot of different tools that can enhance the efficiency of your customer service, sales process, team management, and especially marketing. This allows you and your team have the much-needed convenience when running your business.

Drip Marketing with Saphyte

As mentioned earlier, Saphyte is equipped with a lot of important tools that help run all of your business processes with greater efficiency. These tools can unleash the full potential of each and every business process that you have – that includes drip marketing.

And to make this marketing strategy more appealing to your customers, you need the ability to personalized your drip marketing campaigns. This is because according to a recent statistic, personalized drip campaigns generate an average of 50% higher success rate compared to generic campaigns.

To do that, you need all data related to your leads, prospects, and clients. These are specific data types but not limited to customer information such as Name, Address, other basic contact information, or even their online shopping carts.

These data can be easily acquired with the help of a CRM system like Saphyte. Saphyte acts as a centralized data storage platform that stores all the data you need to make your drip marketing become more appealing to your target audience. Plus, the acquired data can be accessed by you and your team anytime and anywhere.

With this, you can easily personalize your drip marketing campaigns tailored to your target audience. This will make your target audience appreciate your campaigns because it gives an impression that you care for your customers as much as you care for your sales. Thus, your drip’s success will increase and this will result in higher leads conversion rate.

Automation with Workflow Tool

Drip marketing is a marketing strategy that automatically sends out marketing materials over a period of time. Its purpose is to nurture and keep your leads – as well as existing customers – updated about your products, services, and the entire business. Meaning, this strategy is an efficient way of automatically providing your customers with a consistent flow of information about your business within a certain period of time.

But by automatic, it needs to have some triggers or conditions to be organized and fully implemented. With Saphyte’s Workflow tool, you can set the triggers and conditions of your drip marketing tailored to your customer’s actions or behavior towards your campaigns. This is because the Workflow tool enables you to build, set-up, and automate your drip marketing flow with better efficiency.

Meaning, this tool allows a more seamless drip marketing flow by automating your tasks and removing repetitive and unnecessary tasks. This will make your marketing team become more flexible with their job and your sales team focus more on converting leads. 

So, your marketing does not need to do a lot of phone calls just to keep your customers and leads updated about your business because, with the help of this tool, it makes your marketing automated.

All-in-one Integration

The most common form of drip marketing is via email which is known as drip email marketing. But with the advent of the internet, drip marketing now comes in many forms. Meaning, you can now implement your drip campaigns to all of your sales channels such as social media, email, mobile apps, eCommerce store, or even your own website.

With that said, you can integrate your different email accounts to the system so that you can do automated email drip campaigns to all of your emails. The system allows you to integrate and configure your email accounts such as Gmail, Outlook, IMAP, SMTP, and others, into your CRM mailbox.

Aside from this, you can integrate your social media platforms so that you can send out different kinds of drip campaigns to your social media customers. All of these are made possible to increase the effectiveness of your drip marketing, for better user experience, and for added functionality. 

Better Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is defined as the process that your clients go through – their journey from being a potential client to becoming a paying customer. It starts from first knowing the product or service you offer until they become someone who makes a purchase in your business. With this, Saphyte’s Sales Pipeline tool enables you to set-up the stages of your sales cycle tailored to your business process.

But you might ask, how can you implement or apply drip marketing in the sales cycle? Well, there are a lot of different kinds of drip marketing that can be applied no matter what the status of the customer is in your business. How? By implementing drip marketing to any part of your sales cycle.

Say for example you have a potential client that keeps on visiting your sales channel, there are Educational Drips that provide this type of audience with helpful and relevant information about the product or service you offer. This way, you are automatically encouraging them to make a purchase in your business – which will highly succeed.

There are also Promotional Drips that nurture your clients about your business by promoting your products or service. This type of drip campaign is usually coupled with offering a limited time offer or discounted price.

Aside from these, there are also Re-engagement Drips that aim to help you reconnect with customers who were interacting with your business but then stopped. These examples are drip marketing applied to different stages of the sales cycle. This means that no matter what the status of your customer is, you can set appropriate drip campaigns for them.


Saphyte’s goal is to help you establish your drip marketing campaigns to maximize their success towards your target. The system does it by giving you all the right tools at a relatively affordable price. Meaning, you can have all of its features and functionalities without breaking your budget.

And this is what makes Saphyte the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) partner for you. It is designed to be powerful and affordable at the same time – fitting to address all of your needs.

So, do not waste this opportunity and take advantage of Saphyte CRM for your drip marketing needs. Contact us today and start enjoying the many benefits of Saphyte right away.

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