How This CRM Suite Can Improve Your Business Processes

Published on May 13, 2020
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3 min read

It is difficult to run a business well. Sometimes it takes a combination of luck and skill for you to achieve a level of success. There are a lot of things to take into account: 

One, there is the overall market condition. 

Two, there is the overall market competition. 

Three, there is the “actual value” of your business that people judge it by. That means whether or not your product or service is actually needed in the market. 

Fourth, your sales and marketing processes. You have to factor in how much people know about your business. How much reach you have in the market. And whether your customers will come back and buy from you again.

While there may be a lot of factors that can affect the performance of your business, most of them are outside your control, except maybe for the third and fourth factors listed above.

In this article, we are going to discuss a fool-proof way of enhancing your sales and marketing so it becomes easier for your business to get noticed. This is through the use of a CRM Suite or more popularly known as CRM.

Before this, let us discuss what characterizes sales and marketing processes.

CRM Suite: Sales and Marketing Processes

Sales and marketing processes are often used together in a sentence but they are two different aspects of a business. To differentiate, a sales process is overall concerned with ensuring that a product or service sells. It covers from the leads’ point of contact until they become customers. 

A marketing process, however, is only responsible for reaching out to and identifying leads. It is also overall concerned with directing the business where and whom to engage. In short, marketing can be considered as a specialized part of sales.

Now that we got that sorted, let us go to exploring the features of a CRM and how it can help enhance the sales and marketing processes of a business.

Defining CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to managing potential and existing customer relationships with the goal of improving customer retention and boosting sales. Nowadays, businesses use CRM software to improve their customer interaction. It does this by using artificial intelligence, big data, and other tools and functions integrated into the software.

Defining CRM software

CRM software is what is developed by software programmers to enhance the sales and marketing processes of a business, among others. The goal of CRM software is to make it easy for its users to manage customer relationships by having a smart design, tools that users can use, and automation.

How a CRM Suite Like Saphyte Can Help Your Business

Saphyte is a centralized platform designed for customer relationship management (CRM). It is designed to improve the service quality of any business to increase sales conversion and customer retention.

This CRM solution is dedicated to augmenting tasks related to sales, marketing, and administration. It is also a cloud based CRM, which means that teams can coordinate and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Among its features are:

  • Lead and Client Management – Saphyte is built to enhance the way you engage your potential customers. With this software, your sales team will no longer have to manually contact your leads to gather their contact information. 

With Saphyte’s Lead and Client Management features, all you have to do is leave forms on your website or social media for them to fill up and the software will automatically integrate their answers (their data) into the system.

  • Sales Management – Saphyte lets you track every sales opportunity at every stage of the sales pipeline. It lets you monitor what’s going on in your sales pipeline in real time so you can successfully close deals, make sales, and grow your business.

It also has a Deals Management feature that facilitates the tracking and managing of deals using its drag-and-drop design. The CRM also has a smart sales forecast feature that shows useful analytics to keep you ahead.

  • Marketing Management – Saphyte lets you easily send bulk emails to your leads (email marketing). It can also keep you informed of your marketing campaigns so you can easily determine what is working and what is not. The CRM has tools that let you make phone calls, notes about the customer, and schedule emails in one centralized software.
  • Share and Collaborate – Saphyte allows you to share information in your CRM to your teams and important members in your company. Your dashboard, for example, which summarizes crucial data and analytics is shareable. Users can also limit access to some of the elements in the CRM for privacy reasons. 


CRMs are now widely used to improve the performance of a business. It generally does this by using unique customer information to improve its customer service through personalization. When a service is personalized, it tends to be direct and straightforward. This cuts off unnecessary waiting times which customers tend to be aversive of. 

In short, personalized services improves customer satisfaction, which encourages customers to go back.

CRM applications can work wonders, even to a small business. They work well as a contact management tool that can automate functions such as gathering information from potential customers. This reduces workload and costs since a business’s workflow is optimized by automation.

Moreover, a CRM tool like Saphyte also lets you make phone calls, scheduled emails, or notes about a customer without switching to other applications. This makes it easier for your sales teams to simplify their workflow and focus instead on more productive activities.

Improve your sales and marketing processes now by using a CRM suite like Saphyte. With features that let you manage leads and clients well, you will surely enjoy a boost in lead generation. Get started with Saphyte and explore its other useful features.

May 13, 2020