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Published on November 6, 2020
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Sales hierarchy structures, or commonly known as sales structures, refer to the segmentation of your sales team into specialized groups or teams. These structures determine the regions of your service, the products and services that your business offers, the size of your sales teams, and the size and industry of your customers.

Having a definite sales structure for your business is important for your sales manager and sales reps. These structures set your sales team up for success. A solid sales structure will allow you to bank in on the individual capacities and experiences of your members, whilst ensuring the right sellers are targeting the right customers. 

How to Build a Solid Sales Hierarchy Structure

Before you launch your email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns, make sure that you have a basic grip on who your potential customers are, and a solid sales process to begin with. A solid sales structure can make your customer interaction productive and efficient. 

So how do you build a solid sales hierarchy structure? Here’s how.

Identify the Needs of your Team

The first thing to do when building a solid sales structure is to look at what work needs to be done. Identify what type of work that needs do be done, like what type of contact information you’re going to look at when gathering for leads, how you’re going to engage prospects in a conversation, and what kind of people, skills, and resources do you need to get these tasks done.

Focus more on what is important and what are the soft points of your sales process. Don’t forget to ask some key questions. Once you’ve identified the important matters and where your sales people are struggling, you can easily determine how to help them and direct them on how to get their job done right. 

Align and Define Roles

Creating an alignment and defining roles are imperative for a solid sales structure. This means you have to define the roles in your structure in a way that helps you move leads through your pipeline more effectively. When you outline specific roles, you can ensure that every part of the sales process is accounted for.

Make sure that every job goes right where you want it to go. If the division of structure is in the right place and the people in positions are aligned with their talents, you’re off a great start.

Define your Structure

Defining and aligning roles is one thing, defining your structure is another. Focus on the underlying factors and behaviors that can drive effective sales results. Factors like lead generation, qualifying opportunities, managing your pipeline, closing sales, and growing accounts. While you’re at it, make sure that you add a management oversight to it too.

When you don’t have people who oversee certain pieces of your structure and find certain steps along the sales process that has no one’s job, it becomes a big problem. Having a definite structure means that you have to consider putting people to manage your sales process and people in certain segments that you need.

Take Time

Just like any other small business, structuring your sales process is different from other businesses. You will encounter plenty of challenges along the way; one of the most difficult could be time. 

Your sales structure will be better as time goes by. However, during the whole process, you need to consider that it’ll take time to make your structure better. The result you need will not come overnight. Just give it time.

Use a CRM Software to Partner with your Sales Structure

In order to have a successful sales team structure, you must a wide-ranging strategy and a well-thought-out ground-level execution. You need a wide-ranging strategy to influence your ground level prospects. Afterward, you can back it up with smart execution to convert those prospects into actual customers.

You cannot do this all on your own without having the necessary tools to complete it. In order to successfully implement your sales structure, you must have a platform or tool that can give you easy access to communication and a collection of real-time insights. When you organize your sales team around a CRM ecosystem, you’ll gain better chances of setting up an effective sales structure.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are effective in improving customer relations which eventually leads to customer satisfaction. A CRM solution is more than just your typical contact management tool that stores, organizes, and streamlines customer data. This type of platform can enhance your whole sales cycle.

Through a CRM software, you can establish your whole sales team on an effective single organizational hierarchy. At the same time, you can integrate the needed flexibility and information sharing process that forms into an agile sales system. A CRM software also allows you to streamline your information and pass-on approvals without being subjected to extensive procedures.

Why Choose Saphyte?

In the software market, there are plenty of CRM platform providers. To avoid further confusion, you might want to consider Saphyte as your CRM partner in implementing your sales structure. Here are definite reasons why you should choose Saphyte. 

Saphyte is a Dubai developed cloud-based CRM solution that can help you streamline your corporate, sales, and marketing activities from email marketing to other sales campaign activities, phone call scrimmages, and put them into a single powerful software. 

Saphyte is built with sales and marketing tools and features to improve your business’s sales efficiency and productivity. The system also has other features built for you to easily create better customer experiences through impressive customer interaction activities that lead to building customer satisfaction and customer retention

Saphyte’s client management tool can help you eliminate some of your manual sales processes. From lead scoring, sales forecasting, sales pipeline, sales hierarchy, and other helpful tools just for you. 

Saphyte’s CRM software can help you manage essential customer information for easier phone calls scrimmage, conduct meaningful marketing tactics and strategies, and identify business opportunities built for the long haul. Through its user-friendly system, your sales reps can easily go through the system without breaking a sweat.

Saphyte’s features are built for scalability and flexibility. You can create automated workflows within the system, gather leads easily, and tailor the system to your needs.  This will make growth and success come easily for your business in the future. Saphyte is primarily built to grow with you and your business. 

Saphyte has pay-as-you-go subscription plans and is a SaaS cloud-based CRM. You don’t need to install the system on your local computer. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a browser. Your data is secured, too, because they are automatically uploaded to a secured cloud storage server dedicated to your business. 

Saphyte’s subscription plans are complete with a free demo and one-on-one product training. We waive set-up fees, installation fees, maintenance fees, no hidden or extra charges, and 24/7 expert customer support availability. We also offer on-site customer support for local businesses in Dubai. 

Let us help you build a solid sales hierarchy through an effective CRM system. Contact us for a free demo or you can start your trial period now.

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