Why You Need a CRM for Drip Marketing

Published on November 16, 2020
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4 min read

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have come a long way. This certain technology was first used as a tool for connecting businesses to clients by analyzing customer interactions and storing them as important customer data. Now, CRM solutions are being used for almost every aspect of a business.

For example, you can apply CRM software for organizing your sales process, automating your marketing campaigns, a database for the client’s contact information, and for improving customer satisfaction. With this, we can conclude that this specific technology can revolutionize how we do business – it allows you to use a single system to run your entire business.

And with the ever-evolving marketing strategies (like drip marketing) to help your business become known and competitive in the market, Customer Relationship Management systems have also evolved so that you can automate your drip marketing campaigns.

Meaning, you can optimize this modern technology for your drip email marketing and other forms of drip marketing campaigns. But to understand the importance of why you need a CRM for drip marketing, we must first understand what drip marketing is.

What is Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that not only saves you time and resources, but also in nurturing your leads and in completing customer experiences. This specific strategy is being employed by a lot of different marketers to maintain their product or service in their prospect’s thoughts.

It is a series of marketing materials that are sent to both customers and leads over a period of time. Meaning, it provides a constant flow of information about your products or services to all of your customers within a certain period of time.

But its progress in providing information about your business will depend on your customer’s behavior towards your campaign. Meaning, it will depend on whether the customer will choose to continually receive drip marketing campaigns or stop the drip.

For example, you set-up drip marketing material that will automatically send pre-written emails to your customers. They, as a recipient of the material, will have an option to choose either yes or no. If they choose “yes”, the system will continue providing other drip materials. If they choose no, you can provide an option for them to stop the drip or a video that will encourage them to check it out again.

The beauty of this example is that you do not need to monitor its progress while it is happening. Meaning, everything will happen and progress according to what your customer will choose or the triggers you set. So, you don’t need to hire additional hands just to nurture your existing or potential customers about your products, instead, the drip marketing you set will automatically happen.

In simpler terms, a drip marketing strategy is an effective way of automatically giving your customers the right information about your business at the right time – depending on the user’s actions and triggers that you have set.

The Purpose of CRM in Drip Marketing

Now that we have defined what drip marketing is, let us now understand the connection between CRM and this specific marketing strategy.

Cloud-based CRM systems are developed to help growing and small businesses with their day to day operations. It manages and stores all customer information including the usual basic contact information, work background, queries, phone calls, and turns them into important data.

It then analyzes all the stored data to help businesses connect to their customers to build customer relationships and potentially increase sales. These are the basic uses of CRM when it comes to helping businesses. But nowadays, Customer Relationship Management systems bring a lot of other benefits.

With that said, while this technology takes care of all the data related to your clients, you can now customize and personalize your drip marketing materials in line with your customer’s preferences. Personalized materials are important as it gives the impression that you care for your customers as much as you care for your sales.

To back this statement, a previous study states that there is a 20.81% average for email open rate – not that much. But when you personalize your emails, a recent statistic states that personalizing emails generates 50% higher open rates. This proves that personalizing emails according to customer’s preferences will bring a significant impact on the success of your marketing.

Aside from this, some software providers like Saphyte are equipped with CRM tools that will allow you to build and set-up your drip marketing seamlessly. With this, you will not need any human intervention or supervision when doing the drip.

Up Your Sales Growth with Drip Marketing

With CRM maximizing the effectiveness of drip marketing, upping your sales can be easily achieved. As mentioned earlier, CRM helps you set-up a seamless drip marketing flow and also allows you to personalize your drip. With this fact, CRM and drip marketing will help improve your sales process.

This can also be added to your sales cycle to help your sales team lighten their workload and increase their productivity. Drip marketing can be added by setting it to automatically send out drip marketing materials according to the status or maturity of the individual customer in your business.

For example, a potential customer constantly visits your sales channel but has not yet pulled the trigger, the drip marketing will automatically send pre-written welcome campaigns or campaigns set to encourage that specific customer to buy your product or service.

Another example is that you can also set drip campaigns to send out emails, newsletters, or announcements to nurture your existing customers to solidify your relationships with them and potentially increase your customer retention rate. And with a higher conversion and retention rate, success in business and increase in sales is highly achievable.

Furthermore, you can also set different drip campaigns to educate your clients, nurture your leads, reward your loyal customers, and many more. This will not only increase your sales but will also bring growth to your business as a whole.

Why Saphyte is the Best CRM for Drip Marketing

Saphyte is a Customer Relationship Management software equipped with a lot of important and necessary tools to run all processes of your business with greater efficiency. These tools will help you realize the full potential of each and every business process that you have without breaking your budget.

This is because Saphyte is originally designed to help small businesses achieve growth and success. So, Saphyte is made with powerful tools but, compared to the other CRM providers, can be acquired at an affordable price.

With that said, Saphyte’s integration capabilities allow you to integrate all of your different sales channels and other platforms that you need. You can integrate your social media platforms, different email accounts, your own website or eCommerce store, and many more.

This integration feature of Saphyte will then allow you not only to do drip marketing for emails (which is the most common form of drip marketing) but also in your social media, eCommerce store, and other sales channels. This feature will maximize the effectiveness and success of drip marketing in your business.

Aside from this, Saphyte has Workflow that will help you remove repetitive and unnecessary tasks and increase your productivity by automating your tasks. The Workflow feature helps you build, automate, set-up, or run your business processes with significantly better efficiency. 

And you can simply do all of this with nothing but a drag and drop functionality. This is because Saphyte is designed with a user-friendly interface to help you build your processes seamlessly.

With the mentioned features and functionalities of Saphyte and a lot of other tools, maximizing your drip marketing campaigns to achieve your desired growth can be easily done. So, why not make Saphyte your official drip marketing CRM today and allow us to help you achieve growth and success?

Our awesome customer reps are available anytime, 24/7, to answer all of your queries. So, maximize your drip marketing campaigns with Saphyte and start your journey with us today.

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