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Published on May 4, 2021
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In 2020, the automotive industry was very cyclical and saw a downturn in terms of sales. These cycles are affected by many things and eventually turned out to have an unprecedented dent in sales. UAE alone, saw an almost 30% drop for most major automotives sales. That’s almost a third of any business’s revenue!

What’s changed in 2021?

After 2020, some automotive industries may emerge stronger, but others may be too weak to survive on their own. Despite the bumps and potholes the industry has faced, it has also shown tremendous resilience.

The industry can expect immense pressure to go digital or deliver great customer experiences could become more intense and draining. As the industry braces itself for a brutal year, they can expect things to get really “Darwinian”. The auto industry is expected to realign in ways that could have a great effect on the people who work for vehicle manufacturers.

It is expected that:

Consumer buying behavior will continue to drastically shift

Other COVID-related restrictions will remain for the first half of 2021 at least

Improved customer experience will be critical in 2021

This is why the industry is shifting to digital means to fully ride on the evolution trip post-COVID.

Why is the Automotive Industry Shifting to Digital?

The automotive industry is no stranger to a rapid and disruptive environment, and digital transformation is the next big disruptor. Trends like such as these are expected to rise within the next few years:

Increased pervasive connectivity

Advancing digital technologies


Environmental regulations

The automotive industry has no other choice but to capitalize on industry opportunities in the face of digital disruption. Automotive businesses now need to shift from their traditional “disconnected” and “analog” methods to a completely connected and digitized business process.

What are the Benefits of Digitalization?

The hype about digitalization is real and so are its benefits. Digitalization makes lives easier and makes things more convenient, proving true for the automotive industry as well. Digital technology adoption is in progress in autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, maintenance, marketing, and sales. So, what are the actual benefits of digitalization for the automotive industry?

Gaining more leads for your business

Your customers are now moving past the old methods, and so should you. With the power of digitalization, you can gain more leads in a number of improved ways. There are plenty of digital solution applications or softwares that are available in the market. One of the most well-known digital solutions for lead generation is CRM software.

You can use this type of software to manage customer relationships and build long-lasting business relationships between your company and your customers. The software empowers employees to personalize experiences through meeting the customer’s individual requirements.

 Expand into new marketing channels

Digitalization has opened up many potential growth opportunities for the automotive industry. There are plenty of ways to up your sales and marketing campaigns and lead generation opportunities nowadays.

76% of consumers think companies should understand their expectations and needs.

You can have email marketing, social media campaigns, build landing pages, and even integrate a live chat option on your website. These channels expand your marketing network and allow you to be more flexible and scalable in your marketing efforts. There are plenty of digital tools to help you expand your marketing channels and monitor your campaigns effectively and effortlessly.  

Offer omnichannel experiences in sales and customer care

Shifting to digital also means expanding customer experiences. According to statistics, 44% of companies have already moved to a digital-first approach for customer experience. Digitalization allows your business to further personalize the experience for your customers.

You can integrate your email accounts, social media or other forms of communication on platforms available in the market and use them to communicate with your customers. These channels give your customers the impression that you are readily available whenever they need to inquire or need a response from you.

And the faster you can reply, the happier and more satisfied your customers will be.

Provide post-sales support and monitor customer satisfaction

Analytics and customer intelligence are great assets for your business. It is the pulse of your current operations. Analytics provide you and your sales team actionable insights that can help your business.

However, 99.5% of collected data never gets used or analyzed. That’s too much wasted potential to build value for your business. If you’re part of the crowd that wastes the potential of your customer data, it’s best for you to change gears now. 

Why making the change will benefit your business

The future is no longer digital, our PRESENT is digital. We are in it now and if you’re biding your time, waiting to board the digital ship, there’s a strong chance you’ll be left at sea. Change your gears and boost your business with Saphyte now.

Saphyte is a holistic digital ecosystem that can enhance your collaboration, build better customer relations, and increase the value of your automotive business. Here are some of our best features to look out for.

Centralized Data

In order for your sales team to build a meaningful relationship with your potential customer, they need quality data. Before the actual campaign or conversation begins, sales reps will need all the relevant data about a potential customer at their fingertips.

Saphyte’s Client Management module allows your sales reps to know who the customer is and what sales products they might be interested in based on the previous interactions recorded on the CRM. Having a repository of your data, allows your sales team to find relevant information without having to switch from one platform to the other.

Pipeline Management

According to CSO Insights, 27% of salespersons say that a long sales cycle or process is one of the biggest deterrents to sales effectiveness. You can go around this deterrent by tracking your leads and prospects by using Saphyte’s CRM Sales Pipeline.

Sales pipelines can maximize your sales potential and segment your entire lead database into different classes. With real time data, your sales team can plan effective and efficient strategies to move your leads from one sales stage to the next and notify them whenever a lead moves to the next level.

Sales Intelligence

Making business decisions involves data. That is why Saphyte is built with one of the best Sales Intelligence features. This function is an essential tool that is used to estimate future sales and also to avoid any business pitfalls.

Saphyte’s system is built to intelligently collate all your customer information. This information in return gives you actionable insights and comes up with your next best action to improve your sales process.

Saphyte’s system provides you with accurate and realistic intelligence and forecasting that can help you make intelligent business decisions. With this, you’ll be a step ahead of your customers, and make proactive decisions.

Email Marketing

Saphyte understands that email marketing campaigns can be hectic. That is why there are marketing automation tools built within Saphyte to help you.

You can mobilize and increase your lead conversion with Saphyte’s email marketing feature. Within this feature are tools like design templates, bulk emails, email workflows, drip email feature, email schedulers, and more. These tools are built to minimize unnecessary tasks and maximize your team’s hours to focus on more productive activities and increase your bottom line.

Customizable Dashboard

With Saphyte, you can have access to a customizable dashboard and have information on-the-fly. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows users to move the widgets around. The dashboard gives you and your team an overview of all the information and insights you need regarding your marketing, sales, and support management.

Budget-friendly Payment Scheme

In order for your automotive business or enterprises to grow and be scalable, they have to invest money the right way. Saphyte offers a pay-as-you-go monthly scheme for every subscription plan. No extra charges, no hidden fees, and no set-up fees. On top of that, Saphyte offers 24/7 customer support and support for local businesses in Dubai.


Making your way through the business highway requires you to change gears every now and then. Now is the perfect time to make a shift and go digital. Digital is no longer the future; it is our present.

Take the shift now and rev into gear with Saphyte. You can book a free demo with us, or set a consultation with our digital ecosystem partners, or start your free trial now.

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