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Published on April 15, 2021
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So it’s another Monday in the office, you just sat down in your office chair, setting your steaming cup of coffee on the table, powered up your PC, and decided to check on your prospects. As you try to scour through names, emails, and numbers, you begin to realize that you don’t have a clue as to who your customers are or how to approach them.

Playing the assumption game is dangerous when you’re trying to sell to your customers. At the same time, assuming that all of your leads and prospects need and want your product is like expecting to see rain in the middle of a drought.

For your business to properly market, sell, and offer support to your customers, you need to understand the people that you’re selling to and really get to know them. You can do this successfully by building out customer profiles and developing an internal process for creating and auditing said profiles.

Well, what are Customer Profiles anyway?

A customer profile is a detailed description of your target audience. They differ from a buyer persona because customer profiles are not a fictional representation of your customers. These profiles consist of factual and actual information about your prospect’s demographics, their purchasing behaviors, preferences, customer service interactions, and more.

Everything you need to know about a group of customers is captured within this one description.

Customer profiling, on the other hand, is the process of identifying the characteristics of people who are most likely to avail or purchase your product or service and derive a lot of value from it. Along this process, you gather data that includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history.

How to create an effective customer profile?

The more refined your customer profile is, the more it can help your company find and attract more people that are likely to purchase your product, build more impressive features, develop stronger relationships with your customers, and put you on a better course for market dominance.

So, what are the steps involved in creating an effective customer profile? Here are 5 necessary steps you need to take in order to create an effective customer profile.

Focus on the business problem that you are trying to resolve.

Review your customer journey map again.

Understand your industry.

Build, analyze and iterate your customer personas.

Partner with software that understands your customer profiling needs right off the bat.

There are different ways to go about building your customer profile database. However, there is one way that might work for you and your business.

Introducing Saphyte Forms , your partner in building a reliable and accurate customer profile database.

What are Saphyte Forms?

Your customer interaction doesn’t start with the actual conversation itself. Customer interactions are more like the prep work before the actual act of cooking takes place.

In your business’ setting, before you do the actual talking, you need to get your customer profiles in shape. This is where Saphyte Forms come into the picture.

Forms is Saphyte’s newest addition to its ecosystem to make business and sales more streamlined and effective. Saphyte Forms allow its users to acquire, organize, update, and track customer information without having to switch from one platform to another.

This feature also allows you to automate some of your manual tasks and capture data that truly matters to your business and your sales team. Allowing you to stay on the pulse, gain real-time customer insights and build more customer relations opportunities for your business.

What are the benefits that Forms can bring to your business?

Accuracy is key for your sales team to perform better, and they can’t perform well if you give them subpar customer data. With this feature, you can build better, clearer, and more accurate data for your sales and marketing team to use.

There are plenty of benefits and added value businesses gain with Saphyte’s newest feature. Here are some of them.

Provides real-time updates of your audience needs, interests and objectives.

Data submitted integrates easily into workflow processes.

Saves effort and mitigates errors in capturing information.

Improves quality of submitted applications.

Minimal administrative overheads.

Improves customer experience.

How to use Saphyte Forms?

Using Saphyte Forms is a breeze and definitely sweat-free. You can tailor your forms according to the objective of your campaign. Some forms simply need a couple of data fields whilst others are more complex and incredibly useful for refining your customer profiles. Follow these steps and you’ll get there easily.

Open your Saphyte Ecosystem and drag and drop your form of choice.

Set up your relevant data fields. (Customize as you need)

Assign the form to your campaign.

Connect your form to a workflow.

And start capturing real-time data that matters to you, directly into the CRM ecosystem.

If you don’t have access to our ecosystem yet, you can sign-up for one today. Want us to take you on a tour of our ecosystem? Book a demo with us today.  

Wrap Up

Building your customer profiles shouldn’t be so tedious. With Saphyte Forms you can capture data that matters to you, build out your profiles and provide value where it really matters for your business.

Saphyte, bringing endless possibilities for businesses with a simple click.

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