The World’s Largest Software Market Belongs to CRM

Published on November 4, 2020
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2 min read

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a revolutionary technological advancement that enables businesses to achieve growth and success. It is made to help businesses from different industries with their sales processes, marketing campaigns, and even customer management.

This modern-day technology evolved enormously to enable businesses of any size to do their processes and workflows with convenience. It also allowed teams from different departments to plan and execute their tasks easily. That is why businesses of all shapes and sizes prefer to use CRM rather than traditional methods.

According to, there were only 12% of businesses who used CRM in 2008. But now, this figure has increased to 87%. This means that there are tons of businesses that found CRM to be helpful in their processes and workflows. This is why CRM is dominating the world market; it empowers businesses and makes their corporate activities easier, all at an affordable price.

Here are some of the reasons why more and more businesses choose CRM to help them achieve their goals.


Most, if not all, companies desire to have convenience in each of their business processes. Especially in this digital age where everything is fast-paced, they would like to adopt a system that would be easily and readily accessible to incorporate with their current corporate activities. And, CRM systems are the key ingredient to satisfy these needs.

Why CRM? Because it allows businesses to streamline all of their activities and make their workflows accessible in a single platform. Using traditional methods, you need to switch between different or multiple softwares to complete your tasks. But with the likes of Saphyte, Zoho and Salesforce to name a few, CRM systems can seamlessly handle all of your important processes using only a single system.

Furthermore, CRM gathers all of your customer interactions from different sources and stores them in a centralized platform. By storing it in one place, you will always have access to all of your data, whenever and wherever you are. This kind of accessibility will allow you to save a lot of time and effort. Thus, making your team more productive and efficient in doing their tasks.

Improves Sales

According to a survey done by Cloudswave, companies using CRM software increase sales conversion rates by up to 300%. This is because CRM systems are equipped with important and necessary tools that can help you increase your sales.

For example, it allows you to build sales pipelines that help set-up the stages of your sales process. It also enables you to extensively track your sales activities and their progress. Also, some CRM’s, like Saphyte collate all information and estimate future sales to help you come up with your next big action. This is beneficial because it gives you insights that will help you strategize and think of ways to avoid any unnecessary business pitfalls.

With this feature and various other tools relevant to increasing your sales, your team will be empowered to carry out their job with excellence and lesser effort.

Conclusive Thoughts

The accessibility and the sales support that CRM systems provide is the reason why the world is responding so well to it. This response proves its efficiency and capability to support businesses from different industries all over the world.

With the revolution of CRM in the business world, companies have a greater chance to thrive and achieve success. CRM’s have helped not only the businesses they directly assist, but also the world’s economy as a whole.  

As CRM continues to adapt and grow, it will continue to be the world’s largest software market in the years to come as well.

February 15, 2021