Published on February 2, 2021
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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic’s domination on the world, business leaders had already embraced advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, and for good reason. Expecting the capabilities of these technologies to offer between $9.5 trillion and $15.4 trillion in annual economic value.

However, with the news of progress on analytics and artificial intelligence, it still took plenty of time. At present, time is a luxury that business leaders don’t have. Business leaders are faced with too many hurdles and uncertainties brought about by the upending of business as usual.

Every decision that business owners make today can change their business’s path for years to come. With the uncharted waters and constant waves shifting, it’s no surprise that sales intelligence has become an essential navigational tool. 

Here’s what this article will bring to your business:

  • Understanding of Sales Intelligence
  • The benefits of Sales Intelligence
  • How Saphyte can boost sales
What is Sales Intelligence?

With all the sales jargon businesses have to deal with, sales analytics or sales intelligence is the most important.

Sales intelligence consists of a wide range of technologies that helps and supports salespeople to find, monitor, and understand customer data. The data in return, provides insights into prospects’ and existing clients’ daily business. These insights can also help sales teams stay up to date on any changes to their target audience or organizations.

Why Sales Intelligence Matters Now?

Sales intelligence gives sales team’s and its salespeople relevant information and insight into who their campaigns are reaching, as well as the prospects they are selling to. From there, they can formulate solutions and adjustments that align better performance of sales teams as well as generating successful long-term results.

How Sales Intelligence Helps Businesses

Data and insights are both powerful tools, when used correctly. This is a challenge many businesses are still facing but when data is processed into actionable insights it helps to support smarter business decisions. Better business decisions lead to customer satisfaction and retention. Which, ultimately, is the primary goal of almost every business owner.

In all its forms, sales intelligence and analytics are designed to help your team perform their job better. Here are several ways this can happen.

Higher Productivity

With the help of sales intelligence tools your sales reps can gain perspective and automatically prioritize follow-ups as well as segment their leads to value-based or qualification-based groups. This is commonly known as lead-scoring. Using this approach allows them to save time normally consumed by manual sorting and the needless effort of chasing unqualified, cold, and low-interest leads.

More Rewarding Conversations

Sales conversation circles around the product, rather than the customer’s preferences, goals, hesitations, etc.

It’s no wonder that 57% of customers feel that salespeople in general are underprepared for their first meeting and fail to personalize the conversation. Sales intelligence gives you the advantage of access to important information, so as to gain the upper hand on areas/topics where your leads are most responsive. Thus, allowing salespeople to direct the conversation to those points.

In a way, sales intelligence insights help your business identify interests so you are able to craft the most appropriate talking points based on each customer profile. The more personalized your talking points are, the more likely you are to win leads for your business.

Shorten sales cycles

Sales reps often pursue the wrong prospects and try to sell their products or services that lead to an extended buying cycle. With the right sales intelligence data, combined with intent data, you’ll be able to identify the contacts that are ready to purchase. Thus, reducing the average lead-to-close time, eventually leading to shorter sales cycles.

Smarter Sales Strategies

Sales Intelligence assists sales decision-makers (CFOs, CMOs, sales directors, etc.) by offering them the option to extract specific insights from the network of workflows and databases that characterize their department.

Sales managers can use these insights to build stronger strategies, resulting in better engagement from prospects and improves their lead conversion ratio, which eventually, helps generate more revenue.

How Saphyte Ecosystem Helps you Boost your Sales Process

Saphyte is a three-dimensional customer relationship management (CRM) that enables businesses to automate and streamline corporate activities and integrate them into a single platform. Still not sure how this relates to you? Well, Saphyte is built with sales, marketing, and teamwork tools that allows businesses to improve efficiency and productivity from the inside out.

Here are some of the features Saphyte suggests to make your sales smarter this 2021.

Analytics on the Fly

Saphyte lets you personalize and design your own dashboard and reports by dragging and dropping widgets that will suit your monitoring preferences. Packed with features like dashboards, report wizard, workflow automation, and user management. This allows you to tailor what data really matters to your business rather than getting lost in endless analytics and reporting figures.

Sales Tools under One Module

Increase sales productivity with Saphyte 2.0’s scalable and flexible sales tools that work for you and your sales team. Features like client management, sales pipeline and hierarchy, deals management, and invoicing and quotes management can help you build accurate sales data, removing margins for manual errors.

Scalability and Mobility at your Fingertips

Saphyte’s ecosystem is designed and built to adapt to your business and your processes. This means that the features one business finds useful may not look the same to another, but with Saphyte, you hold the power to determine what holds the most value for your company objectives. You can also have access to the CRM outside of the office or out of the country, one less limitation in this digitally driven era.


Getting smarter with your sales this 2021 can be daunting, but with a CRM tool like Saphyte, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. Choose smarter business decisions with sales intelligence today. Choose Saphyte as your partner.

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