What to Know About the Leading CRM in Dubai

Published on May 7, 2020
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Giving the best for customers in any possible means has been one of the core goals of any business today. Various tech-company are venturing into creating software and apps that make business easier for you to do and give better customer experience to your consumers. That led Loyica Technology in creating Saphyte, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for anyone who wants to take their business to greater heights and improve their relationships with their customers.

What is Saphyte?

Saphyte is the first-ever locally made CRM solution in Dubai. It was developed with the thought of giving businesses what they need. Saphyte aims to eliminate manual workflow in business processes through the power of automation. It is equipped with powerful CRM tools built for maximizing the efficiency and productivity of sales, marketing, and support teams. 

You do not have to jump from one software to another to do your processes. You can do it all in Saphyte’s powerful and all-in-one platform. One thing that makes Saphyte different from any other CRM solution is that it is flexible and scalable. You do not have to adapt to it, it’s the other way around. 

For whom is Saphyte intended?

Although Saphyte has been making its name a popular CRM in Dubai, UAE, it is also becoming known in the Middle East region. It has served different companies in Dubai ranging from various industries from retail, financial, real estate, health, up to banking and insurance, and even education. Saphyte does not restrict its mission to provide a better CRM solution locally but it also wants to go further internationally.

Saphyte is successfully used by different startups and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the United Arab Emirates and even on an international level and about 1000+ businesses have installed the said CRM software. 

No matter what industry you are in, Saphyte can adapt to you. Saphyte can be used by anyone. 

Large or small scale, this CRM software can supply your business’ needs and it is very easy to get started. You can have a free 30-day trial to see how Saphyte works. click here.

What are the key features of Saphyte?

1.   Team and Workflow

Maximize the power of your workforce by using Saphyte’s tool in managing your daily business processes. Various features with a user-friendly interface let you do your workflow efficiently and effectively.

Instead of doing repetitive tasks manually, Saphyte can automatically do it for you. The intelligent workflow feature allows you to drag and drop your business processes. You just then have to connect those business elements and let the system build your processes seamlessly. 

A dashboard enables you to see a summary of data on one page. It will allow you to oversee your business processes and track your progress. In the dashboard, you can manage and forecast your sales process, have an overview of your efforts in your marketing campaigns, and more.

Since reporting is essential to every business, Saphyte’s Report Wizard gives you the ability to create reports easier and quicker. It allows you to make your reports according to your criteria. With this, you can oversee your progress in every business activity you made. It is also easier for you to make decisions through data-driven reports with real-time updates.

You can also track everything that is happening in the system with the Log feature. Every activity done in the system is documented and fully detailed in the log. 

2.   Sales Management

All the tools you need in your sales process are provided by Saphyte with its Sales Management feature. Your sales team can work better and efficiently with the various tools provided in this feature. 

Deals management allows you to manage all your current deals in one place. 

Sales intelligence lets you capture relevant data about your clients through custom fields.

Lead scoring helps you categorize your leads through scores and know which potential customers are near in closing a deal.

3.   Marketing

Let Saphyte help you in your marketing efforts. Necessary tools like email tracking, email marketing, social media marketing, campaign management, and many more can be done in the system. If you want to level up how your marketing team do their work, you should try this software now.

4.   Lead and Client Management

Organize and manage your data the Saphyte way. It is such a headache when all your contact information are cluttered and are not up-to-date. With Saphyte’s lead and client management feature, you can efficiently do your work. 

The My Diary feature allows you to set schedules, meetings, activities, reminders, etc. to your client which will help you not to miss any of those activities. 

The Categorization of Clients is also available by setting up the status of each client. This way, you can easily track their interaction with you. For example, statuses like “Not interested, Waiting for Response, Contacted, etc.” can be made.

5.   Third-Party Integrations

There are different external applications added in Saphyte to give you a better user experience and have more functionalities in the system.

You can link your GBG and IDology accounts to help you verify your clients and be aware and get rid of fraud in any form. Payment service providers are also added so that payments can be made easier. You can also sync your email accounts so that you can manage them directly in the CRM system. Live chat apps are also available to be integrated so that all your chat inquiries can be managed into one location. 

Why you should use Saphyte?

1.   User-friendly and Accessibility

You can easily use Saphyte. It is simple and all the functionalities are made straightforward. It is also a cloud-based CRM which enables you to access it anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

2.   Scalable and Flexible

You can customize the system as to how you want it to be. It adapts to your business’ needs.

3.   Support Available 24/7

When you want to know how a certain process works, you can easily contact Saphyte and their customer service support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

4.   Reasonable Pricing

Saphyte has different plans and you can choose the right one for your business. The CRM’s features varies per business plan. You can check it out here.

July 24, 2020