Published on July 12, 2021
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Sales leadership is perhaps one of the most challenging roles inside a business institution – and no one is exempted. Even the most veteran and top-performing sales leaders face obstacles in their selling journey and building buyer relationships.

With the drastic changes brought about by the recent pandemic, buyer behaviors and emerging technologies are making challenges more abundant than ever. While some traditional yet best sales practices may work, it doesn’t change how the marketplace continues to change dramatically‚ÄĒchanges like the increasing number of competition, a global market, and the ever-evolving social landscape.

Getting a Birds Eye View in the Daily Life of a Sales Leader

While these changes and challenges open new opportunities, they also require a more agile sales strategy to overcome the obstacles and become sales efficient. According to a survey made by the Rain Group, here are some of the challenges that sales leaders combat daily.

41% of sales leaders find generating qualified sales-ready leads challenging.

40% of sales leaders find developing sales skills challenging (filling the pipeline, negotiation, driving and winning sales opportunities, driving account growth, consultative selling, etc.).

65% of sales leaders prioritize improving the productivity of their sellers and sales teams.

36% of sales leaders find developing and tapping on their sales manager’s potential is challenging.

These challenges are just merely scratching the surface. Here are a few more of the challenges that sales leaders have to face daily at work.

Data overload

With the presence of big data, potential customers now have all-time access to any level of information at their fingertips. This means that your customers can gain access to any in-depth information about your product, organization, and competitors with a tap of a button.

Big data can give sales leaders the advantage of gaining more insights, but segmenting and tailoring data to produce knowledgeable customers and stand out from the competition is another story. Processing data and segmenting them can take up more time, and time is a luxury for every business organization.

Adapting to changing technology

According to Matt Heinz, technology adoption among sales professionals has been well behind. However, CRM platforms, pipeline analytics, and other candidate assessment tools may exponentially help your sales team boost their productivity and increase sales numbers. Unfortunately, it can also be challenging to implement.

Inconistent sales processes

An inconsistent sales process breeds inconsistent sales numbers. In addition, having an inconsistent process can affect your business because it doesn’t give anyone in the team a sense of transparency and accountability.

Without the presence of an effective sales process, it won’t be easy to meet or achieve targets. Likewise, without proper structure, your sales representatives won’t sell effectively and cause employee dissatisfaction.

Addressing these Challenges with Automation

Sales leaders always put in the effort to make sure that their sales teams are running like a well-oiled machine. But, without a proper tool, they can’t navigate through the direction that they need.

In addressing your sales challenges, you can start by automating your sales process. Automating some of your repetitive tasks can increase productivity, sales, and even your bottom line. Automation can also eliminate some of your tedious and time-consuming tasks and allows your team to focus on what they need to do – generating leads and selling.

How Automation Helps Sales Teams

Automation can do so much more. Here are some of the few ways how automation can help your sales team.

Automation helps sales teams focus on crucial tasks.

Automation allows managers to get insights into the effectiveness of their sales process and strategy.

Automation can streamline the entire sales process.

Automation enables you to track activities and make sure that your sales reps know that they are on the right track in the sales pipeline.

Automation allows your team to nurture leads without having to break their fingers trying to type in a standard reply or welcoming message.

Key Takeaway

Combatting daily business challenges is a norm for sales leaders and business owners. However, it doesn’t have to be complex, nor it has to be complicated.

Automation takes away both the hassle of doing manual work and the complexity of completing an entire process. As a sales leader, adding more work to your pile is a grave mistake to make. With automation, you can develop sales strategies, tap top talent, and unlock your sales team’s potential. In addition, an automated process makes things easier and lighter for you and your team. Not only that it lightens your workload, but you can spend time working on what matters most in your department – selling.

Finding a solution that fits your business’s automation needs is the next thing to consider, when finding a solution that partners with your automation needs, you can tap Saphyte’s ecosystem.

Saphyte is a UAE homegrown business operating out of Dubai. The company aims to help hundreds of companies drive digital transformation through local support, zero implementation fees, competitive subscription models, and advanced CRM ecosystem technology.

Saphyte’s technology can help them achieve several improvements, including:

Getting real-time reports on business performance, forecasted sales revenues, and critical account performance metrics;

Driving inbound upsell and cross-sell opportunities in crucial accounts; and,

Improving sales performance through strategic sales processes for new business

Combat your daily challenges with an ecosystem that fits your business’s processes, budget, and workflows.

Partner up with Saphyte today and have a better business tomorrow. Contact us today to book a free demo or start your free trial immediately.

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